Excitement is in the air!! Convention is less than 2 weeks away and once again, we will watch the magic happen.

I can hardly wait to see my JK sisters!!! If you attended Convention last year, you are nodding your head and smiling. It is the most wonderful, beautiful thing. To belong to a culture of such caring, and sincere women is a true blessing.

Many of you know what I am talking about and some of you will find out soon. Honestly, I cannot begin to tell you how special this time is and how much you will come away with. Yes, your businesses will grow...statistically, that is a fact, but the relationships you will build are priceless.

Jewel Kade is AMAZING...and I have a feeling that the NEW Fall/Winter Catalog is going to send us home with big happy faces!!!!

If you've been with JK for a while, you know that with a NEW Catalog comes lots of excitement and lots of postings on FB. So......here are a few things to keep in mind.

Do not promote the New Catalog on FB! I know it is tempting, but this is a sure way to destroy your July/August bookings!! Instead, promote a retirement party!

   If you would like to sample the New Catalog at 50% off, you NEED TO BE BONUS QUALIFIED! If you are not sure what that means, ask your upline. If she doesn't know, email me at sophiafisher@comcast.net. I will explain how this all works.

   Host a July Open House and share the JK Story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEMb1LS8Bbg. This story is so real...and so compelling, you are bound to have friends take an interest in your JK business.

   Enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to some wonderful pics and exciting news from Convention!!!!

See you in Utah!!!!

July Promotion Postcard - back
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 JK - Where Soul Meets Body 
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June Promotion Postcard - front
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I am so excited to be spotlighted this month for both Top in Sales and Top in Sponsor. I am so thankful for Janet every day for creating such an amazing product that evokes a passion in everyone that comes in contact with it. I am a very busy mother of 4, a wife, and a fulltime hairdresser . My hubby is a fulltime fire fighter and pre law student, and my kids are involved in everything from football, cub scouts, cheer and dance, so needless to say I'm constantly running. I have been with JK for almost 2 years and have loved it since first sight. I became a leader very quickly however didn't really realize what I had at my fingertips until I didn't make the Cancun trip. I was
so mad at myself for quitting before I even began. THEN I attended Leadership conference 2012 and met the most amazing women,then I was even more mad at myself for not making Cancun because all these amazing women I met were going. Long Story Longer; at the recognition dinner in January they announced the 2013 incentive trip and when I saw it was a cruise, I FLIPPED OUT and Then when I saw I could win it for my hubby too I cried (The only cruise he had been on was a 5 yr stint in the Navy). I was so excited and I just knew I would be on that boat. At this conference I made a decision to change my business: I met Sophia Fisher who has been my Angel in every way. I know that she will forever be one of my bestest friends, she put her belief in me and made me believe in myself. I decided to go for the Bahamas trip and I knew that not only would my business change, but everything around me would, and it has. I am partying like I have never partied, I am sponsoring like I have never sponsored, and I am having the time of my life. I enlisted the help of my hubby and man has he stepped up to the plate, he watches our children on the nights he's not on shift and I party. Every month my sales just keep getting higher and higher and I am so ecstatic that last month was the highest I have EVER had since being with JK. I am ecstatic to say that I WILL WIN THIS TRIP FOR BOTH OF US!!! I am so looking forward to seeing all my JK sisters at convention and meeting some new friends!!! If there are few words of advice that I cangive , it is DO NOT EVER GIVE UP, make your goals and strive to hit them every day!! YOU CAN DO IT, there are no excuses!!




