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March 2011
A Journal of Personal Focus from Emily Cameron

In This Issue

Clients discover their core values in our discovery coaching process. When a core value is not honored, it can cause much stress in our lives. When I went through the process, my core value of Integrity was revealed.

Recently I had to deal with the stress of stepping on my value of Integrity. I was so excited to be once again producing the monthly Evoke, I didn't adequately scrub my previous mailing list and was unaware of the fact that several former subscribers had unsubscribed within the three-year hiatus. This error resulted in a few reports of abuse. I kept telling myself it's only business, but a small voice said, "You've done a very bad thing!"

After a few hours of feeling horrible and helpless over, "What must these people think of me," I realized I was responding to feeling out of Integrity. Having identified the feeling, my solution was that the best I could do was to send individual, personal emails apologizing to these people. I've learned a difficult lesson and I'm learning to forgive myself sooner than later.

Maya Angelou often says, "When we know better, we do better." If you decide you no longer want to receive Evoke, please simply unsubscribe or send me a note and I will remove you from the that I know better, I will do better.

Which of your core values is not being honored? Your response is the first step on the path to harmony!

Namasté, Emily

(Update on a Course In Weight Loss class is below. Check it out!)


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

This quote from A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson served as my introduction to her writing. The power of the statement struck a nerve. I remember reading it over and over again thinking, "Is this really possible, am I really that powerful?"

I'd been living small most of my life, drifting from one thing ("No, that's not it!") to another ("And, neither is this!). In my late 20's I had the good fortune to meet a woman who saw my special light. She told me I was brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous! When I felt lost and confused she would simply say, "Be yourself, nobody can tell you that you're doing it wrong." Easy for her to say!

Martii was bigger than life to me and she has been my greatest champion(er), cheering me on through thick and thin. I told her on a recent visit to her in home Panama that I hold her as the midwife of "me." It took a couple more decades of soothing myself with Martii's quote until I finally stepped into my light and consciously embraced my natural gifts and lived my own life on purpose.

Motherhood has been my sweet spot. Allowing my son to "be" who he is has been a guiding compass in my parenting style. Nurturing and championing his special gifts was a springboard for what was to become my career as a life coach. Coaching is a platform that allows me to assist others in reconnecting to who they naturally are and to coach them to their life of conscious purposefulness.

As Marianne writes, we all have the light within us. The Bible commands us to not hide our light under a bushel (basket). And Wayne Dyer always reminds us, "Don't die with your music still in you."

Thank you to Martii, Cameron, my closest friends and to all my clients who have been a part of my own personal growth and who did not shrink so that I might shine. Instead you have given me the space to be "me" and to shine! May everyone be as lucky to be in the presence of your light.

Body Wisdom: Listening to Our Bodies, They Know More than We Do!

The body holds much of the information we need to function at our best, but too often we ignore its messages and plow ahead with what our minds tell us. Perhaps because we're not taught from early on to pay attention to internal messages as well as external demands, we frequently ignore our body's communications.

So we take another extra-strength aspirin rather than investigating what's causing our head to ache. We use more caffeine or sugar to give us a lift when we feel tired, rather than hearing our body's message about needing rest or recognizing our fatigue as an early symptom of burnout we'd do well to heed. A look at our pets may be all the message we need about the value of naps.

We fail to take into account the thousand little whispers communicated to us by how we're holding ourselves: the mouth that's pinched and tight rather than relaxed. The fact that our shoulders are up around our ears, the knot of tension in our stomach as we promise to do something when closer consideration might tell us we are already over-extended. (For me it's catching myself rubbing my tight neck or becoming aware of my tight buttocks.) When we don't pay attention to these whispers, our bodies may demand our attention with a sledgehammer such as a fall that results in a broken ankle (been there, done that), a debilitating migraine headache and even life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

These days we're notorious for putting deadlines ahead of the protests of aching bones or inadequately nourished bellies. (Is there hidden wisdom in calling a due date a deadline in the first place?) Instead of asking our body what it wants, we go for the quick fill-up or the comfort food that may be the last thing we really need (see upcoming events below for help with this!). We numb these whispers with food or medication which can eventually become an addiction…is this how we want to spend our precious time on earth--giving into an addiction?

So what to do to give your body an equal say in how you use it?

Start with the breath. Breathing consciously is a major part of body awareness. Turn off thoughts and just let yourself experience the inflow and outflow of breath. Label them, "In. Out. In. Out." Note how and where you are breathing or failing to breathe--a clear sign something important is going on.

