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Vol. 5, Issue 6
February 2012
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Annual Apartment Fair fair

We all know Boston rent can be pricey! Make sure you make the best choice in the rental market.

The Annual Apartment Fair is a one-stop step in the right direction! Located in the Curry Student Center, the Apartment Fair is the best way to meet approved realtors all in one place. February 8th @ 4-7pm! Community Ambassadors and Off Campus Student Services are ready to help.


No pressure, here! This is your chance to learn about Boston's  neighborhoods, rental costs and the rental process in a relaxed, student-friendly environment.  Snacks! Door prizes! Including Red Sox tickets, dinner coupons and a Wide-screen T.V.! 

Don't Get Pushed Around! pushy
With the apartment hunting season upon us, keep these precautions in mind: 


Have you decided to move out of your current apartment or are you looking for an apartment for the first time?  Here are three main issues to be aware of while you search for the perfect apartment.


Legitimate realtors have:

  • An up-to-date real estate license
  • A physical office location
  • Good standing with Better Business Bureau
  • Show only available apartments.

Fees that can legitimately be charged include:

  • Credit/Background Check (approx. $50)
  • First Month Rent
  • Last Month Rent
  • Security Deposit (max. of one month's rent)
  • Broker's Fee (max. of one month's rent, but can be negotiated down)
  • Only licensed real estate brokers can charge a Broker's Fee!  If you rent directly from the landlord, you cannot be charged this fee.   

Beware of online scams!

  • If you search for apartments online, do not:
    • Wire money to anyone
    • Sign a lease BEFORE seeing the apartment
  • ALWAYS get a receipt for payments and NEVER pay in cash!
  • Use Northeastern's Apartment and Roommate database to help you avoid scams! 
Activities in the Cityactivities
Need Plans for Valentine's Day? 

Okay folks, we all know that the winter months in Boston can be pretty harsh. This 50-degree weather has been a treat, but isn't guaranteed to last, so we've searched for different things to do that are fun, warm or cold (which ever you prefer) and CHEAP. Some of the great opportunities we found include...  


Skate at the Boston Common Frog Pond for only $4! Get together a group of friends and go enjoy this classic winter outing.

hot chocolate

Sip on some hot chocolate or cappuccino at Cafe Vittoria in the historic North End.  


Did you realize that the Top of the Hub is NOT just a place for upscale dining, but also an opportunity to experience the beautiful city around us? Try the Skywalk Observatory for just $10!  Click here to check out more options to stay active during these chilly winter months!

Apartment Boot CampAptBoot
ChecklistMoving off campus? Think you have prepared mind, body, and soul? Off Campus Student Services wants you to check your facts at Apartment Boot Camp, Feb 16th @ 6:30PM in 102 WVG or Feb 22nd @ 6:30PM- Willis Hall. All are welcome.


This event offers step-by-step tips to help you find an apartment you love that is safe and affordable, using reputable realty companies; also cover all paperwork and legal documents involved. 


We can answer questions like:

  • Where do most NU students live?
  • What should I expect for monthly utility bills?
  • Why do I need a co-signer?
  • What should I look for when I view apartments?
  • What can I expect from my realtor?

 See what other NU students have said about this workshop:


"This event is a must attend for any student looking to move off campus. It walked me through the whole renting process and made everything less stressful when I found my apartment."- Holden, 2014


"Great common sense info. I had no idea about some of the steps needed to rent an apartment." Krista, 2013

Finally, Snow!snow

After a slow start, snow has arrived! Make sure that your Emergency Contact Information is up-to-date on myNEU to receive NU Alerts on snow emergencies and school closings. Snow emergencies will also be announced through the radio, news, and online here


When it snows, be aware of Boston regulations:

  • Do not park within 20 feet of an intersection, in crosswalks, in front of fire hydrants or on any street marked "Emergency Snow Artery."
  • All cars in university lots must be moved to the Columbus or Renaissance Garage during snow emergencies.
  • Search here to see if your neighborhood has a parking ban. There is also a list of alternate parking at the bottom of each neighborhood search.
  • Snowed-in? Your landlord is responsible for removing any and all snow and ice from sidewalks, entryways and all exit areas from your building within 3 hours after snowfall between dawn and dusk. However, landlords are not responsible for clearing driveways. 
SAFEnet Advisory safe

It should be understood that crime can, and does occur at any time of day or night. 


