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2013 WRTR Ultra Race Series
Run for Regis
The Year of the Dirty
WRTR Event Registration Updates
Spotlight Runner - Paul Lefelhocz
Green Jewel 50K

WRTR Ultra Race Series

Coming in 2013



For those of you who have seen the recent updates to the WRTR website you probably noticed that the race series was cancelled for 2012. Beginning in 2013, there will be a single, competitive ultra race series. 


A total of nine (9) races will be included varying in distance from 50K to 100 miles.  It will be necessary to register for the series prior to the first race, which is the 2013 Run for Regis 50K.  There will be a fee associated with your registration.  Cash prizes will be awarded during the WRTR awards banquet for the series winners; door prizes will be awarded at each race in the series for registered participants.


More information to come throughout 2012.  If you have a specific question please send an email to info@wrtr.org.   


Spring anyone?



If you live in Ohio you may not even realize that we are right in the middle of winter.  With regular high temperatures in the 50s how could you not think that we are already in spring?


There are two new race offerings for those who are thinking of their spring and summer race season.  The first is 50s for Yo Momma at Hargus Lake State Park - just south of Columbus.  50s offers distances of 50K or 50 Miles in May.  Salt Fork State Park, just east of Columbus, offers the Buckeye Buster 50K and the One World Trail Running 10 Mile.  Both races are held the first weekend in June.   


50s for Yo Momma 50 Mile and BUckeye Buster 50K will both be part of the 2012 Western Reserve Ultra Trail Series (WRUTS) in 2013. 


Run for Regis - Cold Temps & Warm Hearts!

by Vince Rucci



Vince heading onto Pine Grove - photo courtesy Lloyd Thomas

It's not a race, but rather a fun run! Some would say that sounds strange when the starting temp is 10 and 200 runners have showed up to run anywhere from half marathon to 50K!


This was my second year in a row running the Run for Regis 50K and just as I did the year before I went out with the plan to have fun. Everyone knows that any time there is a start and finish line the definition of the word "fun" changes as the miles go by. It is fun while others are around you pushing the pace, it is fun to come through the aid stations and see familiar faces, and it is fun to know that this event is taking place as a fundraiser. While running in this event I always remember Regis Shivers, Sr. who would have been having fun right along with all of us! It is great to share the trails with Regis Jr., who is always out running in the event that carries on his father's name.


With a mass start for the event, the start line is packed with excited participants. Tanya gives the green light and off we go. The split of the half marathon and the marathon/50K happens right after the start so everyone knows who they are competing with in their specific event. Having been out on many of the trails the day before, my expectations for trail conditions were that it was going to be nasty, but the trails we actually fairly easy to navigate. I still decided to go out easy and run consistent to see how it would all shake out after the first loop. Going into the Boston Run Trail I was in 3rd and by the time we got back to the Happy Days Parking Lot I was in 1st place. This is where I would remain the rest of the day. Having won the 50K in 2011, I knew how to approach nutrition and hydration in the cold temps. Hydration was the biggest challenge in 2011 and it proved to be a challenge once again this year. This is due to the fact that my bottle and most fluids at the aid stations were frozen. Actually everything was frozen, and another piece of the puzzle was staying warm by changing shirts periodically during the event. Your body can burn 20% to 30% more calories trying to stay warm so trying to eliminate this obstacle was a key to my success.

With the way the course is designed, there are many opportunities to see others out on the course which serves as a great motivator and the camaraderie at Run for Regis is awesome! Although there were many course records established this year, at the end of the day, it is all about having fun and the Chili!


Next year I have promised my wife, Holly, that she can run the 50K while I am on babies-duty. That's right, this year we will have a new addition to the Rucci family and I am sure he will be out there along with Baby G cheering on mom! Possibly dad too if we can find a babysitter ;-)


For final results and links to photos please visit:


2012: The Year of the Dirty  

dirty trail series


Doing the Dirty!


The first race in the new Dirty Trail Series is in the books!


The Dirty Snowflake Prediction Run took place on Saturday, January 28 under a morning snowfall. In this race the goal was to have the best prediction of your finish time. The winners were Thad Krejci 3.2 seconds off and Elizabeth Korun 5.9 seconds off. (Yes, both runners had predicted times less than 6 seconds off of their actual finish time!!!)


The next race in the Dirty Trail Series, Dirty Love, takes place on Sunday, February 12 at 9:30AM at Squire's Castle in Willoughby Hills. For more information on all of the races, check out the web site at http://www.dirtytrailseries.com/.




Volunteers Needed for Dirty Love!


The race, that is. Volunteers are needed for the Dirty Love 10K race in Willoughby Hills next Sunday, February 12.


We need several people to assist with various tasks before, during and after the race:

Runner Check-In


  • Aid Station
  • Parking/Traffic
  • Finish Line/Timing
  • Course Sweep

 If you are able to help, please complete the form at http://www.dirtytrailseries.com/volunteer or send an email to info@dirtytrailseries.com .

Registration Update


The Dirty Trail Series

- Registration now open for Dirty Snowflake & Dirty Love!

- Click here for more information

Green Jewel 50K
Registration now open for Dirty Snowflake and Dirty Love!

- Saturday, March 3, 2012

- Registration now open!
- Click here for more information


Fools 50K & 25K Trail Run

- Sunday, April 1, 2012

- Click here for more information


50s' For Yo Momma

- Saturday, May 12, 2012

- Registration now open!
- Click here for more information


Buckeye Buster 50K

- Saturday, June 2, 2012

- Registration now open!
- Click here for more information


One World 10 Mile Trail Challenge

- Sunday, June 3, 2012

- Registration now open!
- Click here for more information


Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run

- Saturday, July 28, 2012

- Registration now open!
- Click here for more information


Complete WRTR race and registration information can be found at wrtr.org.


