Vol. 6, Issue 2October 2012
October Husky Tracks

Where is Your Security Deposit?


Most landlords require a security deposit, no greater than one month's rent.  This money covers any damage to the apartment, or unpaid rent. Within 30 days of the end date of your lease, your security deposit must be returned to you, plus interest! 

Is this your first apartment?  

Your landlord must place the money in a separate, interest bearing account in a Massachusetts bank. By now you should have a receipt that includes the name and location of the bank where the money is held, the account number and the amount of the deposit.

Still waiting on last year's deposit? First, send a demand letter to your landlord. If you've only received partial payment, your landlord must provide an itemized, written record and receipts documenting any repairs. If you still don't get your deposit, or you don't agree with the charges, you can file with Small Claims Court. For more information, visit our website here. Additional information is also available here.

Protect your Property: 

Renter's Insurancerenters

Now that you're settled into your new apartment, you're covered for the rest of the year, right? WRONG! Check out renter's insurance before you get too cozy.

What is renter's insurance?

A standard policy protects your personal property from theft or damage, and may cover temporary living expenses if your unit is damaged and unlivable (i.e. from a fire.)  

Who offers coverage?

Numerous companies offer renter's insurance to college students. However, Northeastern recommends College Student Insurance.

What is covered by renter's insurance?

Coverage varies by company, however, typical coverage protects your belongings from fire, theft, lightning, windstorm, smoke damage, and water damage from plumbing.  Make sure you check the specifics of each policy you consider before making a final decision. Click to learn more.

Wake Up Wednesday

Free coffee, cocoa and complimentary mugs! Off Campus Student Services and Co-op Connections are teaming up to bring you a cup of Joe to go! We'll be outside Ruggles Station & on Krentzman Quad, Wednesday, October 10, 7:45-9:15am.

Be a Good Neighbor neighbor 

Do you know your neighbors? When living off campus, your actions affect not just students, but professionals, families and seniors living in your neighborhood. Be a positive role model in your community and an ambassador of Northeastern.

  • Only put your trash out on the proper day and in the right location. Garbage left on sidewalks and streets is unsightly and illegal! 
  • Give your neighbors your phone number and warn them when you plan to have late night guests. That way, if you get too loud, you might get a call from your neighbors before they call the police.
  • Keep noise down at night- don't disturb neighbors who have work or class in the morning!
  • Make a guest list for parties- don't open your doors to unplanned guests.
  • Help your neighbors carry groceries from their car. 
  • Smile! Being friendly goes a long way towards building a better neighborhood. Be kind to your neighbors and expect the same in return.

Have a question? Ask Off Campus! Stop by the Snell Library Quad on Tuesdays in October as our Community Ambassadors share useful tips and information on important tenant issues.

Dinner and Discussionunclephil

Join us on October 15 at 6:30pm for an engaging conversation with Prof. Greg Goodale and enjoy a free dinner! Click here to RSVP. 


When you live off campus, but find yourself in need of support from Northeastern, call WeCare. The WeCare program helps students when situations arise that are complex, confusing or unique in nature, regardless of where you live.  WeCare

 coordinates support and resources for students during times of difficulty or crisis. If you experience a medical issue, personal or family emergency, fire or flood, challenging roommate issue, or just a difficult time managing life off campus alongside your academics or coop, WeCare may be able to help.  WeCare also assists with policy questions, and can serve as a sounding board for students looking for advice. WeCare is located in 104 Ell Hall; call 617.373.4384 or email     

Breakfast Club brekkers

Your Guide to Living Off Campushandbook
Learn more about your tenant rights, the apartment searches and your neighborhood. The guide also provides city resources and contacts for issues, disputes & emergencies when living off campus. 
Click here for our web version or pick up your copy today in 226 Curry Student Center!
Boston Police Advisory
The Boston Police Department has reported an increase in
 muggings and theft of smartphones and valuables around the city. Follow these tips from BPD:
  • Never walk alone
  • Avoid flashy jewelry and keep smartphones out of plain sight
  • Travel in well lit areas at night
  • Avoid shortcuts through the Fens at night and alleyways
  • Know where 24 hour shops and police stations are located.
  • Know where blue light emergency phones are located.
Check for up to the minute reports on crime in the city, and check the "Districts" section to learn more about crime in your neighborhood. Remember to call 9-1-1 in an emergency. 


SAFEnetIt's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Did you know...

