Men Deserve to Be Reconciled...

It is such an honor to partner with agencies around the globe. Kurt Ramspott, a previous ARIN Board Member, and now an Advisory Counsel Member, is the President and Founder of Guys for Life.


Guys for Life International, is a non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Mo., which seeks to encourage, educate and empower men in their role as a new father. Formerly, Ramspott served as a men's program coordinator for a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) in St. Louis, where he counseled numerous men, trained PRC staff and developed new channels to reach men through the Internet, churches and youth ministries. Ramspott and his wife, Heidi, have nine children 


On June 20th & 21st Focus On The Family will do a two-day broadcast of ultimate hope and reconciliation for men involved in new-found fatherhood and post abortive histories.


Kurt Ramspott and Aaron LeCave will discuss the often-overlooked impact of abortion on men and offer hope and encouragement to those who wrestle with grief and guilt over a past abortion. 


To prepare... the Guys for Life website will be offering a direct opportunity - where men needing help can connect directly with men providing help!


If you are a Pregnancy Care Center who is working with men, please take less than :30 seconds to fill out this form that may link your services to men in need.


~ Guys for Life Connection Information Form ~


Make sure to tune in for the June 20th and 21st "Fatherhood Lost" broadcast.


I'm excited to know a little secret about what will be shared... you are not going to want to miss the news Kurt will be sharing!


Restoring Lives and Relationships After Abortion,



Stacy Massey

President / Founding Partner


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