What is God Game For?

Thank you to those who have agreed to stand in the gap for those hurting from abortion. We are grateful for your support of Abortion Recovery InterNational and our partnership with TheCall.

Our ARIN staff are leaving Southern California by car early tomorrow morning. We'll reach Sacramento in time for prayer and worship that will take place at Raley Field.

On Saturday, our team will speak to those present at the Capital Mall (two times between 1:30-5:30pm). Tens of thousands of people will hear of the emotional pain of abortion's aftermath. They'll hear the personal testimonies of grief and shame, drug and alcohol use, pornography, adultery, divorce and suicide attempts.

Those same listeners ... will also hear of the amazing road of Abortion Recovery!

It will be an incredible weekend of ministry for all!

So far, we have collected $357.00 toward our $700.00 goal for our ministry weekend in Sacramento.  We're excited... lives are going to be touched, individuals and families are going to be healed.  The Kingdom will expand! 

But we still need $343.00 by the end of today!  

What are you game for?  What is God game for?  Is He speaking to your heart to help those that are hurting from abortion?

Would you prayerfully consider helping our team get to Sacramento?  You can click this link if you, or someone you know, would like to support this amazing ministry weekend:

I Wish To Help!

Thank you again for your ongoing support and dedication to helping individuals and families heal from the after affects of abortion.  Lives are changed because of YOUR heart for those hurting!

Stacy Massey
President / Founder
Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc.

Abortion Recovery InterNational
~ a professional Christian association of peer and professional counselors
providing healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion ~