ALL Mothers Deserve to Celebrate Mother's Day...

My son commented the other day about all of his friends who were getting married and having children. He seemed to feel a little "behind" ... as that is not where he is in life presently. He questioned whether he would ever tie-the-knot and be a parent. I assured him that motherhood was by far the greatest gift the Lord had ever given me.


I wanted him to know that those early Saturday morning, getting to the soccer field were much better than sleeping-in. And that the wounds he got playing goalie might slightly be compared to the badge of honor we feel, as mothers, we obtain in childbirth.


All the years I spent in college and in a successful career I'd give up over and over to have a few more years to "play Mommy"!  My life, which I felt would be so significant with a graduate degree and college diploma, truly means NOTHING without my babys' "certificate of birth!"


Mother's Day is difficult for women who have lost children to abortion. They often grieve alone as we don't aways acknowledge their role as a mother. Yet they ARE ~ Mothers, I mean! They conceived life, and will someday be united with their children in Heaven. Let's recognize their motherhood. Let's love on them during this very special day.

What is your family doing for Mother's Day? Taking Mom to brunch, buying presents, making special projects at school. As you gather around to celebrate Mom, think... Is there someone missing from your family tree?


What about your church?  Are they celebrating ALL mothers, or only those who have children that can be rocked, watched on the soccer field or who's college tuition needs to be paid?


This year, please consider ALL mothers.... 1/3 of women in the United States have lost a child to abortion. She could be your girlfriend, grandmother, aunt, sibling, work-out partner or even your pastors wife. Reach out to just one and let her know that you empathize with her loss.


I love being a mother. It is the core of my existence! My 23 year old son lights up my life everyday. 


Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mothers!


May the day bring you reflection and heartfelt thoughts of our unborn children in Heaven, and the Mothers that will grieve those babies today.


Please honor our unborn and count them by name! God does!


Big hugs and Happy Mother's Day!  

Stacy Lynn Massey

President / Foundering Partner



~ If you or someone you know is hurting from a past abortion, Mother's Day is often the hardest day on the calendar!  Please let them know that they can find help at our Abortion Recovery CARE Directory:

~ If you wish to help those that are hurting, please pray about donating to ARIN so that we may continue our work in restoring lives and relationships after abortion. 
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