6 Days, 10 Hours & 17 Minutes...
40 Days countdown
The countdown is on... the 40 Days for Life Campaign starts next week.  We are so honored to partner with this amazing organization to promote prayer and community outreach.  David Bereit, Shawn Carney and Carmen Pate are true servants to the Kingdom.

My endorsement, given the first year of the campaign, still stand today.

"The benefits of participating in the 40 Days for Life Campaign are numerous. But Abortion Recovery InterNational chose to get involved, because the campaign believed in leading wounded women, men and family members into effective healing programs. ARIN is honored to be joining forces with the Campaign, to offer our abortion recovery efforts and affiliate services. We look forward to the incredible opportunity that lies ahead in sharing the forgiveness and mercy of our Heavenly Father with those wounded by abortion."

I wish to take this opportunity to suggest to each of you, that if you are not already networked with 40 Days for Life, that you visit their website:  40 Days for Life and see if there is an event in your area. 

Please call the 40 Days Area Leaders and offer your Abortion Recovery Center/Program to help those that are hurting after abortion.

Remember Abortion Recovery InterNational has some amazing resources that can be used by ARIN Affiliates or by the 40 Days for Life Campaign itself. 

The link to those resources, PDF proofs and order forms can be found here:  After Abortion Resources.

Here's a few personal suggestions:

Our life changing DVD: Those People Affected by Abortion.  Watch it here:  View Video

Our Through A Ripple Effect brochure, written specifically for the man or woman who has experienced the pain of abortion.  For convenience: Ripple Effect Order Form

Consider ordering 100 DROP Cards, to hand to those who may need a quick resource for after abortion support.

Abortion Recovery InterNational's goal is to encourage, educate and equip those providing Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts (CARE) to those hurting. We are honored and humbled to work alongside each of you, the 40 Days for Life Team, and of course, on behalf of our Lord!

What an AMAZING Kingdom Assignment we have! 

Stacy Massey
President / Founder
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Abortion Recovery InterNational
~ a professional Christian association of peer and professional counselors
providing healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion ~

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