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Issue: # 2 April/2008

It's spring and change is in the air! Let's shed the misconception that seasonal changes don't apply to us here in the tropics. We, like our neighbours to the north have a passion for decorating, so let's release our inner creative geniuses and renew our space- inside and out. 

Spring Décor Trends 2008
What's HOT!!!


Black & White: As the landscape reinvents itself in Technicolor, it may seem counterintuitive to decorate in black and white. Yet this persistently popular pairing makes the perfect backdrop to a full spectrum of brighter hues. Cool, elegant and cosmopolitan, structural use of black and white in bath or kitchen tiles or with the gleaming enamel of modern furniture set the stage for spring's riot of colour.

Brilliant Colours: Once upon a time, this was the season we fed our passion for pastels. This year, however, designers have turned up the volume with furnishings that pack a decidedly tropical punch. Look for vivid shades of cobalt blue, ruby red and deep forest green along with splashes of juicy citrus colours. Think pillows, vases, prints and other potent decorative touches that will make any room pop with cheerful exuberance. Use these hues judiciously. Over do it and things start to look a bit like an elementary school classroom.



Back to Nature: Reflecting our awakening appreciation of our place in the ecosystem, the use of natural colours, textures and materials continues to be an increasingly popular trend in interior home design. Paint your walls in soothing colours like pale blues and minty greens. (These shades work especially well in the bedroom and bath.) Incorporate sustainable materials like bamboo, willow, rattan and plantation hardwoods wherever possible and opt for stone or slate in your kitchen and bath. 
Take a Chance with Accessories
bluescalevase Update Accessories 

Just as you'd add a scarf or necklace to enhance an outfit, do the same with your home, dress your home like you would yourself. Look for great accent pillows in bright colors. Pick out spring-hued vases or candles to boost a cocktail or dining room table.




A symmetrical grouping of flower prints turns a blank wall space into a conversation piece. Bring the outdoors in, literally, with these sun catchers. Sandwiched leaves (bromeliad, banana and philodendron) between two framed panels of glass is a great way to embrace nature.framedflora


Spring is not only a colorful season, but a fragrant one, too. Bring the aroma indoors. Scents have a profound effect on mood. Infusing scent into your décor with diffusers, candles, fresh cut plants/flowers, or incense can change the overall feeling of a space.


ledgePicture shelves are a great way to organize framed and matted photographs. Though black-and-white photos are a terrific look in a contemporary room, art shelves can also host prints, framed postcards, and a variety of other objects. Lean and overlap frames to avoid blanks; fill in with edited accessories in fluid shapes.

Happy decorating and remember it's the simple changes that make all the diffrence- a new accent wall colour here, new throw pillows there and a new accent piece to tie it all together.
Yours truly,

Janelle Pantry
Spaces Ltd
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