Ontario Fitness Council #1May 19th, 2010  
Ontario Fitness Council 
WELCOMES ~ Progressive Core Health & Fitness,BCRPA and HFA
The Ontario Fitness Council (OFC) is pleased to announce the addition of Progressive Core™ Health & Fitness Corporation (Progressive Core) to our management team. This addition now strengthens the continuous growth of the OFC's presence as a leader in National Registration for fitness professionals in Ontario. Together the OFC and Progressive Core combine 40 years of experience in fitness training, certification courses, and consultation. Our key focus is to provide the most advanced education and certification programs for fitness professionals while maintaining the OFC/NFLA's uncompromisable national fitness registration standards.


The OFC is a member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA), a Canadian partnership of provincial organizations dedicated to developing, promoting and implementing national standards for training and registration of fitness leaders in Canada. The initial registry developed by the BCRPA over 50 years ago, allows members to work and develop their skills in the industry while being insured and supported. Being a registration, rather than simply a certification, means high standards, insurance coverage, quality and accountability. This system acknowledges base level requirements (National Recognized Exam systems, follow up Instructor Competency Evaluations/ICE, continued education ) and promotes specialty certification courses as modules for leaders to increase their professional designations. As a member, leaders will always have more and more opportunity to upgrade, facilitate courses, develop workshops and administer practical evaluations. The OFC sets these standards in Ontario and connects its members to a provincial and national network of individuals, groups, and organizations responsible for the health and fitness industry throughout Canada. 

Progressive Core, managing team for the OFC, promotes a quality of life concept based on four key pillars: Fitness; Nutrition; Education; and Inspiration. Progressive Core's philosophy is to improve people's lives by teaching optimal health & fitness through fully integrated fitness and nutritional education, as well as continuous fitness training and inspirational support. The following are the key upgrades and support service for registered OFC members:

Please note that if you are receiving this Press Release you are either a past or current OFC member. You are entitled to all offerings below regardless of your current membership status. Any lapse in membership renewal of over 5 years will be reviewed, and in most cases approved as long as you have continued in the industry helping others achieve their fitness and health goals. Please provide proof of ongoing education and or teaching/training hours, CPR and all contact information when submitting reinstatement application. Until the new website is complete, all renewal forms can be found here OFC Member Renewal

Register Now!
Benefit from national recognition, insurance coverage, opportunity and support. Fill out your renewal form, choose your membership from the options below (Level 1 or Level 2) We will reinstate  or renew your Leader Number add you to the national database and insure you. Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Cheque, are all accepted. Why keep paying 2, 3 or 4 different certifications organizations and extra insurance coverage when you can be registered and insured to do it all. Train clients from your home, at the office, outside, or in a facility.

1) Transferability. Effective immediately, OFC members can transfer their membership to any province in Canada.(note: some provinces currently don't have uniformed leadership programs at every level, however, most are transferable).

2) Certification Coverage and Recognition. All existing and past OFC certified members will now be classified as Nationally Registered Fitness Leaders.  Are you Certified through CanFit, CPTN, CSCS, ACE, ISSA, NSCA, ACSM or a course or workshop to specialize in a training style? Kickboxing, Tae Bo, Tai Chi, Spinning, etc? If you have passed the National Theory Exam and have been certified in a specialty module, our Registration Insurance will cover you. Group Fitness Scope of Practice will include all "group" focus training, and the OFC will offer insurance coverage included in your registration.

For all Certified Leaders who have never written the National Exam but wish to write it and receive automatic insurance coverage as well as all OFC/NFLA recognition. Please contact us

Our next scheduled proctored National Theory Exams are scheduled for

Saturday June 26th, 2010

Choose a convenient time:

9am, 12noon or 2pm

@ King's Christian Collegiate, Oakville, On

528 Burnhamthorpe Rd West, Oakville

Cost $65 (goes towards 2 year registration/membership fee)

Please email Jeff to book your exam today!

Descriptions and examples of Registration designations

Group Fitness Leader:

Step/Hi-Lo , Bodyscuplt, Cardio Pump, Zumba, Canfit FIS, CanFit PTS, Kickboxing, Tae Bo, Tai-Chi, Bootcamp (note: leaders instructing an advanced level functional bootcamp with distinct focuses such as Cardio-Core, Crossfit, etc, need to complete the Weight Training designation) Is your specialty not on the list? Please contact us to inquire about registration.


Ontario levels 1 and 2, Stott Pilates.


All Yoga practices but does not include Bikram or inverted asthansas. Member must pass or has passed National Theory Exam.


All Aqua certification courses as long as member has passed National Theory Exam

3rd Age:

Any Adult certification course as long as member has passed National Theory Exam


Typically only offered in British Columbia. Transfers from BCRPA or Ontario certification course. Member must pass or has passed National Theory Exam.