Please review these personal safety tips: 

  • Travel in groups; stay in well lit areas. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings; don't flash large amounts of money; carry your wallet in a front pocket; carry a purse close to the body, keeping a firm grip on it; avoid fights and disturbances; avoid shortcuts through parks, alleys, etc.; trust your feelings. 
  • Use the NU's Public Safety Division's Personal Safety Escort Service when possible and contact police via cell phone, or use one of the many Emergency Phones if you feel that you are in danger.
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Pushy Realtors
Activities in the City
Apartment Boot Camp

Super Bowl  2012SuperBowl
Giants vs. Pats
giants vs. pats

Come watch the game with your friends @ 6:30pm in afterHOURS or West Addition in the Student Center. Open to all and there will be free food!

International Village is also serving "game food" from 11am to 9pm. Or, having your own Super Bowl party? Click here for some creative ideas for appetizers. 
football cakes
Superbowl Safety 101
pats fans
Be Smart. If you are visited by police, NU will receive a report. 

Give your neighbors a heads up and contact info if you're having a party. 


Keep the noise down. Citations for "disturbing the peace" start at $50.


Don't leave the party with a drink in your hand. You can get fined $200 and/or get arrested for drinking in public.


Provide non-alcoholic drinks and food, and know the age of your guests

Looking for a Roommate?
It's never been easier with our new roommate feature! Make a post about yourself, add pictures of your apartment or search for new roommates by traits such as smoking and neatness. Click here to get started!
Remember the No More Than Four rule: Boston Zoning regulations state that no more than four undergrads may share one apartment.
Off Campus Corner
CAs Spring 2012
Ask Off Campus! Look for your Community Ambassadors at tables in the Curry Student Center throughout the semester! They want to answer your questions about living off-campus, realtors, tenant rights and more! Stop by for some snacks and to chat!
Dear Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky, roaming


      My roommates and I are looking for a new apartment for the fall. We just started looking, but our realtor is already pressuring us to make a decision.  Are we running out of time? Can we afford to wait to find a place we love before signing?  Please advise.
- Under Pressure 
 Dear Under Pressure, 
      Don't ever be pushed into signing a lease.  You have plenty of time. We purposefully hold our Annual Apartment Fair in February because it is a great time to start your search. The rental market will continue to expand into the spring.  If you want to set a goal for signing a lease- shoot for March-May.  And never rush into signing a lease. Make sure you fully read and understand the agreement, first! You don't want to run into any surprises later!  Good luck!


           -Your Roaming Husky


Have a question? Write to Roaming Husky at!

MBTA Updatembta 
MBTA Green LineWorried about the MBTA cuts? Click here to see how other students have actively stood up against these service cuts and how you can too! 
Check out the "Northeastern Students Speak Out" video on the Students Against T Cuts website, here!
Breakfast Club returns!
Mission Hill Breakfast Club- Feb.
Volunteer for a 1 hour Mission Hill cleanup, and we'll treat you to breakfast!
Sunday @ noon 
February 26
Heard of Barstool Blackout Tour?
Offended by the negative messages Barstool relays? The Social Justice Resource Center will be hosting a facilitated dialogue around rape culture on Thursday, February 2nd at 6:30pm in the SJRC located at 106 St. Stephen Street (lower level). At this event, ViSION - the Violence Support, Intervention and Outreach Network at NU will engage students in a dialogue with faculty and staff focusing on providing prevention, response and education for sexual assault and all types of violence, for NU students. All students are welcome to attend. 
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