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How to Throw a Wine & Cheese Party
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circo cheese board
This swivel-style circular chopping board is made of naturally durable hardwood. The unique design holds four cheese tools inside and features a recessed moat along the board's edge to catch cheese brine or other liquids. Perfect for any cheese connoisseur. 

1 Hard cheese knife
1 Cheese shaver
1 Fork-tipped cheese knife
1 Cheese spreader
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And if you're not the host don't forget to bring a small token as a gesture to the host or hostess. These humorous wine bags are ideal for a bottle of your host's favourite drink.

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lime - "special delivery for my vino friend"
chocolate -"a true friend knows when to pour wine, stop pouring wine and when to just hand over the bottle"

-"wine is the reason I get out of bed every afternoon"

Simply Beautiful
Ideas for Holiday Entertaining


Happy Holidays from your friends at Spaces. As another year comes to an end, let us take time to gather some friends and family and make memories to treasure for years to come. Host a party with style this holiday season with quick, easy and affordable at home entertaining ideas from Spaces.

Let us help you deck the table for Christmas dinner or host the perfect wine and cheese soiree. We have it all!
Simply Beautiful Centrepieces

 burnt orange bowl

Bring a warm and festive mood to your holiday table with a beautiful centrepiece. And fresh fruits, flowers, candles and even ornaments to creative the perfect backdrop for all your holiday entertaining.

 satum bowl
Saturn Bowl
Red, Copper & Gold
typhoon bowl
Typhoon Bowl
Turquoise, Silver and Brown
12"dx 3"
How to Throw a Wine and Cheese Party

wine and cheese 

Throwing a wine and cheese party is a casual way to entertain and it's one of the easiest, and least expensive parties to throw. For this party, the presentation is as important as the cheese and wine combinations, so pick a simple theme like "bounty from the garden." Choose lots of fresh fruits like grapes,apples and  your favourite crackers. Add fresh flowers  to the presentation for an abundant display that's both beautiful and, largely, edible.

Setting Up

regalo 3 tier cheese boardIf you're entertaining in a small space, serve all your cheeses on a single table set with a variety of cheese boards and risers to create a sense of abundance. If you're entertaining in a bigger space, set up various stations in your home to encourage guests to mingle. Each station should highlight two or three different cheeses and wines that go well together. When selecting cheeses take into consideration the many shapes and colours that are available for a bold presentation. Be sure to offer milder cheeses in addition to stronger ones so guests have a variety to choose from.

Wishing you a very merry and bright holiday season.
For more tips and ideas on hosting your perfect holiday party call or visit us for further information.

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