Designing Women and Holiday Cheer 

December 2011 
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Welcome, Macy!
Macy - option 2

Macy Jean Adair

 September 9, 2011

11:49a.m., 6lbs 1oz 

Meet the newest member of the GDA family - Macy Adair! This little one is the daughter and first child of Stephanie Adair and her husband, Todd. Macy is currently working on her list of favorite speakers: mommy, daddy, and of course, Nando Parrado. We start 'em young around here!
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In the speaking business, we have the privilege of 

being inspired - by the experiences of speakers 

and the vision of our clients. 


There was no shortage of inspiration 

in 2011 and we are grateful to you.


From all of us at GDA, we wish you a 

wonderful holiday and send you these hopeful 

words from one of our favorite speakers 

on happiness, Father Miles O'Brien Riley


"Health, love and peace are available to us all."


May you have all of these and more in 2012. 


- Gail and the GDA Team

Designing Women ... Designing Experiences


Ever questioned why you hire other professionals to do a job you should be able to do yourself?


I asked myself the same question recently. And discovered once again why I believe in trusting others to do what they do best. 


Read all about it here.


Who's Who 


 Do those "Designing Women" above 

look familiar? Can you name who from 

the GDA team is in the photo? 



for a close-up then make your guess 

to win a copy of the HistoryChannel 

documentary, "I Am Alive", 

featuring Nando Parrado's story.