Weight Trainer and Personal Trainer

Registration, insurance and recognition of a national level Weight Trainer Specialty Module meets a much higher standard then many Personal Training certification courses and is a pre-requisite for the NFLA Personal Training course. The main difference is, working with special population clients noting serious health issues and rehab situations, is not recommended under the Weight Trainer Scope of Practice. If you are training small groups or 1 one 1 program design with apparently healthy individuals (Par-Q completion and waiver), you can be insured under the OFC/NFLA policy. Approved certifications for national registration include:

Canfit PTS (must pass National Theory Exam, Weight Training Specialty Module Course and ICE evaluation)

Crossfit (must pass National Theory Exam, Weight Training Specialty Module course and ICE evaluation)

CHEK (must pass National Theory Exam, Weight Training ICE only)

The following certifications can obtain OFC/NFLA Personal Weight Trainer registration immediately:


These certifications can also register as Personal Trainers but will have to purchase additional insurance if you wish to train clients in  special populations. See Registered Personal Trainer Scope of Practice here PT Scope of Practice

***If you plan on training clients that are apparently healthy, Weight Training registration is sufficient***

3) Automatic $2 Million Liability. Effective immediately, OFC Level 2 registration will now include $2 million liability insurance that will allow members to train and consult clients whether inside or outside of a facility. Work from the comfort of your own home, rent space for group training, or take advantage of the parks and open outdoor space to run training. You can now be confident that you are covered under the national insurance provider HUB International

As of June 1st 2010, the OFC/NFLA national registry has changed in a positive way to support our members. All Certified Leaders across Canada can choose to become a Registered Fitness Professional. This level of prestige will allow you as a leader to promote yourself to clients and employers that you have reached and maintain the highest standards in Fitness and Health Promotion. We want to reward you for this.

Level 1 OFC/NFLA 2 Year Registration - $135.00 includes, membership, quarterly newsletter, ability to purchase fitness instructor/personal trainer insurance at the lowest rate, participation in surveys and polls, access to online courses and workshops approved and recognized for continued education and designation upgrade/addition, ability to apply for AFL and TFL status to develop workshops and facilitate courses. Same fee upon every 2 year renewal.

Level 2 OFC/NFLA 2 Year Registration - $205.00 includes all Level 1 benefits PLUS - 1 time fee of $25.00 for National Database Entry, 2 MILLION DOLLAR LIABILITY INSURANCE for 2 years. Registration fee drops to $180.00 after initial 2 years and insurance coverage is included.****Highest standard, best value in the industry**** Most fitness leader insurance policies will cost between $160-$250 per year alone.

4) New Designations. Further your education and upgrade your designation with our new leadership additions including; Third Age (older adult), Osteofit, Weight Trainer, Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pilates & AquaFit.OFC registration will include HUB Insurance coverage for all leadership designations excluding Personal Trainer (HUB currently offers coverage at $160 per year for Personal Training). Please be sure to see the scope of practice for all designations at NFLAC (B C and Ontario Scope of Practice)

5) Convenient, high quality Online Education. For the first time ever, OFC registered leaders are now able to further their education and upgrade their professional designation through our exclusive ONLINE education provider. The British Columbia based company OnlineFitnessEducation, a subdivision of Health & Fitness Alliance, has been educating fitness professionals across Canada for over 25 years, educating over 80% of the fitness professionals in British Columbia.

Course and workshop developers include:

Silvia Isachsen CEO, BCRPA SFL, Health and Fitness Studies Diploma Simon Fraser University

Dr. Bill Luke PhD, Human Kinetics Professor at Trinity Western University, CSCS, BCRPA TFL, SNS

Andrew Heming MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, BCRPA TFL, PES, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Human Kinetics instructor at Trinity Western University.

6) Online Resources. Coming in late 2010, OFC registered leaders will have access to Progressive Core's fitness & nutrition online membership at a discounted rate. Updated monthly, consultants and professionals in the industry will offer a variety of support via members only area including nutrition, training programs and educational tips for both trainers and clients. Membership will include full access to new articles and videos every month that will enhance your fitness & nutrition knowledge and increase your success in the industry.

7) New OFC Website. Coming soon! The OFC will launch a simple, easy to navigate, visually appealing website enhanced with a secured online payment processor.

For additional information on the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC) or Progressive Core™Health & Fitness Corporation, contact: 

Jeff Angus Registered Personal Trainer, OFC TFL

Managing Director, Ontario Fitness Council (OFC)
Director Training & Programming
Progressive Core™Health & Fitness Corp

Toll Free:  1.888.558.2673 (Ext 2)
Direct:  905.510.8860

Top Reasons to Join or Renew with the OFC

  • Be Nationally Registered through the highest Fitness Standards in Canada.  Your national registration status will allow you to work anywhere in Canada under the same high standards and low insurance rates.  Whether you want to work in Newfoundland, BC, or anywhere in between, by being an OFC member ~ you are covered.
  • Have Annual Insurance coverage included in your annual registration fee that will cover you outside of your typical fitness facility coverage.  You can increase your income by training out of your home or other community location with this insurance. 
  • Become a registered Trainer of Fitness Leaders and increase income by facilitating nationally approved Fitness Courses/Workshops (including 2 new fitness designations coming in mid 2010). Click here Trainer of Fitness Leaders to learn the steps.  *Note ~ OFC and BCRPA fitness designations are both nationally recognized.*
  • Receive quarterly OFC Newsletters (online) containing valuable fitness links and editorials from fitness professionals that share the same values in maintaining the highest national fitness level standards.

For more information on the Ontario Fitness Council please visit http://www.ofc-fpao.com or call 1.800.671.4632