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Do You Take the Stairs?

March 2012 
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 GDA Exclusive Kristina Wandzilak on Anderson Cooper
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Rory Vaden's "Take the Stairs" Tops the Charts! 

(And, yes, that's his tour bus at our office. 

The perks of the business.)


I can be a bit of a skeptic. When you get as many you-have-to-see-them comments as I do, it's second nature. When I first heard about Rory Vaden, I was skeptical. Then I actually heard Rory. I immediately knew this guy would be huge. His book "Take the Stairs" is the product of a passionate belief he holds. It must resonate, as it has become a New York Times bestseller. I wish everyone could be in his audience at some point. 


Watch Rory Vaden on Fox News or read more on Gail's Blog.

Nando Parrado Nearing 40th Anniversary of Crash


2012 marks the 40th anniversary of his heroic trek through the Andes Mountains. Time continues to give Nando an incredible perspective. As he says, "The more time passes, the more I realize what a gift it was." His story remains one of the most sought-after and inspirational of all time. 


Here are some recent client comments: 


"Nando was AWESOME!!! We had a great time with him personally while he was signing books and got to know him. He is a very gracious gentleman ... He speaks from his heart." - Corporate Client


"Nando was a homerun! What an inspiration. What a high to end our meeting on!" - Corporate Client


Read more about Nando Parrado.