Allow yourself quiet time. Sit for ten minutes just observing yourself, even (especially!) in the middle of a busy day. I recently added a very cool free app to my cell phone, Zen Timer Lite. This is a useful tool that allows you the perfect break in the day where you can relax and have a subtle reminder that it's time to come back to the day. I've used this with my clients as a measure of how revved up they are. I set it for 2 minutes. It begins with one strike of a Tibetan Bowl and ends with 3 strikes. We sit quietly together with eyes closed during the 2 minutes. Some clients say it seems like an eternity, others say, "Is it over already?" The former are in hyper-drive (fight or flight mode) and the latter have the ability to relax into stillness within a two-minute window. Which are you? Meditate. Take a walk or a nap. Allow time to do nothing. Soak in a hot tub rather than taking a quick shower.

Get a massage. It's not self-indulgence to be massaged; it wakes up the whole nervous system and helps you tune in. Skin hunger is a basic human condition that needs to be met. Whether it's simply a hug a day or a routinely scheduled massage, studies show the power of touch to be vital to our health. Especially if you are living alone or do not have someone in your life to provide the daily hug, massage is a way to get this need met

Use your journal to dialogue with your body. Ask your body how it's feeling, what it wants, what's going on. Give that sore wrist or stiff lower back a voice and let it tell you what its message is.

Eat when hungry, sleep when tired. Take a week and really pay attention to your body's most basic needs. Do your real rhythms for eating and sleeping match the habits you've established? If they don't, change them!

Do a body inventory to relax. Start with your toes and work upwards. Scan your body from the inside. Or try tensing each part slightly, then relaxing it to release residual tension. This is a great ritual just as you settle into bed for a night's rest.

Practice mindfulness. Get used to tuning in to your physical self, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. To become present ask yourself, "Where is my butt right now?"

And if your body suggests rolling down a grassy hillside, taking flight on a playground swing, or skipping down a winding path, why resist? Your body's impulses hold the key to our well-being!

Upcoming Events

Starting in April, look for your monthly edition of Evoke on the first Tuesday of the month! I hope you will share any comments and/or insights of your own with me.

A Course In Weight Loss News:

Last month I announced that I will be leading groups using Marianne Williamson's, "A Course in Weight Loss..." I received several notes of interest and have put these people on a list to be notified as the logistics firm up.

The teleclass begins on Sunday, March 20, the first day of spring, at 8 PM! Sunday evening is a great time to gear up for the week to come. Spring is the season of renewal. We will have class for each lesson for the 21 weeks thereafter. I should be able to record the calls and post them for those who miss a class so they can keep current.

I have started a page on the Focus Coaching website (you can access here) that I will update as the logistics for these courses progress. I will also be posting any resources I find that will support us in this effort.

If you are interested in the classes and updates, call me at 703.409.2287 or sign up for the interest group here and I will make sure you receive email updates as they occur. In the meantime, I would suggest you read this excerpt from Marianne's book. If you are so led, then get a copy of the book and begin going through the chapters to get a feel for the very sacred experience of following these lessons.

There will also be adjuncts available to deepen your learning and supporting your actions toward becoming the most shining expression of who you are as a human being. As we become in right relationship with our body we will be building our spiritual mastery of processing our feelings instead of packing them onto our hips, bellies and thighs.

To learn more about the class, informational teleconferences are scheduled for two different dates:

Sunday, March 6, 2011 and Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 8 PM

Dial 1-805-620-4005

Participant Access Code: 85383

There is no charge for the call except for a long-distance charge if you do not have an inclusive plan. I hope you will attend one of these calls to hear about the course and to present any questions you might have. If you choose to attend a call, let me know at Or, just show up on the call! If you have trouble accessing the call, email me immediately at and I'll try to get you in.

Visit and click on The Course tab to stay informed and learn how to become a participant.

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Emily Cameron, a member of the International Coach Federation, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by The Coaches Training Institute.

Emily specializes in self-discovery and personal transformation. “As my coach, (Emily) patiently guided me as I connected to my deepest values and, over time, began honoring them… I feel more myself than ever before."
—Kristann Montague, Auburn, Washington

Emily is a partner with her clients during a Life/Career transitions.

"I had a great paying job in the career field in which I had majored in college, but I wasn’t happy at all…that’s when I began working with Emily Cameron. Her coaching style helped me …to find out what my needs were and (she) encouraged me to keep these needs in mind when seeking employment. I am now working in a field that is 180 degrees away from my old job, and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy going to work again, and I feel that my contributions are making a difference."
—Nate King


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