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Vol. 5, Issue 7
March 2012
 March Husky Tracks

We all like to get together and hang out with friends on the weekend, BUT don't forget that you still represent Northeastern when living off campus.  Take time to ensure that you are being a responsible host and considerate to your neighbors. 


(1) Talk to your neighbors!  Inform them when you plan to host a group of friends.  It will create an open line of communication, and demonstrates respect and awareness of noise levels. Don't forget that all neighbors aren't college students.


(2)  Keep your gatherings to a reasonable size and know your guests. Not only does this increase the level of safety in your apartment, you can be held legally responsible if a guest leaves your gathering intoxicated and causes death or injury.  With your name on the lease, you are responsible for the actions of every guest you allow to walk through your door, especially anyone underage who consumes alcohol. You can be held responsible even if you haven't provided the alcohol.  If you do provide- not only are you responsible, but you can be placed on probation, fined up to $200, AND summonsed to court.


(3) Bottom Line:  Host your friends without breaking the law.  Want to learn more?  Come to Responsible Hosting on March 22 @ 6 - 7:30pm.

BreakfastclubBreakfast Club in Your Neighborhood 
      Ask residents in Mission Hill or Fenway what they think of their student neighbors, and you may hear about partying, noise complaints and litter on the streets. NU Community Ambassadors wanted to change this perception by asking to students to clean up after themselves through "Breakfast Club." 

      Students have found Breakfast Club fun and rewarding. NU clubs and organizations send members to complete neighborhood cleanups on Sundays. Last fall, more than 150 students collected over 50 bags of trash. It definitely feels good to give back to the community, and long-term residents have taken notice, nodding their heads in approval when they see NU students in red and black, filling up trash bags.

    After picking up trash, we treat you to coffee and donuts! Write to if you want to join us on March 11, 18 or 25! 

Spring Clean Up
Want to help your neighbors? Sign up for Neighbor - to - Neighbor Spring Clean Up day on Sunday, April 1!
Volunteers are wanted to help local neighbors in the surrounding community. The day will start at 10:00am and projects will take 2-3 hours to complete. Afterwards, we'll all meet for refreshments. Sign up here! Individuals and groups of all sizes are welcome, but you must sign up in advance. Write to for more info.  
St. Patrick's Day in Boston
      There's no better place to be than Boston on St. Patty's Day. There is an unmistakable vibe of pride and spirit throughout the day. 
     We celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but do you know its history?  The first St. Patrick's Day parade didn't take place in Ireland, but here in the US. Read more, here
     Historically, Boston gets considerably riled up on St. Patty's Day. But remember basic safety precautions, as St. Patty's Day involves amped security and regulations. There will be zero-tolerance for public drinking which can result in a $200 fine and/or arrest!  Be smart and respect your neighbors!
  Check out these top ten Irish venues in New England for lots of music and friendly people.  
Restaurant Week restaurant

restaurant weekIt's back! From March 18 to 23 and March 25 to 30, Boston's best restaurants will be offering tasty fixed priced menus for lunch and dinner at incredible bargains:  2-course lunch for $15.12, 3-course lunch for $20.12, and 3-course dinner for $33.12! Click 
here to browse participating restaurants. 


Since Restaurant Week is pretty popular, make your reservations now! Get classy and hit up some fancy restaurants at college-reasonable prices! 
SAFEnet Advisory safe
Spring Safety 


Spring Break is time to put school work aside for some relaxation, vacation, or community work. 
Before you leave town, take these security procedures: 
Secure windows and doors to minimize the chance of a break-in and protect your property from loss.  Lock the windows and put riser restrictors in place for added security. Set timers for interior lights. If no one is clearly home, your apartment is more likely to be broken into. 


Bike Safety: Did you know that the majority of bikes stolen on campus last year were secured with a cable type lock, or none at all?  DO NOT RELY ON CABLE LOCKS, rather secure your bike with a U-type lock. Record your bike's serial number, description and cost. Register your bike with police or organizations such as National Bike Registry, etc.  Engravers for your bike are available for loan at NUPD, located at 716 Columbus Ave. 


Always wear a helmet. Don't wear baggy clothing that can get caught in gears and sprockets. Wear reflective clothing in low light or night- time conditions. Always ride with the traffic and obey all traffic laws.  NEVER LOCK YOUR BIKE TO HANDRAILS, BUILDING STEPS, OR RAMPS; IT INTERFERES WITH BUILDING ACCESS BY THE MOBILITY IMPAIRED,Click here, for more info, or contact NUPD.

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Relay for Life
Breakfast Club
Apply to becaCommunity Ambassador!
Join the Off Campus Student Services team for Fall 2012!
Community Ambassadors represent NU students living off-campus and advocate for tenant rights and are active members of the surrounding community. CA's organize community service and educational programs about off-campus living and tenant rights. Attend an info session and learn more about the role and application process. 
 Look for your Community Ambassadors at tables in the Student Center. They'll answer your questions about living off-campus, realtors, tenant rights and more! Stop by!
Meet us in your neighborhood! Volunteer for Mission Hill Breakfast Club on March 11, 18 & 25, or Fenway Breakfast Club on March 11. Sign up at
Relay For Liferelay
Relay For Life
Northeastern will be hosting Relay for Life in Matthews Arena on Saturday, March 24No matter who you are, there's a place for you at Relay. Each dollar you raise will help save lives. How far will you go to make a difference in the fight against cancer? Click here for more.
Advanced interview

Learn tips for successful interviewing! Great for seniors, grads, or coops who want to take their interview skills to the next level. March 15 @ 5:30-6:30pm in 12 Stearns.
St. Patty's Day Parade
Southie's Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade is on Sunday, March 18. For more info, click here. Irish or not, wear your green!
roamDear Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky, 
     I found an apartment that I absolutely love, but have never signed a lease before. I'm wondering if you have any tips to consider before I sign off so much money?
- Signing 
 Dear Signing, 
      Make sure you have read  the entire lease before you sign it, including any addendums. Sometimes, students are surprised down the road when a landlord seems unreasonable with fees or regulations- only to realize it was in their lease.  Also before signing, ask the current tenants why they are leaving. "Graduation" or "studying abroad" are good answers; "my landlord was awful" is not!  Know what you're getting into. If it looks and feels right, go ahead and sign. Good luck!


           -Your Roaming Husky


Have a question? Write to Roaming Husky at!

SOWA Winter Market 
Visit SoWa Open Market on Sundays from 10am til 3pm. It will be open now until April 29. Check out local vendors selling tons of handcrafted jewelry, vintage clothing, antiques and unique artwork. 
Dr. Dog at House of Blues
 Dr. Dog is a show not to miss.  This young rock band has a lovable sound, comparable to the later Beatles.  Buy tickets for Thursday 3/22 at the House of Blues.  
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