Life After Abortion ~ Every Choice Has A Consequence! 


"This documentary brings hope and recovery for those  

who have experienced the pain of abortion."  

                                                                     ~ Alveda King

                                                                                         Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King

                                                                                         Advisory Board Member, Abortion Recovery InterNational



Countless women and men have been over-whelmed by after abortion grief. Fear, anxiety, pain, guilt and shame often consume their lives. Eating disorders, alcohol and drug use as well as "cutting" and other self-inflicting behaviors also arise. Many suffer years, even decades, in silence.


Life After Abortion takes an honest look at the undeniable impact abortion has had on real people. And the hope for healing and recovery!


Just a few of the amazing individuals who share how their lives were altered by abortion: Alveda King, Molly White, Tracey Reynolds, Julie Thomas, Rhonda Arias, Kelly Roy, Millie Lace, Joyce Zounis, Carol Everett, Rebecca Porter, Cindy Collins, Gary Stanislawski, Lisa Dudley, Mary Lee Mason, Karen Reynoso, Luana Stoltenberg and Cynthia Carney.


Thank you Brian Barkley and Carri Taylor, Life After Abortion producers, for your efforts to show the need for abortion healing to society!


Abortion Recovery InterNational would like to congratulate Life After Abortion for their receiving of the Best Documentary 2010 ~ International Christian Visual Media Award.


Get out your calendars and mark the date....   


Life After Abortion is coming to Southern California. 



Date:          February 11, 2011

Time:         7:00pm


Location:    Mariners Church

                   5001 Newport Coast Drive

                   Irvine, CA. 92603-0164


Room:         Life Development Building, Room #204 (2nd floor)

Phone:        949-769-8100



There is no charge. Refreshments will be served.


For directions to Mariners Church, click here:   Mariners Church Map 


To R.S.V.P. for the event, please email:    Carri Taylor    or    Tamera Richards 



Many ARIN Affiliates were honored to work with the Life After Abortion project as well as in offering after abortion healing and support to the film's viewers through our online Abortion Recovery CARE Directory.    



Please feel free to forward this email to other individuals whom may be interested in viewing this extraordinary documentary! 


See you Friday!


Stacy Massey

President / Founder

Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. 


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