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Discovery Fit and Health's Smash Hit "Addicted" is Back 

August 2012
Welcome to the GDA Team, 
Lauren Synar!
Lauren Synar  

Lauren joins the team as Gail Davis' assistant. Her high energy work ethic and customer relationship skills are what caught the eye of the GDA Speakers' team. Everyone at GDA loves her go-getter attitude.

When asked about her favorite thing at GDA, she said "it is the level of teamwork I have experienced since joining GDA. Everyone really cares about one another."

Having recently moved from New York, Lauren spends most of her time exploring Dallas with her friends and trying out new restaurants. A graduate from the University of Oklahoma, Lauren is looking forward to football season this year now that she lives so much closer to Oklahoma!   


Contact Lauren:

Direct line: 214.420.5116

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 Kristina Wandzilak Continues To Inspire As She Returns To TV


GDA Speakers is excited to announce the smash hit "Addicted" is being brought back for a second season by 
Discovery Fit and Health!


Addicted is a one-hour docu-series which follows the lives of individuals struggling with addiction as they work with Kristina Wandzilak, a recovering addict, interventionist and GDA Exclusive Speaker! Each episode takes viewers on the unpredictable journey of recovery and the harrowing struggle to become sober. 


"Addiction happens to good people and decent families all the time," says Wandzilak. "I know how to change a life, and I know how to live better. I can do that. I am an example of it, and if I can do it, anyone can."


Don't forget to set your DVR's so you don't miss an episode this season!  "Addicted" premieres Tuesday, August 28th at 10pm/9c. To find where to tune in click here.


Check out Kristina's GDA guest blog  where she discusses her work as an interventionist and her thoughts on the second season of "Addicted".

Kristina Wandzilak & Constance Curry 

The Power of Redemption - Kristina Wandzilak and Constance Curry
The Power of Redemption

Kristina Wandzilak and her mother, Constance Curry are the Authors of The Lost Years, a true life story of addiction and recovery.


Both Kristina and Connie are well known for their successful and compassionate intervention work. Their keynote gives a firsthand account of the years lost to addiction and alcoholism, and how tough love, intervention and rehabilitation eventually saved them and their family.

Click here for more on Kristina & Constance