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September 2008
Issue: # September/2008

Feel squeezed by your space? A lot of us do. But there are ways to feel as if you're living larger than you actually are with a few tips that won't make the walls seem as if they're closing in on you.
Small Space Living
Find Versatile Furniture
Can't find a spot for extra pillows and throws?
-- Go low with scootable ottomans that seat and store. They can pull extra duty as a side table, too, with a tray on top.



Gallery Wall
The flat-screen TV was placed off-center of the console, tucked between floating shelves that display a gallery-style arrangement of black-and-white photos and treasured art.
 floating sofa
Open-Air Furnishings
It's tough to maintain openness in a crowded apartment room, but choosing armless furniture helps create an airy, unfettered look, giving the illusion of more space. Armed with an appropriate sofa, try these room arranging tips to make the most of your space and not limit traffic patterns:
-- Center a rug in the middle of the room. The rug will act as an island, anchoring your furniture.
-- Let the sofa "float" in the middle of the room (front legs on the rug, back legs off) so the room can be accessed from all sides.  

Back Up Your Furniture
"Floating" furniture makes for a great floor plan, but it leaves a wide expanse of boring sofa-back in the open. Use that dead space to your advantage:
-- Slip a slim glass-top console behind the sofa for a small home office area.
Making the Most of a Small Space 
"One of the great things about small rooms is that they help us think creatively about the way we live," said Jackie Hirschhaut, vice president of the High Point, N.C.-based trade association. "Furniture is a true complement to a small abode-it helps you maximize your space by providing function, comfort and style."
AFMA suggests the following tips for ways to increase square footage without building on an addition: 
Go Vertical: Consider tall furniture rather than wide to preserve precious floor space.
PROVO corner mounted accent shelf in dark walnut veneer holds up to 20 lbs per shelf, ready to assemble  

Use Your Walls:
Add a shelf or rack to display a favourite collection of accessories or photographs.
dramatic, contemporary styling easy to hang holds up to 40 lbs per shelf.
Stash It in Style: Today's occasional tables offer plenty of storage with drawers, shelves and cubbies plus glass-topped display space for collectibles.
 Accent It: A mirror is always a nice accent to any room, but especially a small one. Mirrors add light and depth when space is limited and the right accessories will highlight one's personal style and enhance the intimacy of a small space.
multi-level collage mirror adds a retro feel to any room hang vertically or horizontally hang in groups for multiple display options.
Featured Item
 carmen floating shelf
Level- Line Floating Shelves
Instantly transform your walls into beautiful displays of your favorite memories.
The only tool required for initial installation is a hammer! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with No More Crooked Pictures! 
Available in Classic Walnut and Contemporary Black
Sizes: 12", 18", 24", 30", 36"
30" Floating Shelf Black
Was: $ 4050.00
Now: $ 3,442.50

All items from "Making the Most of your Small Space"  are available at SPACES. We are currently taking orders for our next shipment of savvy functional furniture.. so don't delay! Maximize your space today.
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Janelle Pantry
Spaces Ltd