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Voices from the Past


Sunday, April 26, 2009
Yakima Valley Museum

The Poetry and Music of Ancient Mexico
Join poet Cindy Williams Gutierrez and musician Gerardo Calderon for a journey to the spirit of ancient Mexico. Through a live performance of Aztec-styled poetry and music, this collaborative presentation engages in a haunting dialogue with "the ones who have gone before." The presentation features a series of poems written in the mythic voices of Nahua poet-princes and princesses accompanied by Mexican indigenous music. Musical virtuoso Calderon performs Mesoamerican rhythms on water drums, turtle shells and butterfly cocoon rattles, and otherworldly melodies on clay flutes and wind whistles, to transform Cindy's poems into the "flower and song" of the ancients. An Inquiring Mind program made possible through Humanities Washington and the Washington State Legislature.
Voices from the Past, a cooperative program between the Yakima Valley Museum, Larson Gallery, and Allied Arts, presents lecturers and performers addressing topics of interest to the community.  Voices from the Past programs are FREE.
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