Ohio Race Calendar

Volume 5: Issue: #2February 2012 

Dear Ultra, Will you be my Valentine?


Do you have an ultra goal in mind for 2012? Well, the January lolly-gagging is over. It's February and time to put that plan in motion!


Training for an ultra gets you outside - whether you like it or not. Daylight is an Ohioan's life preserver in winter. If you're like me, you are counting every minute of daylight added to each new day - technically, we're at 10 hrs, 18 mins - and timing your weekend runs for maximum sun exposure whenever possible.


Training for an ultra means you can eat, a lot. Fueling before, during and after your long run is vital to building endurance and recovery. You'll find yourself looking for ways to add calories instead of cutting them out.


An ultra is the perfect Valentine. Pour your time and focus into one and your effort will be rewarded! The trails will be there for you every day - morning or night - or both! Now if I can just figure out a way for the BT50K to send me chocolate on the 14th!


Keep going!


Kate Koewler
WRTR Newsletter co-Editor


contact us via email 


Spotlight Runner

Paul Lefelhocz




1. To start off, tell us a little about yourself outside of running: 


Hmm. Let's see. I'm married and I have a daughter who is a sophomore in high school. My wife's a teacher in the Beachwood schools. My daughter is on the swim team at her school and doing very well as a student. I'm an actuary (look it up if you don't know what one is) but don't work for an insurance company like many do. I work on corporate pension plans. I used to garden a lot before I started running ultras. I still do a little gardening having some heirloom marigolds my Dad gave me many years ago. How's that for an irrelevant factoid to include in a running article?


2. What prompted you to begin running trails?


When I was training for my first marathon, I was reminded of something I had heard in high school about "crazy" people who ran distances longer than a marathon. I decided I wanted to learn more and found out that one of the older races in the U.S. was down in Loudonville - the Mohican 100. I signed up and since it was on trails, well, I started running on trails. I didn't really think much about it. It's where the race was.


3. What's your favorite aspect of running trails, especially ultras?


Well, the people most of all, of course. But, beyond that, in the summer, it's great to be in the shade. Having grown up in Cleveland, I'm just not used to being in direct sunlight except for maybe 5 days a year (grin). I even carried an umbrella for about 30 miles of Burning River last year so I'd have portable shade.


4. What has been your most challenging ultra and what did you take away from the experience?



Well, I couldn't really just pick one.   Different races are challenging for different reasons. The one people probably focus on most is Vol State. It's 100 pi miles; that's 314 miles or 500 kilometers. It took me over a week. It's just such a huge undertaking and I'd never done anything close to it before. Also, I hadn't planned on doing it so hadn't done any race specific training. I also did it unsupported so I had to get all of my own supplies along the way and carry whatever I would need between towns in a pack. Tennessee is very hot in July, especially on the roads.



I took away many things, some friendships that will likely last as long as I live as one example. A different appreciation for what people can accomplish is another. The people there have some amazing stories about how they got there, what they did in the race and other things they have done. And I will never look at a convenience store the same again (or at least I haven't yet).


But it was the first time I had completed an event of 100 miles or more on the first time I attempted it so maybe it wasn't that challenging. (I have since finished Pinhoti the first time I attempted that one. Great event by the way.)




5. What is your approach to nutrition during ultras?



My approach changes, both within races and between races. I've found that what works for me today, may not work tomorrow or next year. Even within a race, what works can change. So, part of my approach is to have available a variety of foods and drinks and if something doesn't seem to be working, try something else. If something is working, go with it. It can make packing for self supported runs a little bit of a challenge.


Just as an example, I walked into an aid station at Massanutten last year and they had strawberries. I was wolfing them down, effusively thanking the aid station workers and asking if I could take a few more or would that be too many. Some miles (30,50, I don't remember) later, I came into another aid station and saw some of the same people. They recognized me and said excitedly that they had strawberries. I remember looking at them and thinking "why would I eat those?" (but just thanked them and asked for something else I had a taste for - I hope)





6. What are you looking forward to on the trails in 2012?



Well, Burning River 100 is always a highlight for sure.  It starts 2 miles from my house and the support is always great.   My father-in-law drives me to the start.  My wife and daughter and Mom usually come to the finish.


Joe, WRTR and the volunteers always do a great job there.  Also, I definitely got "Rock Star" treatment last year because it was a little over a week after I had finished Vol State so people were congratulating me on that basically at every aid station and along the way between aid stations. I'm going back to Massanutten and I'll do YUT-C.


Have a few other things planned, but I need to fill out my schedule for the year, so we'll see.  I may be going to Virginia for a short run with some friends in mid-February.















Green Jewel 50K
Saturday, March 3rd
Green Jewel 

The Fifth Annual Green Jewel 50K takes place on Saturday, March 3 at 7AM.


The race starts at the Scenic Park Picnic Area in the Cleveland Metroparks in Rocky River, near the Marina. Runners follow the All-Purpose Trail south and east all the way to the Oak Grove Picnic Area in Brecksville (except for a five mile stretch between Ridge Rd. and Brecksville Rd./US 21 where the course is on the road).


The entry fee is $70 and includes bus transportation from Oak Grove to the Start, a tech shirt, and a finisher medal.


More information is available on the race web site at http://www.greenjewel.org.



Note: Volunteers are still needed for the Green Jewel! If you're interested in helping, complete the Contact form at http://greenjewel.org/contact.html

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