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May 2011     

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Emily Cameron, certified by and a member of the International Coach Federation, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by The Coaches Training Institute.


Emily specializes in self-discovery and personal transformation. 


"Emily is very professional and knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I learned more about myself and the person that I was and wanted to be during my sessions. She really used her skills and techniques to really make you do some soul searching about yourself and it was a wealth of information and life changing. I highly recommend Emily for anyone who is looking for direction and clarity in their lives." --Donna Huelsenbeck


"As my coach, (Emily) patiently guided me as I connected to my deepest values and, over time, began honoring them.... I feel more myself than ever before."
--Kristann Montague, Auburn, Washington


Emily is a partner with her clients during Life/Career transitions.


"Emily's coaching work really changed my life. I had been considering becoming an independent consultant but had some trepidation about leaving the supposed security of a salaried position. She helped me assess my strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities and provided the personal tools I needed to make the switch. I have since had years of success and career growth as a proposal consultant and give her most of the credit for the positive direction my career has taken."                --Jan Butorac


"I had a great paying job in the career field in which I had majored in college, but I wasn't happy at all... that's when I began working with Emily Cameron. Her coaching style helped me ...to find out what my needs were and (she) encouraged me to keep these needs in mind when seeking employment. I am now working in a field that is 180 degrees away from my old job, and I couldn't be happier. I enjoy going to work again, and I feel that my contributions are making a difference."
--Nate King




Services Offered:

  • Personal/professional coaching over phone or in office
  • Relationship coaching over phone or in office
  • Group facilitation
  • Teleclasses
  • Myers-Briggs qualified
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

phone: 703.409.2287







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A Note from Emily 


In April I attended an awesome retreat with Marianne Williamson on her spiritual approach to weight at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenica, NY.  I've been able to share my experience and nuggets of wisdom from Marianne with the current Focus Coaching class on a spiritual approach to weight (new class starts in September!).  This experience yielded many insights, one of which is this month's Personal Insight that you can read about below. 


Also in this month's newsletter I'm adding a few more features including poetry, inspiring video link and the new internet interview series on Living Your Life's Purpose.  On May 17 at 8PM, I will be interviewing Tracee Stanley on living her life's purpose and how to put a centering practice into our own lives.  I met Tracee at the Marianne Williamson retreat and am thrilled to share her expertise with you!


Here is the link for the interview, it's free:



Last month I mentioned a new class I would be beginning in May on extreme self care; however, I've been accepted for a sabbatical I will be taking in July/August where I will be serving at the Southern Dharma Retreat Center (SDRC) in Hot Springs, NC.  I'm delaying the new class until September in order to include my experience from the sabbatical and to be able to run the class without interruption.  I hope you enjoy the month's offerings in May's Evoke and may you be inspired you to live on purpose!  And, as always, if you think someone else you know could use some inspiration, please click "forward" at bottom of page and pass it on.  Thanks so much for being a part of this community!

Are You Living Your Life On Purpose?

No matter what goal the client comes to my practice to achieve, the coaching almost always takes a turn toward life purpose.  Some people have a "knowing" but just don't know how to put it into words.  Some have a good idea but don't know how to implement it or just don't trust that it's what they were put on this earth to do.  Some just feel clueless because they have a notion that purpose is a huge achievement which can be a daunting thought.  Purpose is more about "being" rather than "doing."  Once you begin showing up in the world as "being" in your purpose, then the doors begin to open for the actual doing.  This may sound a bit airy fairy but once you've had the experience, you too will find it hard to put into words.  I know when I discovered coaching it felt like a homecoming.  I discovered I had been coaching all my life and just didn't know that my natural curiosity about how people live their lives could be a way of being and a profession.  I just knew that whatever job I had, if it didn't feel like I was making a difference, it didn't feel like worth doing.  When I'm coaching (in purpose), connecting people to their purpose, it's effortless and exhilarating at the same time. 


Starting this month I will be interviewing people I have met who are living in and on purpose.  You can learn about this month's interview in the Inspiration Corner section below.  I hope that when you attend these teleconferences you will get a better understanding that no matter how great or how small an impact these people are making, that the size doesn't matter, it's the impact that's making a difference.


