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Wonders of Light
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Museum Soda Fountain
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Wonders of Light

Wonders of Light

Nancy Stewart and MaryLee Sunseri return to the museum with a storytelling and song program called Wonders of Light, designed to help students learn about natural and artifical light. From starlight to sunlight, candlelight to neon, light is part of our everyday lives.

Students will attend this program during the week to learn about the role light has played in the history of Yakima, including agriculture and urban development, and how light can be used in the future in energy conservation and new technologies. Nancy and MaryLee will present both traditional songs and many which were written specifically for this venue. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Yakima Sunrise Rotary Club, all performances are free.

Children and their families are invited to a special public performance on Friday evening at 7:00 P.M. Reservations are not needed for the Friday evening performance.

Women's Votes, Women's Voices

Mt. St. Helens
Women's Votes
On exhibit through
June 20!

If you haven't seen it yet, you only have a few more weeks before it moves to the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. 

Learn how women's voting influenced territorial and state history, such as prohibition laws. Through more than 200 artifacts, interactive kiosks and oral histories, learn how women from various ethnic and economic groups achieved a voice in public life. 

Among the artifacts on display are famed suffragette Susan B. Anthony's dress, cloak, glasses, inkwell, and a rare copy of the Declaration of Sentiments, the original manifest of women's rights, all on loan from the Women's Rights National Historical Park, the Susan B. Anthony House, and the Rochester Historical Society. Historic photos, ephemera, and artifacts from the Washington State Historical Society and numerous other Washington state organizations will also be on display.

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