Anna Rafti ❧ sponsor ❧ Eleni DeGraw
Dani Allcorn ❧ sponsor ❧ Erin Edmonds
Alixandra Hice ❧ sponsor ❧ Natalie Rodriguez
Jill MacDermot ❧ sponsor ❧ Mindy Ladd ONeill
Tifani Drain ❧ sponsor ❧ Jennifer Patteen
Mary Beard ❧ sponsor ❧ Kristi Sawyer
Jackie Leinstock ❧ sponsor ❧ Mindy Ladd ONeill
Renee McGill ❧ sponsor ❧ Leslie Brooker
Heather Rengo ❧ sponsor ❧ Roxanne Phillips
Lauren DeNucci ❧ sponsor ❧ Mesa Nyquist
Janis Kelly ❧ sponsor ❧ JoAnna Sturgis
Kayla Measner ❧ sponsor ❧ Erin Edmonds
Jaime Cerabona ❧ sponsor ❧ Lisa Muench
Trish Ficarella ❧ sponsor ❧ Eleni DeGraw
Christine Williams ❧ sponsor ❧ Sophia Fisher
Laura Hays ❧ sponsor ❧ Lisa Connors
Cindy Gonzalez ❧ sponsor ❧ Barbara Servaites
Amy Murawski ❧ sponsor ❧ Daniel Newland
Carter Hewett ❧ sponsor ❧ Kathryn Auger
Annette Stennes ❧ sponsor ❧ Mary Jane Calhoun
Stefanie Crane ❧ sponsor ❧ Suzan Vitale
Carly Kovatch ❧ sponsor ❧ Angela Kendrick
Jennifer Conrad ❧ sponsor ❧ Carly Kovatch
Koby Aylor ❧ sponsor ❧ Jocelyn Hankins
Lori Borieo ❧ sponsor ❧ Kim Waling
Christine Krueger ❧ sponsor ❧ Jennifer Davis
Sheila Kuester ❧ sponsor ❧ Julie Shangle
Stacey Weingartz ❧ sponsor ❧ Karen Breslin
Amy Dillon ❧ sponsor ❧ Sophia Fisher
Juliene Allman ❧ sponsor ❧ Laura Golish
Susan Chicone ❧ sponsor ❧ Lisa Muench
Shawna Prater ❧ sponsor ❧ Sandy Holcomb
Karen Dudek ❧ sponsor ❧ Amy Struble
Mary Friedman ❧ sponsor ❧ Kristen Vanderplog
Tamara Dewig ❧ sponsor ❧ Leslie Brooker
Joyce Panapa ❧ sponsor ❧ Emily Backes
Dana Sporman ❧ sponsor ❧ Denise Armstrong
Ann Sebald ❧ sponsor ❧ Sarah Cherney
Nicole Stratton ❧ sponsor ❧ Lauren Bauer
Kerin Pridmore ❧ sponsor ❧ Lisa Connors
Pamela Peterson ❧ sponsor ❧ Mary Jane Calhoun
Amy Ensley ❧ sponsor ❧ Angela Kendrick
Cheryl Miles ❧ sponsor ❧ Mindy Ladd ONeill
Nicole Tuck ❧ sponsor ❧ Jocelyn Hankins
Jennifer DeVine ❧ sponsor ❧ Christy Bennett
Jennifer Nettle ❧ sponsor ❧ Louise Starbird
Keli White ❧ sponsor ❧ Chanea Turner
Karen Lomas ❧ sponsor ❧ Janet Stone
Heather Coxe ❧ sponsor ❧ Chanea Turner
Ashley Homer ❧ sponsor ❧ Chanea Turner
Kelly Pazzaglia ❧ sponsor ❧ Erin Edmonds
Hilary Curto ❧ sponsor ❧ Molly Poffenbarger
Melliss Soave ❧ sponsor ❧ Susan Stowe
Laura Gilliard ❧ sponsor ❧ Erin Edmonds

Lakewood, WA
Saturday, August 18th
12:30 pm Welcome Stylist and Guests 
1:00 - 2:00 pm JK Opportunity Event 
2:00 - 5:00 pm JK Stylist Training and Recognition
10019 59th Avenue 
Lakewood, WA
Contacts - Mary Jane Calhoun (253).223.7871 
Shelly Zimmermann (253).298.8854 
Mindy Ladd O'Neill (253).229.0386 
Tiffany Dirks (253).905.0667


Midland, MI
Monday, August 6th
6:30 p.m.
2600 North Saginaw Road
Midland, MI 48640
Contacts - Julie Shangle (989) 615-9253,
Kim Vogel (989) 284-4302,
Amy Struble (989) 284-3202

Novi, MI
Wednesday, August 8th
7:00 p.m.
27355 Cabaret Drive
Novi, MI 48377
Contacts - Sophia Fisher (734) 480-2377, or
Julie Shangle (989) 615-9253

Roseville, MN
Tuesday, August 7th
6:30-9:00pm Opportunity, training, and recognition
1925 Perimeter Road
Roseville, MN 55113
Contact - Mesa Nyquist (763) 226-1634 - tiny_table@hotmail.com

Sebring, FL
Monday, August 6th
6:00 p.m. 
Contact - Chanea Turner (863) 381-1313 or,
Erin Edmonds (863) 381-6730

Toledo, OH
Monday, August 6th
7:00 p.m.
3818 Beechway Blvd.
Toledo, OH
Contact - Kelly Cook (419) 704-5490

In This Issue
Top in Sales / Sponsoring - Erin Edmonds
Welcome New JK Stylists
August Team Meetings
Top Sales
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JK Spring & Summer 2012 Catalog

Erin Edmonds
Mindy Ladd ONeill
Julie Scott
Karen Breslin
Barbara Servaites
Brittani O'Connor
Kim Vogel
Missy Miller
Dani Allcorn
Terri David



  Erin Edmonds ➻ 4
Chanea Turner ➻ 3
Mindy Ladd ONeill➻3
Angela Kendrick ➻ 2
Eleni DeGraw ➻ 2
Jocelyn Hankins ➻ 2
Leslie Brooker ➻ 2
Lisa Connors ➻ 2
Lisa Muench ➻ 2
Mary Jane Calhoun ➻ 2
Sophia Fisher ➻ 2

Online Catalog

JK Spring / Summer  2012 Catalog
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