Fab-tab-u-lous  BLACK FRIDAY  ~  44 Days of Value

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In 2009, 134 million people participated in the Black Friday shopping rush!

This "134 million" got me to thinking...

The holidays are often the most difficult time of year for a woman or man experiencing pain from a past abortion experience. Client phone calls, emails and hits to our website usually double during the holiday season.

If one in three individuals are victims of abortion, that means that there are over 44,666,666.67 people shopping on Black Friday that could possibly use emotional help following the loss of an unborn child by choice. WOW!

Consider the grandparents that tear-up, while seeing Santa take "wish lists" from toddlers and teens. Or the woman who walks past a baby department only to wonder... "What if?"  And the father who ponders what bike he might have picked out for his Heavenly child, as he hear youngsters claiming, "I want this bicycle Daddy!" 

Yet most people will not even notice the emotional pain of others. We're too busy rushing through stores, malls and parking lots consumed with our own agendas.

44 Days of Value encourages each and every one of you to do what you can to assist those hurting. Reach out! Offer to help women, men and family members "value" and acknowledge the life of a child missing this holiday season!

How do you do that?  What can "one" person do to help impact 44+ million people?

Here's a few ideas:
  • Let your loved ones know that you are approachable and will listen if any of them, or others they may know, are hurting from a past abortion experience.
  • Extend the opportunity for after abortion healing by recommending an Abortion Recovery support group. You can find our CARE Centers/Programs listed by zip code here:  Abortion Recovery CARE Directory.
  • Consider ordering DROP Cards, to have handy to share with those who may need a quick resource for after abortion support. These are great little tools to "drop" on the table when you're out having lunch.  Or leave on a counter, for someone to find, while you're out shopping.
  • If you are an ARIN Affiliate and you know of another collegue in your area who is providing after abortion support, refer them to join Abortion Recovery InterNational. If you do and they partner with ARIN... we're offering a Black Friday discount to both you and the new Affiliate for 10% off your Partnership costs.  See the coupon on the bottom of this email.

  • Have a few Through A Ripple Effect brochures on hand. Written specifically for the man or woman who has experienced the pain of abortion, these are great tools to share with those that might need a visual prompt.  For convenience: Ripple Effect Order Form
  • Consider forwarding this email to someone who might wish to assist our organization through volunteering their time or offering their talents. The more people we have working together in the ARIN Network, the more individuals and family members we can help!
  • Prayerfully consider donating $44.00 as an end of year gift, so that ARIN can continue to provide help, healing and hope to over 35,000 people a year impacted by an abortion experience.

Abortion Recovery InterNational's goal is to encourage, educate and equip those providing Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts (CARE) to those hurting.  We truly can not do it without you!  We gratefully appreciate each and everyone of our Affiliates and Advocates.
Valuing the life of all Heavenly children,

Stacy Massey
President / Founder
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Abortion Recovery InterNational is a non-profit association of peer and professional counselors
helping to restore lives and relationships after abortion.

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PRESENT ARIN Affiliates will receive 10% off their annual Partnership dues, if a "referred" Abortion Recovery Center / Program joins Abortion Recovery InterNational.
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