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August 2010
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Area XII Bell
Loan  Program
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Teachers, would you like the use of a 3 octave set of handbells or chimes to add a new dimension and interest to your music class?  Area XII encourages schools and other educational institutions (both public and private) to develop educational programs using handbells and handchimes. To support the development of such programs Area XII has  2 sets of 3 octaves  of handbells and 3 sets of 3 octaves of  handchimes for loan. Deadlines for applications is 5/31 for the Fall Semester and 10/30 for Spring Semester.To learn more about the responsibilities and procedures for participating in this program Click Here
Area XII Board
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Chair............ P.L. Grove
Past Chair.....William Kyle
Chair Elect..... Rima Greer
Treasurer.........Don Rossi
Secretary..... Linda Krantz

Appointed Officers:

Communication...P.L. Grove
Webmaster........Mel Tully
Events .........William Kyle
Education.....Tess Houston
Historian....Diane Levorsen

Regional Coordinators:

NorCal....... Nancy Schmitt
Bay Area.......Beckie Wiley
CenCal.......Shirley Werner
LAMetro........Debbie Shaw
SoCal.........Michele Sharik
Nevada.......Barbara Walsh
Hawaii....... Karen Carlisle

Local Liaisons:

Las Vegas.......Dixie Bailey

Upcoming Concerts at a Glance:

Please check Calendar of Events for full details.

Bay Area
August 14, 2010
6:00 p.m.
Alchemy Handbell Ensemble First Baptist Church
Salinas, CA

October 29, 2010
Time TBA
Bell Appeal Halloween Concert
San Francisco, CA

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In this issue of the Twelfth Tone enewsletter, we say goodbye to the outgoing Communications Director and Area XII Chair, and we welcome new volunteers to their Board positions.
Read on to find out the latest news at the local, area and national level of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers.
(Photos contributed by Wil Mandac, Debbie Shaw and J.R. Smith.) 
A Message from the Chair 
PL Headshot Resized
In June, this article focused on change, and since it's still happening all around us, I decided it is a theme that needs to be continued.
Most people probably won't know the name of the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, but many will remember his famous quote, "The only thing that is constant is change." It's never been truer than right now in Area XII, and there are even more changes taking place now and in the coming months.
Next month we begin with a change in our Area XII Executive Committee. These are the elected positions on your board, and the votes are in. We also experienced a change in the election process this year, which appears to have had a positive outcome in the form of twice as many returned ballots. For details on the election results, see the Elections article below, and stay tuned as your new Board gets to work planning events and keeping you informed over the next two years.

Another recent change occurred at our biennial conference. We implemented a new "track" format that allowed participants to benefit from the expertise of not one, but four separate clinicians throughout the weekend. Those of you who were able to experience the track format had very positive things to say on your evaluation forms. And other area leaders around the country are all abuzz and asking Area XII when we're going to do it again. Good question!

If you stay in touch with handbell friends via the Internet in any way, you have probably already heard about some changes at the National level that were introduced at Pinnacle a few weeks ago. These proposals are significant and will help to move handbells forward into the future, and hopefully forward in the minds of other musicians. Make sure you read the article below on National's proposal for new initiatives for more details.

The last change I want to mention is that this will be my last month as your chair. I have had an innovative, motivating and challenging time serving you for the past two years. And I have had a great time getting to know more of you. While I will become your past chair next month (and will have limited duties as such), you will still be hearing from me, since I am being appointed as your new Communications Director. Carol Smith has retired from the position, and I have been appointed to try to fill some very big shoes. If you have items of interest for this e-newsletter, please let me know. I can now be reached in this new position via e-mail at And you can also reach me with business pertaining to the Past Chair at

Change can be a good thing. May we continue to honor the rich history of our past, and embrace the changes that will lead us into the future.

