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Tree Top Skewered Apple BBQ Championship

September 11 & 12, 2010

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Bicycle Eclectic

Bicycle Electic
Bicycle Eclectic: Adventure Cycling Association's National Bicycle Touring Portrait Collection is now on exhibit at the museum.  The Missoula based Adventure Cycling Association was established in 1973 to cater to the growing number of American touring cyclists.  The nonprofit organization produces long-distance touring maps, and a magazine, and runs group tours for its 40,000-plus members worldwide.  Many of the members make a point of including the Missoula office of Adventure Cycling in their tour itinerary.  Adventure Cycling art director Greg Siple became fascinated with this wonderful parade of visitors and, in the summer of 1982, began making black and white portraits of them and their bikes.  And now, nearly 3,000 portraits later, Greg has put some of these riders and bikes back on the road for a grand tour.  Old and young, men and women, straight-laced and bizarre, tragic and triumphant, there is something here for everyone.  Bicycle Eclectic will be on exhibit through October 24, 2010.
Kim's Victorian Tea & Ice Cream Social

Kim's Tea Party

The Yakima Valley Museum, in partnership with the
Yakima Association of Family and Consumer Science, will be hosting a "Kim's Books" ice cream social on Saturday,
August 21, 2010 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the museum and in
adjacent Franklin Park. Dollar-scoop ice cream cones will
be available from the Soda Fountain when you show them
your stamped Kim's Coloring Book. There will be games
in the park, an art project, and a High Tea in the Children's
Underground. You are invited to come share this small piece of Yakima history, updated for the modern community.

To watch animated Kim videos, click here.

To access our full Summer 2010 newsletter in PDF format, download it here.