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You update your look with bright, bold clothes to fit your summer style so why not do the same for your home? Transform that bland room into a HGTV inspired stylish showpiece by making small changes.
Make the most of any space, small or large. 

slick cubesDesign Tip- Contemporary Living

Make the most of any space, small or large.  

Slick Cubes  provide additional seating areas for large or informal gatherings. Both functional and stylish, the cubes double as extra seating and storage.
Break out of beige land to create a fun, hip, fresh resting place at the end of your day.
Green is the color of energy and growth, look beyond the Honey White and dive into Granny Smith Green or's one of my favorite colours for a bedroom.
So indulge yourself in vases, bowls, and pieces that bring you joy.
Use colourful accents and accessories to create movement and depth within a room. Play with scale and color in ways you'd be timid to try with larger more expensive furniture. Accessories are so forgiving and affordable it would be criminal not to experiment. So indulge yourself in vases, bowls, and pieces that bring you joy.
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colour palette3 Inexpensive Ways to Get a New Summer Look
Pick a New Palette
If you've always had darkly painted walls in your home, it may be time to pick a new colour palette for summer. Think beach cottage and cool tones to help you pick just the right shade of paint. You don't have to paint an entire room to get the desired effect either. Instead, try painting one main wall, in a colour like cool sky blue, to let the sunshine in. This will save you a lot of time and money, too.


Get the Best View in the House
Want a room with a view? Try rearranging furniture around windows or patio doors to take advantage of the view outside. Move your favourite reading chair, or even your kitchen table, away from the wall and next to an open window to put the room in a whole new light. With a little imagination and a strong set of arms, you can easily transform your home for summer.
gallery photosPut it on Display
Summer is the perfect time to refresh the look of a dull space by updating the artwork on your walls. Brighten a dim hallway or add some colour to that darkly painted wall by updating your artwork. For example, you could replace a snowy mountain print with bright, vibrant sunflowers. It's easy to create the perfect summer backdrop with a few strategically placed pieces of artwork displayed in the right frame


Let's make the house a resting place we can truly call home.
Janelle Pantry
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Design Tip- Contemporary Living
3 Inexpensive Ways to Get A New Summer Look
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