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Vol. 5, Issue 4December 2011
December Husky Tracks
To Renew or Move on?


Soon your landlord

will be asking if you want to renew your lease for next September. Talk to your roommates and come to a consensus. Consider factors such as study abroad/co-op or graduation plans, not to mention personal preference!


If you decide to renew, notify your landlord in writing and sign a new lease. You don't want someone else to be promised the apartment before you can re-sign. Do not assume you have a right to the apartment next year just because you live there now.


If you decide to move on, notify your landlord in writing, and provide your availability so they can give tours of the apartment. Ask for the realtor's contact information so you can talk to them if you have any problems or concerns, such as asking tours to remove their shoes before coming in, only giving tours when you or a roommate is present, and turning off the lights. Attend the annual Apartment Fair on February 8 to meet realtors and get started on your apartment search.


Don't forget to utilize our Off Campus Housing DatabaseIf you have any questions about renewing your lease or searching for a new apartment, we're here to help! Contact us with any questions you have.list_checking

Check your List Twice

As you prepare for winter break, check this list to make sure your apartment is safe and secure, and that you don't get a message from your landlord wondering where the rent check is.
Rent is still due on time.  It doesn't matter if you and your roommates won't be around, the rent is still due and it must be paid. If no one will be present, contact your landlord to see if you can pay the rent early (and make sure you get a receipt!) or plan to mail the check.
Break-ins are more likely when no one is home. Click here for some great tips on how to secure your apartment and deter burglars.
Contact the postal service to have your mail, newspapers and magazines held to prevent an overflowing mailbox, and the appearance that no one is home.
Did you decorate? Great! Just make sure to unplug all those holiday lights before you leave, especially those on Christmas trees or other holiday decorations to prevent fires.
Unplugging appliances and power cords from wall outlets reduces the use of electricity and the chance of an electrical fire.
Frozen pipes can be an issue if the temperature drops and faucets are not in use. Keep heat on a low setting and close all windows before you leave.study_tips_places
Study Tips and Places

As an off-campus student, your apartment may be more of a distraction than a place conducive for studying. With finals around the corner, roommates and thin walls can become troublesome. Here are some effective study tips, and some good spots for studying:

  • Snell Library can get pretty busy this time of year, but if you book a study room with classmates, you'll have a quiet spot and the luxury of people to help you with your work. Book rooms here.
  • Food is important while studying for long periods of time. Try not to eat junk, but try fruit, veggies with dip, or crackers instead. They all are great for your energy.
  • Cramming is never good, and after spending too much time on one topic, concentrating gets difficult. Break your studying up over multiple days, and study multiple subjects each day.
  • Changes in scenery help studying too. Take a 15 minute break every two hours, and change your location. There are a variety of good spots to study on campus, like the Student Center, Ryder, and INV or Off-campus cafes like Expresso Royale and Starbucks.
  • The Late Night Shuttle Service will leave every half hour between 10:30pm-3:30am from the Library Quad starting Dec 5. It will take you to your apartment within 1.5 miles from campus.Holiday
Holiday Happenings


Boston Common Skate Show

Dec. 1 at 5:30pm @ The Frog Pond. The Skating Club of Boston will present a spectacular show at the Frog Pond featuring a dynamic and exciting assortment of local skaters just before the tree lighting.


Boston Common Tree Lighting

Dec. 1, 6-8pm.There will be fun and good cheer in the air tonight when Boston's Christmas tree is lit. Enjoy the 70th annual lighting of Boston's official Christmas Tree provided as a gift from Nova Scotia. 


Frog Pond Ice Skating Rink

Dec. 1-March 13 @ The Boston Common. 
Skate for just $2 on Tuesdays from 7-9pm! If you get cold from skating, take a break and pick up a hot chocolate or cider at the Frog Pond Cafe! Rental skates are available, or bring your own. For more info, click here!


Gingerbread House Contest

Dec. 8, 4-6pm @ Stetson East Eatery. You don't need a meal plan to participate in the 11th annual gingerbread house contest! All supplies are provided, so get your creative juices flowing! 50 Contestants will be randomly chosen. Houses will be displayed Friday December 9th in the Xhibition Kitchen and the NU Community will vote for their favorites. Cash prizes of $100, $75 and $50 will be awarded. For more information and to register, click here!

