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Vol. 5, Issue 8
April 2012
April Husky Tracks
How to Sublet your Room
 Be sure you're protected if you plan to sublet your apartment. Follow these tips:


1. Landlord permission- 

Most standard leases explicitly state that subletting is prohibited unless permission is granted by landlord.Obtain permission in writing, and note that the landlord may charge a sublet fee or require an additional application for the sub-lessee.

2.  Roommate permission and screening - It's best to ask your roommates if they are comfortable with a new roommate, and you all should screen a potential sub-lessee for how responsible they are when paying rent, and check that they are a good personality fit.

3.  Subletting agreement -  As long as your name is on the lease, you are responsible for apartment damages or unpaid rent. In order to protect yourself, create an agreement with any furniture you are leaving behind, the start and end dates of the sublet, the keys you are lending, who is responsible for utilities, and how the apartment should be maintained.

4. Copies and paper trail - All agreements and money payments should be documented by you, the sub-lessee and the landlord to show mutual understanding of the documents. 

Fill your sublet using the Roommates feature on our database, and search for properties to sublet under Property Listings and select 'Sublet' to filter your search. FYI: The Message Board feature will be eliminated soon.

Neighbor to Neighbor was a great success! Thanks to all volunteers!
If you've missed out on Breakfast Club this semester,breakfast
 there's one last chance! On April 15th, Breakfast Club is meeting in both Mission Hill and Fenway @ 12 noon; e-mail if you can attend. 
Breakfast Club has been a great success this year!
Thank you to all our volunteers who contributed over 530 volunteer hours this past year and collected over 85 bags of trash! 


Recently, eight first-time volunteers came to Breakfast Club having been recommended by  friends. As volunteers finished up their work, a few neighbors playing basketball shouted, "thanks for cleaning up guys!" Our volunteers often receive positive feedback from our neighbors. For this reason, students keep coming back to Breakfast Club; it feels good to give back to the community.  Other volunteers find it useful having volunteer service available right in their own neighborhood. As word spreads about Breakfast Club, there are more and more newcomers and return volunteers. NU is proud to have so many students who care about keeping our neighborhoods clean! Come on out, be a good neighbor, and join your Community Ambassadors for breakfast!    
Curbside Recycling
& Trash 2 Treasure recycle
What do you throw in your garbage each week? How much of it is typically boxes, cans, glass?  Be more responsible with your waste. The City of Boston offers curbside recycling. If there's no blue bin alongside your trash cans, contact your landlord and ask for a bin. If your building has less than 6 units, you can request one online through the City of Boston's website. To request a bin, or to find out what you can and cannot recycle, visit here


Trying to get rid of old furniture? Donate to the Salvation Army, or participate in NU's Trash 2 Treasure program! Collection will be during move out April 19- May 6.  Donate unwanted items such as clothing, electronics, kitchenware, dorm necessities, pantry items- all of which will be resold during a campus garage sale during Welcome Week. Have questions, or want to volunteer? Email 
Spring is here! And so are Finals.finals
Mix it up; study in a new place.  Work alongside other Boston students and professionals at the Boston Public Library for a different, scenic atmosphere.  Or, try a new coffee shop further from campus.  
Study outside.  Enjoy the sunshine and study at the tables on the roof terrace on the second floor of the Student Center.
Iced coffee, your loyal companion.  Get the Starbucks app on your phone. Stock up on some rewards! 
Temporarily block social media.  You've watched that cat video a couple times now, keep refreshing your news-feed, and you don't know why you're looking at photos of strangers from 2008 on facebook. Try this hackmystudy tool to temporarily block this internet addiction!

Green Street's Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge walkride

Gas prices in Boston are nearing $4/gallon! Ridiculous, right? Participate in Green Street's Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge.  Walk/Ride Days will occur on the last Friday of every month to encourage people everywhere to go green by walking, bicycling, and using public transit for your daily commute. Green Street will partner with local retailers to offer special incentives, discounts, and raffle prizes to Walk/Ride Day participants. These monthly events celebrate green transportation, give people an opportunity to make community connections, and promote a festive local atmosphere.


For more information, click here and register for the Challenge! Check-in whenever you are using green transport, and you may be this year's winner!

SAFEnet Advisory safenet



Recently there has been an increase in the number of thefts of laptops, cell phones and backpacks left unattended in common areas and unsecured offices on campus. No matter where you are, be aware that leaving your property unattended significantly increases the risk of its being stolen. Do not expect unknown tablemates to watch your things while you're away. Such "short-term" absences have a tendency to become more lengthy than planned. All too often, upon your return those who agreed to watch your things are gone, and more importantly, your property may also be gone. The majority of reported thefts took place when the owners left their valuables unattended for only a few minutes.


Keep in mind that it is also unwise to leave your cell phone or other small electronics in the open and accessible to those passing by your location, even if you are sitting there. Nor, should you lend your cell phone to someone you don't know, no matter how urgent their request may be. Your cell phone may contain a significant amount of personal information which, in the wrong hands, could put your personal safety at risk. For more info click here.

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SAFEnet Advisory 
Slow Food NU is a society of socially conscious eaters. They promote an increased awareness of the relationship of food, the environment, and human health. Check out their facebook page for upcoming events! 
2012 Boston Marathon
Monday, April 16
DISTANCE: 26 miles.

The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's most prestigious road racing events. 

Roof-top Access in Bostonroof
With the nice weather and city events coming up, you may be tempted to hang out on the roof of your apartment. This is largely illegal in the City of Boston and extremely dangerous! Roof-top gatherings will also result in a police response and fines. Read here for more info. 

Take your mind off finals with NUTSO! The NU Transfer Student Organization (NUTSOwill host it's first event , NUTSOver Finals at 7pm in afterHOURS on April 12. For all you stressed out students NUTSO will provide FREE PIZZA and MUSIC by the band Groovin' You. So come grab a slice, listen to your favorite Top 40 songs and don't forget to get your NUTSO T-shirt before they run out!

The Boston Red Sox home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays is on Friday, April 13 @ 2:05pm! Find Red Sox tickets here.
Spring Fling
Sponsored by the Sustainable Service Committee, Spring Fling is open to all students on April 19 from 12-3pm in West Village Quad. Enjoy free food, games/activities, and tabling from various student groups, offices and local community service organizations. 
roamDear Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky, 

The neighbors downstairs frequently smoke in their unit. The smoke and smell permeates the common entry way and stays in my room,even setting off the fire alarm sometimes. Not only is this a nuisance, I fear for my health. Please help!

- Frustrated Neighbor
 Dear Frustrated Neighbor, 

Contact your landlord about the smoking concerns you have with your neighbors.   Unless there is a clause in your lease that states otherwise, unfortunately they are entitled to smoke cigarettes in their own unit.  But your landlord could request some sort of compromise, since it is affecting your personal space. There should be appropriate ventilation in the common entry area. If you have further concerns call Inspectional Services Department at 617.635.5300. 


           -Your Roaming Husky


Have a question? Write to Roaming Husky at!

Husky Headlines
Marijuana 101

Did you know Marijuana lingers in your system more than most drugs and can cause hangovers? Click here for more information.
Big Apple Circus

It's an all-new show, where the World's Greatest Circus artists are presented under an intimate Big Top, and no seat is more than 50 feet from the ring! Tickets on sale all month!
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