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Ron White 
"Memory Expert"
 Ron White
Ron is considered to be the world's foremost memory expert and trainer. Every audience leaves laughing, amazed and empowered that they can do the same thing!
Ron can teach you how to  recall names and faces to build relationships and earn more referrals, use your memory to be a product knowledge expert, learn the material from any training workshop INSTANTLY, and forever, save thousands of dollars and hours of time because you do not have to retrain yourself on the same material. You will conduct your business with new-found confidence by tapping into your hidden mental genius and use this skill to operate at maximum efficiency.
Discover your potential and EXPLODE your income!
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Steve Palermo "Former Umpire and Gunshot Survivor"
Steve PalermoSteve Palermo's heartfelt talk is riveting, from a face-to-face confrontation with Yankees manager Billy Martin or the moment gunshots struck him one horrific night on a Dallas street. "When Life Made the Call" Steve's personal and professional life changed forever. Instantly, he was transformed from an energetic, best-in-the-game big league umpire to a paralyzed, bed-ridden man trying to regain use of his body. Subsequently, he talks about overcoming the odds learning to walk again and getting his life back. Steve's wife, Debbie, complements his story as he discusses how she went from newlywed to daily caregiver and as Steve's primary support mechanism.
David Houle "The CEO's Futurist"
Sharlyn LaubyDavid Houle is regarded as one of the foremost futurists and global trend  speakers in the world. David has keynoted numerous conferences, spoken to corporate retreats across the U.S. and internationally, and regularly presents to groups of CEOs. His speeches adress mega concepts that provoke you to think about the future and what may lie ahead. David very much likes to follow up speeches with extended Q&A and discussions and to act as a catalyst for future strategies as it may pertain to a specific group or company.
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Gail's New Blog "Going Above and Beyond"
Gail Davis PhotoWhen working in the event industry, unexpected changes do happen: a speaker's flight gets cancelled, a visa doesn't arrive in time, the speaker gets sick, etc. But working with a bureau focused on customer service and the preparedness for these changes can really save your event.

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"The goal of a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary."  ~Sam Walton