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Introducing Rick Horrow



June 2012
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Rick Horrow


A Unique Perspective 

on the NBA Finals from the Dealmaker Behind the Teams


Rick Horrow has been the architect of more than 100 deals valued at $13 billion+ in sports and other urban infrastructure projects. Two of his projects are currently going head-to-head in the NBA finals - the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.


Rick, who has been lauded as the sports industry's Warren Buffet and is the host of Sportfolio on Bloomberg, was instrumental in creating the deals that brought these basketball powerhouses to Miami and Oklahoma City. 


The NBA means big talent, big investments and big pay offs. As Rick says, "The sports business in some ways is very unique because of the visibility. But when it comes to putting together the right deals, the right talent and then managing that for success, it's universal."


Rick's success in bringing big teams into new venues and cities is chronicled in When the Game is on the Line, which details how he brought the Heat to Miami.


When it came to bringing an NBA team to Oklahoma, few people know that it was rooted in a failed attempt to lure a hockey team to Oklahoma City. 


Rick notes that failure - and the lessons of it - were a crucial step towards getting the NBA to take him seriously. "To me, that was a defining moment for Oklahoma City. We always knew that Oklahoma City at least believed it would be worthy of the big leagues." 


Read the entire insider's article here or follow his Tweets for the latest sports business scoop.


The box below features Rick's speaker video and facts about his message.

Quick Facts About Rick Horrow


Rick Horrow, nicknamed "The Sports Professor," is considered to be the leading expert in the business of sports.

As CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures, he has been the architect of 103 deals worth more than $13 billion in sports and other urban infrastructure projects, including bringing the Heat to Miami and NASCAR to Kansas City.

He is the Sports Business Analyst for CNN, Fox Sports, and the Fox Business Channel and is the author of When the Game Is On the Line and Beyond the Scoreboard: An Insider's Guide to the Business of Sports. 


In his completely customized presentations, Rick details strategies for consensus building, successful negotiating, forming productive partnerships and leaving a lasting legacy.   


Rick Horrow Speaking Video
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