Husky Hugs-Teddy Bear Drive
Now-Dec. 9 around campus. Spread holiday cheer with Husky Hugs, a teddy bear drive sponsored by the Student Alumni Association! They are accepting any new stuffed animal/monetary donations to deliver an extra 'hug' to children across Boston. Look for drop sites throughout campus: Curry Student Center, Columbus Place, at Matthews during hockey games, and more! Click here for more information! 

SoWa Holiday Market

Dec. 10: 11am-7pm @ Cathedral High Gym, 74 Union Park St, Boston. Now in its 8th season,

this year's SoWa Holiday Market will feature over

80 juried artists and designers from around New England. Great for unique and special gifts. $5 entry fee. For more info visit


For more holiday happenings, check out the Boston Winter Guide!

NU Volunteers-
Thanks for the Help!
Thank you to everyone who helped us this semester with Mission Hill Breakfast Club and NU Service Day! Over 220 volunteers gave over 460 hours to benefit our surrounding neighborhoods! We hope to see you all again in the Spring!
In this Issue
New Roommate Search Feature!
Need some? It's never been easier with our brand new roommate feature! You can now post pictures of your apartment and search for potential roommates by social qualities such as smoking and neatness preferences! Click here and go to 'Roommates' to check it out!
Discounted T Pass December Deadline

Get a T pass for the Spring Semester for 11% off! go to MYNEU and click on 'NUPAY' to get your subway, commuter rail or bus pass! The deadline is Dec. 5 at 3pm, so don't miss out! Questions? Email or go to 354 Richards Hall.campus
Campus Events
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Dec. 7 at 6pm @ 108 West Village H. Talk to representatives from Off Campus Student Services and Housing about your living options on campus or around Boston! More
Dec. 7, 6-8pm @ Raytheon Amphitheater, Egan Center. Meet students going to the same city, learn about your co-op city, enjoy givaways and a chance to win an airline giftcard! More
Tickets for Aquarium IMAX
Dec. 8, at 4 or 5pm @ The New England Aquarium. Take a break from studying and see a show for just $2! Click here to reserve your ticket!
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Did You Know?
You can get a 24-hour parking pass to Renaissance Garage for $10, or 10 passes for $80. Stop by 354 Richards Hall (Student Financial Services).
Northeastern's brand-new food truck has three different menus, depending on the time of day. The late night menu is scheduled to launch TODAY, Dec. 1, so click here to see what's cooking!roaming_husky
Dear Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky
Dear Roaming Husky,


I'm looking to sublet my apartment in the Spring, so I talked to my landlord. They said that I was allowed to sublet, but would be charged a 'subletting fee' of $250. Can they do that?


Leaving Town


Dear Leaving,


It is up to landlords to allow or deny a tenant from subletting, and it should be stated in your lease whether or not subletting is permitted. Furthermore, landlords may charge a subletting fee, as long as this fee is written into the lease.Check your lease to see if it states that you are allowed to sublet, and if there is a fee associated with doing so. In addition, if you plan to sublease your apartment in the future, make sure it is written into the lease before you sign it! For more information on subletting, check Boston's Good Neighbor Handbook.
Your Roaming Husky
SAFEnet Advisory - Holiday Safety


Here are some helpful hints to ensure a safe and secure holiday season: 

In your apartment: Use riser restrictors on windows, secure your apartment when you leave, even for a few minutes.Don't leave valuables in plain view. 

When on vacation: Set timers for interior lights, and arrange for snow to be shoveled. If no one is clearly home, your apartment is more likely to be broken into. 

While out: carry your wallet or purse close/in a front pocket. Don't hang your purse over the back of a chair. When using ATMs or conducting other credit/debit transactions, guard against people accessing your information. Park in well lit areas, secure/hide items in vehicles.

Be proactive: create an inventory of personal property.  Take photos and record serial numbers. Consider engraving your driver's license number and state abbreviation on items, Contact NUPD for more info. "Your Safety Is Our Reward"