Flags Flying for the Unborn...

There's Still Time to Participate!!!

Goals of Abortion Recovery Awareness Month:

(aka Abortion Recovery Month) 



·encourage and extend healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion

· enlighten society of the effects of abortion on individuals and families 

As most of you know, we've been celebrating Abortion Recovery Awareness Month (ARAM) this month. April is so full of "new life" and "hope"... it's a beautiful time of year to encourage and enlighten individuals and families that might be hurting from abortion.


Each day, on our ARIN Facebook page, we've posted an activity from our ARAM Calendar and a recovery thought for you to pray over. Many of you have commented on the ideas for community activities and some have even sent in ideas and suggestions.


So, today, April 18th... we left blank!  It's YOUR day to pray as to what God would have you do in your neighborhood to encourage those hurting to ask for help.


Randy Goss, with Stuff with a Message, sent his "half mast" idea to Abortion Recovery InterNational toward the beginning of the month. We were so impressed by his vision, we decided to share it with you today.  After all, today is the day the flag is flying!  


Here's Randy's past blog post, in his own words, to explain what he did:




Flags Flying for the Unborn



Written by Randy Goss

Monday, 04 April 2011


"The last several months I have been working on contacting who I could in my state government as well as my Federal Senator or Congressman. I asked about the President ordering flags flown at half staff across the country. He did not respond. I sent an email to my state Governor. He responded but not with an answer to my request--only the standard "here's what "we" are doing" political remarks. All I wanted was a yes or no answer. I did get a reply from the office of my Congressman (Phil Gingrey) as well as from (Johnny Isaakson). Both were very helpful. I was able to obtain information that I could purchase flags and have them flown over the Capitol. The flags would be flown at full staff though and that is ok. I purchased 3 flags, which cost about $82 total (one for my brother who was killed by lightning, one to memorialize the aborted children and another to be designated at a future date). I found I could also request the date they fly. Through a ministry to Post Abortive women (Abortion Recovery InterNational.) I found out that April 18th is the day the Supreme Court set forth the judgment against partial birth abortion, so I asked them be flown on that day in this year of 2011. After they are flown they will be mailed to me at the address I requested with a certificate. 


Imagine if everyone who read this or shared this asked their Congressmen/women and Senators to do the same during the month of April especially, as that is considered Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. There are 30 days in April and 50 states. I have not checked on this yet as it has just come to mind, but I wonder if we can purchase flags for other states to fly so all states will be represented and what if we covered the Capitol during the month of April with Flags to commemorate the aborted children, the womens' lives that were lost and the women and men who lost their voice due to the shame. And WHAT IF--this sparked something in them for healing and to regain their voices. Let us not only repent for our own sins but for the sins of our nation as well. Having said that, I must go now and spend time on my face before the Lord of all glory. HE is the God of gods and the KING of kings, etc. He loves us! Jesus IS Lord!! Now what if the men and women who did abort their child(ren) flew flags throughout the year and on the day their child(ren) would've been born. Father, let these prophecy healing to the people of every nation and especially to America or for the Nation who does these things--the Nation(s) that remember YOU. In Jesus name."



Randy's idea is intriguing. We'd love to have a volunteer from each state work with Randy to accomplish this for Abortion Recovery Awareness Month 2012. We hope some of you will pray about it. Don't forget proclamations from governors, church leaders and other city officials are always helpful to acknowledge Abortion Recovery Awareness Month as well!


If you, or someone you know, has an idea to share for April and Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, we'd love to hear it! Please email it to us at: info@abortionrecovery.org. The more suggestions we have, the more we are able to share with our Affiliates and Advocates... and the more healing that occurs around the globe.


Thanks again Randy... for the original concept of flying flags at half mast on behalf of unborn children, and for the donation of one of your April 18th flags to ARIN. We are deeply honored and blessed by your donation.


And to those of you preparing your ARAM ideas to share with others, thanks in advance! Your dedication to Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts is greatly appreciated.



Gratefully His,

Georgia state flag flying


Stacy Massey

President / Founding Partner







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