$ 4.99 Valentine Voucher

Each of you have an amazing heart of gold.  Our ARIN Staff, Board and Volunteers truly love you!

Your love, prayers and well wishes, I'm sure, are felt by many as you reach out and offer help. YOU are an all star and are making a difference in the lives of so many. U R kind and have definitely got love!

So on Valentine's Day, we'd like to offer a little gift to let you know how much we appreciate you cutie pie!

Yes dear, if you are an ARIN Affiliate that is schedule to renew their membership over the next two months (over half of you are) we'd like to discount $4.99 off your annual membership donation. We know it's not a box of candy,  a gorgeous man saying "marry me", a Hallmark card or a night out on the town... but we hope you'll know the sincerity in which we send our gift. It an ARIN Valentine...just for you!!

To simplify things and make you :) ~ we've added your renewal date to your online listing following the name of your Abortion Recovery Director (not the name of your agency)!   See sample below... my personal affiliation expires in December of 2010.

If you have NO dates after your name, or the date has passed, your affiliation is no longer current and needs to be renewed.

To qualify for the $4.99 Valentine Voucher, simply put your zip code in here:  Valentine Directory and check out your personal listing.

The renewal forms for 2010 can be found here:  ARIN Affiliate Application 2010.  Simply complete and return with the coupon through postal mail or voucher code listed below if you prefer to fax and use Paypal.

If you are not yet an ARIN Affiliate ~ but would like to join our efforts, please feel free to use the coupon or voucher code for your 2010 ARIN Affiliate Application.

Thanks to each of you again being my hero!

Between you and me... U R A 10!

Stacy Massey

President / Founder

Abortion Recovery InterNational SHARE Symposium is coming in July 2010 to Anaheim, CA. 

Get the detail here: Preliminary SHARE Symposium Brochure

Please note Symposium Registration fees will be significantly discounted
for ARIN Affiliates with current membership status.

Abortion Recovery InterNational
~ a professional Christian association of peer and professional counselors
providing healing opportunities to those hurting after abortion ~

Save $4.99
If you are due to renew your Abortion Recovery InterNational Affiliation over the next few months... please feel free to use this Valentine Voucher toward your membership donation.

Please cut this off and return it with your 2010 Application or, write voucher code # 21410 on your application in the upper right corner if you are faxing or emailing!

We sincerely appreciate your dedication and support to healing individuals and families.
Offer Expires: March 30, 2010