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Last week, ARIN Advisory Counsel Member Todd Baker hosted an amazing webinar called, "Grow 27% This Year".  Dozens of ARIN Affiliates listened to this incredible presentation, and many called to see if it would be later posted, as they would unfortunately be unable to attend.

Well Mr.Baker has graciously shared his knowledge online.  Click this link for the actual webinar:

"Grow 27% This Year"


A little history:


Todd is Vice President and Senior Strategist for Grizzard Communications Group has been assisting ARIN since 2008. 


Todd's popular series called "Grow 27% This Year" has gained accolades across the country from everyone reading the Nonprofit Times. The information has been presented at conferences around the globe.   


Here's further information about the webinar:


Grow 27% This Year - based on the popular series of articles in the Nonprofit Times, this highly interactive session will begin with the 5 most dangerous trends facing charities today and how to counter these trends with 13 proven strategies, which have been developed over the last 30 years. If your organization's revenue is flat or declining, you can't afford to miss this session. If your charity is one of the fortunate few with income higher than the previous year, then come seeking to ensure you stay ahead of the negative trends facing our sector. A small investment of time now will avoid a costly endeavor later. You owe it to yourself and to your charity . . . come and take part. 

For a further in depth background of Todd Baker, read our previous eVOice here!


Todd will be a keynote speaker at our 2012 SHARE Symposium scheduled for July of next year in beautiful Southern California. You can put yourself on the emailing list for the Symposium, by leaving your email here:  Symposium Email 


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