The story of the starfish exemplifies it best:



A gentleman was strolling along the beach just at the waters edge.

After he had walked for sometime he came upon several starfish that had been washed up on shore and then left behind by the tide. The man stopped and looked at the starfish a moment and then shook his head when he thought of the fate of the starfish, for they would all surely die if left out of the water for long. He then continued his stroll along the waters edge. After he had walked a bit further he came upon a young boy. The boy was furiously picking up starfish that had been left by the tide and throwing them back into the sea. The man watched the boy for several moments, then spoke to him. "You can't possibly save them all. So why bother ? It won't matter."

The boy paused, a starfish in hand, and thought about the man's words. He looked out at the sea and then down at the starfish in his grasp. He looked up at the man and replied "Well, it matters to this one." and he threw the starfish back into the sea.


Back in the '70's a colleague gave me this story, when as a social worker I was overwhelmed with cases with little resources to help my clients.  This was a true gift at a time when I was considering giving up!  The story helped me to see that if I only helped one person get on a path to well-being, then my purpose was served.  This has been enough to keep me in the field of human service for forty years where I carry out my purpose.  "Being" in service is a way of life for me now. Ever since I have made a difference one person at a time.    How are you making a difference today?

Personal Insight

Last month I attended a retreat with Marianne Williamson regarding her latest book about a spiritual approach to weight.  CourseAt that retreat, I was among approximately 99

females and one male participant.  The workshop lasted from Thursday evening to mid-day on Sunday  During those days many stories were told of abuse in childhood and in adulthood.  There were stories of verbal, physical and sexual abuse.  This was only a tiny cross-section of our world. Yes, there were participants there from all over the world.  Marianne reported that 1 out of 4 women have been sexually abused in this country. As a former social worker and now as a life coach, over the years I have heard these stories and am not ignorant of the statistics of childhood abuse.  However, I had never been steeped in the stories hour after hour such as I experienced on this retreat.  By mid-Saturday afternoon, I had to take a 20 minute break as yet another woman stood up and began to reveal the wounds inflicted on her soul by childhood abuse.  I needed to breathe.  That day even the skies opened up and rain, sleet and snow fell down on us.  It was if though the painful tears of all these women burst through the heavens and rained down upon us all the pain and anguish these women felt.  The stories that struck me the most were of sexual abuse by fathers, grandfathers and mothers.  My mind just couldn't comprehend how an adult could behave in this way to any child, yet alone to their own child.  My 20 minutes away were spent in counting my blessings.  My childhood wasn't easy as a child of divorce in the 50's being raised by a single mother; but, I always knew I was loved, cherished and safe.  These women lost their innocence, sense of safety and had turned their anger and fear upon themselves and others around them resulting in a life of eating binges and disorders.  Thankfully, the last day of the retreat was a glorious day.  The tears were dried up, the feelings brought up and out, written on pieces of paper, burned and the ashes sent downstream.  I was told this was a Buddhist tradition of sending the ashes of sorrow downstream.  The sun was brilliantly shining down on us as we released our sorrows to the earth and surrendered to our Source.  Yet, my insight came days later when I was going down a dark hallway in a service station in search of a restroom.  I became aware of footsteps behind me and felt fear rising in my throat as the thought came into my mind of how easy it would be to become overpowered, pushed into the rest room and raped before anyone would know what was going on.  I never have these kinds of thoughts!  As I opened the door to the Ladies' room, I glanced back to see a graying white man turning toward a door across the hall into the men's room.  I thought to myself I was safe.  Then I immediately caught this thought with an blinding memory of being told when I was young to fear black men (a side-effect of growing up in the South), that I should never be alone with one because he would hurt me and they were not to be trusted.   When I glanced at that older white man in the hall, I was relieved because he was not a black man!  How could I have this thought when this is not what I believe as an adult today. This fear has been etched into my psyche and it bubbles up from time to time, those old messages of prejudice. As I stood in the Ladies Room, the insight came...black men were not the boogie men, it was the white fathers, grandfathers and mothers who were abusing these women in the workshop, it was the very people who were meant to love and keep these little girls safe that inflicted the worst pain and fear upon them and their souls.  The statistics were no longer just numbers to me, it was the faces and sacred wounds of these women that was now my reality.  Having been immersed in this truth, I can no longer look at a child without wondering what heaven or hell he/she must be living in.  I can no longer look at a teen or an adult and assume their childhood innocence just because they look, dress, or act just like me.  I have to wonder what pain is etched upon the souls of those who inflict this pain and disgrace upon their own children.  The truth is abuse knows no gender, race or economic status and it happens in our own homes by our own family members.  When I know a truth, I cannot go back into ignorant bliss.  When I know the truth may I not betray it by chalking it up to another statistic.  May I meet truth with compassion, patience and love for each and everyone I meet, whatever their story (abused or abuser), and that they experience grace and not prejudice in my presence. 

