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February 2011 
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Welcome Back!
Stephanie Adair

We are thrilled to have 

GDA alum, Stephanie Adair, back on the team as 
Gail's assistant and 
 all-around bureau pro!

Prior Years with GDA:
2004 - 2006, Sales Associate
Memorable Moment:
When I "hand delivered" Jay Leno's check after a client event. Literally, I handed him his check as I shook his hand. We all got a laugh and the client was so happy. He was a huge hit!
When You're Not Working:
Spending time with my husband of almost five years, Todd, while grilling on our Big Green Egg Grill and relaxing outside. If you don't know what a Green Egg Grill is, find out. It's addictive-ly yummy!
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Gail's New Blog: Andre Norman and Giving Back
Gail Davis
Your strategy and budgets may be set for the year ahead, but what about your heart? Yes, we said it, your heart. Giving back is important - for your company, and even more importantly, for yourself. Andre Norman proved that to us.

Read about Gail's experience and her challenge for the year ahead.
From the Streets to the Stage ... He's amazing.
Andre Norman on stage

It's not every day a speaker asks if they can do something extra. Bring the client. For free. And change the world while doing it. 

As part of Andre Norman's speaking engagements, he always visits a part of the community in need. Prisons, juvenile centers, you name it, he will find a way. Andre believes in giving back and he welcomes clients to be a part of the experience while taking them into parts of their own communities he wants to impact most. Learn more about Andre.

Seen & Heard  

 "Who'd have ever thought we'd be hanging out with the Vice President in his own residence one week, and then riding a camel in the Middle East the next!  Talk about proving that anything is possible! "


Want to know which GDA Speaker said this? Find out!