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Please take a moment to review some recent, successful programs that your ensemble, group, or association may wish to consider when traveling abroad in 2011 and beyond. 

As you know, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF; www.faf.org) is a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.  Since 1973, FAF has provided high quality travel facilitation, local contact, and development services to academic, arts, volunteer, and other organizations, institutions, and their communities. 

Our nonprofit team works full time to professionally facilitate all aspects of concert tours, edutours, and service-oriented or voluntourism projects around the world.  The foundation also facilitates nonprofit conference planning worldwide.

In 2011, you could benefit from FAF's travel grants and your group could enjoy FAF's renowned, low cost concert tours and cultural exchanges.  Both you and your group will also receive unparalleled service - our great staff of nonprofit 'Travel Experts' has no profit motive whatsoever.  We look forward to hearing from you in the Fall! 

Happy rest of the summer,
The FAF Team
'CUSTOMIZED QUOTE REQUEST' FORM ONLINE: http://www.faf.org/GroupTours/grouptours_qrform.htm

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Please Note:
Most FAF programs can be easily redesigned for academic or service/volunteer groups upon request.

Patrick Sciarratta, Executive Director
Yin-Chu Jou, Artistic Director
Victor Izquierdo, Latin America/FAF Admin              Yanyu Li, China/FAF Admin     

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5 Travel Grants Available to Group Leaders Due to increased support in 2011, FAF is able to offer 5 short-term, international travel grants to group leaders in the following categories:
          Social Service / Humanitarian Aid
Eligible candidates must be traveling with ensembles or groups during 2011 or 2012.  See above for details or contact FAF for more information: 1-800-526-2908; yinchu@faf.org.  Ask for Artistic Director Ms. Yin-Chu Jou or Max O'Hearn.
Offer Expires: September 15, 2010