  • Domestic Violence transcends age, sex, race and sexual orientation and can be found in dating relationships and among roommates.
  • Massachusetts Law defines abuse as: "attempting, or causing physical harm; placing someone in fear of imminent serious physical harm; or causing another to engage involuntarily in sexual relations by force, threat or duress." (MGL 209-A)
  • If you or a friend are in a situation which you feel is causing you harm, you have the right to legal protection.
  • Northeastern has programs and services designed to assist victims and protect their rights.
  • The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity handles cases involving domestic abuse and harassment.
  • University Police can assist victims in obtaining Abuse Protection Orders
  • If you have a Restraining Order, file a copy with NUPD to better enforce the order on campus. Protection orders from other states apply in Massachusetts.
Contact these offices for more information or to report an incident:
NUPD                                               WeCare
617.373.2121                                617.373.4384

Institutional Diversity & Equity   UHCS
617.373.2133                                  617.373.2772 
For EMERGENCIES- Call 617-373-3333 or 9-1-1 for more Crime Prevention Information. "Your Safety Is Our Reward" 
In this Issue

Mission Hill Road Race
October 20
Come run with us! Join fellow Huskies and local residents at the Mission Hill Road Race- a 5k run and walk event to benefit Fitzgerald Park. The race is October 20 at 10am; registration begins at 8am. Want to walk or run? Fill out this form and return to 226 Curry Student Center by October 8 and your registration is FREE!

October 8-13 homecoming
Homecoming Week kicks off next week.  Showcase your NU pride by participating in the Homecoming Court, Husky Decorating, cheering on our NU athletes and more!  For more information on the Homecoming events, check out the Homecoming website.
Northeastern Mobile 
Get connected with the NEW Northeastern Mobile app! Now you can access MyNEU, check class schedules, book tickets, view Husky card balances, and schedule appointments with advisors- all from your smartphone! 
 Citizens Connect 
 Use Citizens Connect to report problems directly to the city! Post reports with photos and a brief description and the Mayor's Office will dispatch a team to remedy the situation.  
Thanks for Coming!
taste of off campus logo 650
On September 22, off campus students enjoyed free food, games and prizes while sampling Boston's local businesses and city services. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope you had a great time! Stay tuned for future events!
NU Service Day

October 20 is NU Service Day! Join the community in working together to assist area nonprofit organizations with critical projects. Student organizations and individuals are encouraged to register hereParticipation is free and the day offers a great way to give something back to our community!

The luxuries of having a car without the hassle of owning one. With Hertz On-Demand you can enjoy 24/7 self-service access to a wide variety of vehicles with no annual membership fees. Every rental includes gas, insurance, roadside assistance and more. 
With cars available at North, Columbus, Ryder and Matthew's Lots, driving in Boston has never been easier.  Join for free and enter promo code "Northeastern University" for $15 in driving credit.
I AM Northeastern Survey
Please take this very short survey about NU Traditions. The"I AM Northeastern" committee wants to identify student traditions on campus.
Mission Hill Little League
Calling all coaches! The Mission Hill Little League is looking for volunteers interested in coaching baseball for children ages 7-12. This is a great chance to become more involved in the Mission Hill community and help a great cause. Click here for more information. or call league secretary Suzanne Hauck at 617.989.0713 to volunteer.
Ask Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky  
Dear Roaming Husky,
I might be going to Spain for study abroad next semester and I'm worried I won't be able to find anyone to sublet my room! I don't want to  pay 4 months of rent while I am away. Where can I find someone looking for spring semester housing?
Sincerely, Barca Bound

Dear Barca Bound,
Our off campus housing database is a great place to post your apartment if you need to sublet. You can go to the  "Properties" tab, you can post photos, information about your apartment's features and sublet terms, and even describe what you are looking for in a potential roommate.
The more information you provide, the better your chances someone will be interested in your sublet. Check the "Roommates" tab and select "need a place" to find students searching for sublets. Clearly describing what you are looking for in a roommate will help match you with the most compatible students.
We also have a subletting guide and roommate selection checklist to help narrow down your potential roommates.
-Your Roaming Husky 

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Northeastern Athleticsspurts
Cheer on your Huskies in October.

Women's Soccer vs Drexel

Oct 4 @ 4pm

Women's Soccer at BC

Oct 6 @ 7pm

Men's Soccer vs JMU

Oct 6 @ 1pm

Women's Soccer vs Towson

Oct 12 @ 6pm

Women's Hockey vs RPI

Oct 13 @ 3pm

Women's Soccer vs GMU

Oct 14 @ 12pm

Field Hockey vs Hofstra

Oct 19 @ 3pm

Men's Hockey @ BC

Oct 20 @ 7pm

Volleyball vs Georgia

Oct 28 @ 1pm

Click for more NU Athletics
October Concertsconcerts 
It's getting colder outside but the Fall concert season is just warming up! Click the artists below for tickets
Oct 6 @ 9pm
Oct 13 @ 7pm
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