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Tis the season for making merry. Whether you are celebrating a traditional family Christmas at home or entertaining some friends for a festive cocktail party, use decorations to transform your home into a winter wonderland this holiday season.
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christmas tree with coloursHoliday Decorating
Be Bold with Colour

Every decoration doesn't have to feature Santa and Rudolph. Try bold colours such as pink, purple and don't forget the blue. With turquoise being the colour of the year, utilize it in all your Christmas decorating


Layer Colours

Don't worry if your tableware doesn't match. For a modern twist on the traditional holiday table, layer tableware in different hues and designs to create a unique setting.




Make a Statement with Red

Red will always be associated with Christmas. You can use flowers, fabric and ribbons in every room.

red everywhere


Create the Christmas Aroma

Involve scents with decorating, too. To enhance the feel of any room try lighting a scented candle or updating the oil in your reed diffuser, even if there is nothing in the oven it will surely smell as if there is.

Mix Metallics

For added holiday sparkle, use decorative accents in both silver and gold.

Party Hosting Do's and Don't's 101


We've searched high and low and researched the top ten party hosting do's and don'ts.Below you will find experts sharing their easy tips for setting a stunning dinner table, creating an inviting space for guests, making the perfect playlist, and more. These dinner party ideas will make holiday entertaining a joy.


Host an Intimate Dinner
"The perfect number for a dinner party is six to eight. You want festive conversation, but not so many people that the conversations are always split up."


Use Your China

"Don't use plastic."

-Jennifer Rubell, artist/writer

place setting
Photo Credit: Simon Brown/moodboard/Corbis
Create a Playlist
"Create a music playlist that's ready to begin as soon as the doorbell rings and doesn't end until the last guest departs."
-Colin Cowie, event planner

Serve Appetizers Family-Style
"Serve the first course family-style by placing platters on the table for everyone to share. It gives you time to work on your next course."
-Lidia Bastianich, TV host, chef/cookbook author
Photo Credit: Christian Kargl/Westend61/Corbis

Play with the Centerpiece

"Flowers are overused as centerpieces. Use seasonal fruit, a tureen, or an interesting sculptural centerpiece instead."

-Christopher Spitzmiller, ceramic designer

Photo Credit: Jo-Ann Richards/First Light/Corbis


Set Up a DIY Cocktail Bar

"Let guests make their own cocktails. I have a few favorite recipes on cards, and all the ingredients on hand. People mix and shake and think it's super-fun."

-Paul Lowe, food/prop stylist, Sweet Paul


DIY bar  


Set Table Properly

Don't face the knife blade out. Rules are made to be broken, but that's not one of them.
Eddie Ross,
table setting

Create Ambienceuse candles
"I cannot tell you how many parties with great food have been ruined by operating-room lighting. Atmosphere is half the battle. A low-lit atmosphere with candles can even give pizza old-movie glamour."
-Mary McDonald, designer

Photo Credit: Tammy Hanratty/Corbis

Introduce Other Guests
"Always, always make introductions. If you're going to make a guest feel alienated, why invite them?"
-Jessica Nell Graves,

Don't Delay Dinner for Tardy Guests

"Don't wait for late guests. People resent being hungry."

-Isaac Mizrahi, fashion designer

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