Rescued Off The Island...

She was 28 and pregnant! Married to a man whom had never planned to marry. An island playboy of sorts. Jack was well known on the shores of Hawaii.

He was older. Sixteen years older than she. Friends and family questioned their union when he proposed. But Donna was smitten. An older man, desired by all the women in Oahu, respected in his community... and he loved her!

But when she announced her pregnancy ~ things changed. He didn't want children. He was in his mid-forties. Too old, or so he said.  She should choose... between him and the child that she was carrying. He could arrange to "handle things."  He had connections on the islands.

Things became violent in their home. Donna's safety was at risk, as was the life of her child. She called her parents on the mainland for help. Within hours, Dorothy, Donna's mother, arrived to take Donna and her unborn child home to California.

On May 21, 1962 Donna gave birth in a small hospital in a suburb of Los Angeles. She was surrounded by her parents and extended family. Stacy Lynn Chandler was born, because Donna chose life!

My mother was a fighter! Stubborn, determined and committed to the things she believed in. Obviously I am extremely grateful that she chose life for both my brother and I. We were totally blessed by her presence.

So today, on my 48th birthday... I'd like to ask for your help! 

Would you prayerfully consider donating: $12, $24, $36 or $48 to celebrate God's gift of life 48 years ago?

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Mom's decision changed her marital status, her future and the lives of those she touched. Little did she know, when she boarded that plane, the impact that her choice would have on the hearts of others. I thank God and my Nana for holding her hand along the way.

You see... without Donna (my Mom), Abortion Recovery InterNational would not be here today. We would be unable to help restore lives and relationships. We wouldn't be able to help 40,000 individuals and families each year affected by abortion. Because Mom chose life, we can help those who might not have!

Thanks to Mom, I am able to thank you for your continued support!

By His Grace,

Stacy Lynn Massey

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