To:  Residents and Park users of Lake Merritt

The City of Oakland is considering whether to keep or remove the "No Parking on Weekend afternoons" restriction that currently exists on Lakeshore Avenue next to Lake Merritt. 

The Councilmembers for Districts 2 and 3, Pat Kernighan and Nancy Nadel, want to hear feedback from residents near the Lake as well as people who come to visit the Lake before this decision is made. 

Please reply to this email with your preference: 

        Keep  or  Remove  the No Parking on weekends Zone on Lakeshore.

Here's the background:  The Weekend and holiday prohibition on parking on Lakeshore Ave next to the Lake (between El Embarcadero and E. 18th Street) was installed many years ago to discourage cruising and partying that was causing a nuisance. Those problems have not existed for more than a decade.  Presently, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, many people come to visit the Lake, park on Lakeshore and get ticketed for parking there.  Most people do not know that parking is prohibited on weekend afternoons as the restriction is poorly signed.  The Council offices of District 2 and 3 have heard from citizens who think the No Parking zone is no longer needed and should be removed. What do you think?  (BTW, If the City decides to keep the No Parking zone, it will improve the signage.) 

If you have an opinion on the topic, please let us know this week.  Please vote either to Keep the No Parking zone, or Remove the No Parking Zone. 

For further information you can call or email the Council offices of District 2 or 3 as follows:


District 2, Councilmember Pat Kernighan            District 3, Councilmember Nancy Nadel

238-7002                                                          238-7003                         


Thank you for making your voice heard!