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Drink....to Success!
"Sparkling Wine" vs. Champagne
What's in YOUR Swag Bag?
Canine Presidential Endorsement
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 A Post-Script
In our January newsletter, we went on record with a Presidential endorsement of our own for the Obama family, newly-situated on Pennsylvania Avenue. January Newsletter
Without reservation, our vote is for the Portuguese Water Dog!

Ripley and Romie

And we're not alone. On January 13, 2009, Senator Ted Kennedy concurred with KDM Global Partners' canine endorsement and issued his own expression of support on this critical domestic issue: Kennedy Weighs in on Obama Dog. Kennedy brought his own Porties to Capitol Hill in connection with his announcement. Here they are:
See Pictures of Ted's PWD's

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Drink ... to Success!
Excessive drinking is, of course, dangerous, unwise and can cause you to lose friends and business associates much quicker than you think. But before you try to redeem yourself from some of those ugly and embarrassing displays during the holidays by cutting out the sauce entirely, consider the following. 

There are tangible benefits for health, career and happiness associated with sensible partaking. The benefits are not just personal: strange as it might seem, moderate drinkers are inclined to be richer and more philanthropic than nondrinkers. 

The health benefits of moderate drinking are well documented. Research suggests that one drink per day lowers the risk of heart disease by up to 40%. Further, some research shows that moderate drinking may protect against Type 2 Diabetes, reduce risk for strokes and lower the probability of gallstones. Even more provocatively, some researchers believe alcohol can lower the risk of dementia later in life. [Does that mean "drink to forget" is actually a misnomer?] 

Moderate drinkers are richer than teetotalers, too. In 2001, the University of Michigan's Panel Study of Income Dynamics found that light drinkers (1-2 drinks per day) had a mean income of $49,000, versus $36,000 among teetotalers. Of course, this is a nuanced statistic - drinking may be associated with other variables - such as education - that influences income. These researchers did their best to strip these other causes out of the analysis; for example, if two adults were identical with respect to education, age, family status, race and religion, except that the first had one or two drinks each night after work while the second was a teetotaler, the drinker would tend to enjoy a "drinker's bonus" of about 10% higher income. 

The data show that the average income rises with alcohol consumption up to a point and then falls off as one moves into the range of heavy drinking. Income peaks at 2.6 drinks per day for men and 1.5 for women. 

Drinkers are not only richer than abstainers, they tend to be happier, too. In the 2001 study, 36% of teetotalers said they had been "inconsolably sad" over the preceding month, as did 38% of those drinking 3 or more drinks per day. Among those in the 1-2 drinks per day range, only 33% were so sad. 

Is there a helpful conclusion here?
Here's ours: moderate drinking has links to good health, good fortune, humor and character. None of this is to argue that your Bacchanalian excesses over the holidays were advisable, though. But as you contemplate your sins, be careful not to overcorrect during 2009.
You might not enjoy the results. 
"Sparkling Wine" vs. Champagne 
Did you find yourself, once again, shelling out the big bucks for that bottle of French Champagne to dazzle your beloved on Valentine's Day? Are you wondering...was it really worth it?

It may not have been. 

While sparkling wines designated Champagne are from that particular region in France (and therefore must be "magnifique"), it is well worth your time to investigate the equally fantastic sparling wines being produced elsewhere, including on this side of the pond. 

California produces some of the best - and most reasonably priced - sparkling wines on the market. These wines allow those with all types of budgets to celebrate with style. A respectable bottle of California sparkling can be had for less than $20 -  but if you feel the need to break the bank (i.e., to show off), the $100 price points are there as well. And they perform even better.

Despite the country-of-origin designations and price differences, what, really, are the differences separating French Champagne and a Sparkling Wine? Some say that Champagne is more effervescent, resulting in more bottles, which "tickle" the palate for enhanced tasting experience. 

'Also worth checking out other non-French sparkling wines: (1) Cava from Spain; and (2) Prosecco from Italy. 
Cava is hugely popular internationally and, for the most part, is produced in the same manner ("m�thode champenoise") as French Champagne, mostly in the D.O., south of Barcelona.
Prosecco is produced from the white grape varietal of the same name and has increased in popularity in recent years, primarily as a less expensive alternative to its French counterpart. Prosecco is produced largely in the Treviso D.O. in northern Italy. 

So...next time you have a special moment to celebrate, consider opting for one of these esteemed - and less expensive - sparkling wines.
What's in Your Swag Bag?
You've returned from another business trip and there it is...tucked into the suitcase...that bag of "swag" from a corporate-sponsored event. Let's see what it will be this time...squishy foam lobsters, mini San Francisco cable cars, wooden cube puzzles, a "koozie" for your beer, etc. More crap that you can't use. Even the dog doesn't want to play with them. 

What a waste of promotional dollars ... not to mention causing "dissonance" against the corporation whose logo has been foisted upon you in such a cheesy way. 
Isn't it time for these meetings and corporations to do a better job promoting themselves and leaving behind something that the public really wants?! In this economy, these promotional dollars should be spent in a more effective way.

How about a custom-branded wine - to be given away as a corporate gift - or even poured at the meeting or event?

LineupWine is now the #1 Adult Beverage in the United States. Data tells us that people are more interested in learning about various types of wines, their viticulture "stories" and having new tasting experiences. As a corporate branding tool, it is an unparalleled opportunity to get your "message" out there to those you care about and whose future business you covet. It can be given away as a gift - or even poured at the event!  

And, in terms of cost, the expenditure is probably equal to what you would have spent (or maybe less) to provide someone's dog with a new toy.
'Worth looking into.