Inspiration Corner
Purpose Insight Call for May

Tracee StanleyTracee Stanley E-RYT is a yoga and meditation teacher with over 11 years of teaching experience as well as a film producer of thought provoking, socially relevant and spiritually uplifting movies. She has most recently produced Powder Blue with Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel and The Experiment with Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker and Cam Gigandet.

I met Tracee at Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenica, NY, where she led several sessions on gentle yoga, meditation, breathing and chanting.  I can tell when someone is living on purpose.  Tracee is the real deal and I'm excited to share this opportunity for you to experience her.  She and I will be talking about how she found her life's purpose and how she is being and doing it.  There will be time for her to lead us in a meditation and for questions about anything you want to know about a centering practice for you.  Please join us for this free teleconference on Tuesday, May 17 at 8PM EDT.  You may attend the teleconference by computer log in, skype or by phone.  If you have a question for Tracee or me, please submit it via the call-in page or email me at Emily@focuscoaching.info.  Here is the link for the teleconference:




There are fewer phone lines available than online access, so get there earlier if you plan to phone in:


Conference ID: 339492#
Primary Number: (703) 344-2171
Backup Number: (513) 233-7881


To learn more about Tracee, please visit her website where you will also find free access to her meditation podcasts:  www.traceeyoga.com 


May's Video:  Max Strom - There is No App for Happiness




May's Poem:


I had the great honor of hearing a poet read from her newly published book of poems, Writing For My Life...Reclaiming the Lost Pieces of Me.  I must confess, I've never been a lover of poetry, mainly because like a lot of art, I just don't get it.  I endured years of studying poetry in school only to be frustrated about what it meant and wondering what was wrong with me, that I didn't get it and that I must be stupid in this one area.  Not any more!  Since hearing Nancy Levin read from her book every day before several workshops I was taking in a week retreat in January, I have become a lover of at least her poetry.  I will be sharing poems from her book here with you.  I know she will enter your heart as well.




from this liminal state

we are reborn

into a threshold between worlds


through the fabric of fog

a map for another way

presents itself

we see - in a flash - how life could be


can we return to what is familiar

and make it new

or do we embark upon the adventurous sensuous




to the acceleration of self-discovery

that can only come

from encouraging the emergence

of dormant forces


embracing this vantage point

let the past be memory


this pause

between present and future

is the alchemy

that will wake us

unlock us

transform us

there is barely a moment

even in morning twilight

when I forget

to remember

the shift is happening


i am a light in the harbor

leaving the weight

of the past at sea

change is my anchor

deep inside

peace is so close


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Upcoming Events


Call with Tracee Stanley


Please join us for this free teleconference on Tuesday, May 17 at 8PM EDT.  You may attend the teleconference by computer log in, skype or by phone.  If you have a question for Tracee or me, please submit it via the call-in page or email me at Emily@focuscoaching.info.   

Here is the link for the teleconference:




Extreme Self Care Teleclass


Beginning in September 2011:

This will be an intense, no-kidding around teleclass where we will focus on your extreme self care.  We will be using Cheryl Richardson's book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care, as a focal point and I will facilitate and coach your goals and action steps toward a more balanced, fulfilled life.  Early-bird rates and more details to come in June's Evoke!

Spiritual Approach To Weight


Individual classes available now.  Contact me at emily@focuscoaching.info or call 703.409.2287.


The next group class will begin in September 2011.  Click here for more info.

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