P.L. Grove
Area XII Chair (and Communications Director)

2010 LogoDavis Conference Recap

 We came, we rang, we conquered the looooong UC Davis campus (well, some of us did). At any rate, we once again held our biennial conference on the beautiful campus of UC Davis, and by all accounts, it was a success!

The new "track" system seemed to have many confused until they were in the middle of it. Most of the participants loved the chance to focus on a single broad subject under the oversight of a major clinician. And the chance to work with not one, but three separate conductors during the massed ringing was also very well received.

There are always drawbacks to every facility, and this year the extra amount of walking was definitely difficult for many. However, we took positive note of the cooperative weather (it could have been SO much hotter!) and the fact that most of us really needed the extra exercise.

Odyssey Ensemble and Instrumentalists
Odyssey Ensemble
There were so many highlights during the weekend: the Odyssey Ensemble (as a single choir!), Dr. William Payn's intensity and focus, the unpublished music reading session, Michael Glasgow's energy and enthusiasm, Gold Coast Music's willingness to come all the way from Area 10 to be the main handbell vendor on site, Debbie Rice's passion and grace, Opus Handbell Ensemble's wonderful showcase performance, Michele Sharik's incredible drive and spirit, experiencing the emotion of the Marching Handbell choir's final performance, having the amazing Christine Anderson lead the Sunday morning worship service, and the incredible music made at the final massed concert, just to name a few.
Opus HB Ensemble

Kathie, Mackie, Bill Aprile and Marvin Bort of Opus

If you weren't there, go ahead and kick yourself! BUT THEN, mark your calendar and start saving your pennies NOW for the conference in two years. We will be at the beautiful Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California, June 28-July 1, 2012, and you won't want to miss it!
2010 LogoA Message of Thanks from the Jim Scott Scholarship Winner
Dear Members of Area XII,
My appreciation and thanks go out to all of you for the scholarship to attend the Conference last month! Your generosity allowed me to take part in a wonderful musical event. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many enthusiastic ringers.
I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from the handbell community. It was a very positive learning experience, which has given me lots to think about, explore and implement.
Making contacts with directors, ringers, vendors and even ringers who are my neighbors from the Concord/Clayton area has encouraged me to continue to develop my handbell choir. And now I know where to go when I have questions...Area XII!
Diana Farias
I look forward to seeing all of you again at another event.
Diana Farias
2010 LogoSilent Auction a Success
The Silent Auction held at the Davis conference was a success, and kudos goes to Norma Rose for once again pulling it all together.
Items seemed sparse at the beginning of the weekend, but but Day Two, the tables were full and bidders were shopping. A donation "war" broke among several of the clinicians, which helped to up the final donation total.
Norma Rose at the Silent Auction
Thanks to all who donated items, placed bids and submitted final donations to the cause. Over $1,400 was collected, and the money will go towards completing the sets of bells donated to the Area XII Bell Loan Program by the Marching Handbell Choir.
And thanks again to Norma Rose for her dedication to this cause and her wonderful positive spirit at each conference!
2010 LogoMarching Handbell Choir Takes Its Final Walk and Donates Bells to Area XII
Every ringer in the room felt shivers run down their spine as the Marching Handbell Choir opened the massed concert at the Area XII conference, marching and ringing Cynthia Dobrinski's "Festive Entrada" for the last time.
Marching Handbell Choir's Final March
Marching HB Choir
While it was, indeed, their final performance, they held their heads high as they entered the room. On behalf of the group, Caroline Harnly made a presentation of their bells to Area XII Chair, P.L. Grove. Then they blew the whistle, and marched off as the crowd gave them a standing ovation. There was not a dry eye in the room as they retreated to their second tune, "You're a Grand Old Flag."
Area XII's Bell Loan Program is indebted to the Marching Handbell Choir for their donation of almost two sets of handbells. The marching may be over, but the bells will continue to ring.
2010 LogoLost at Davis
As is typical at a large event, there were items left behind. While we have found the owners for most of these items, there are still a few lost articles waiting to be found.
If you attended the Davis conference and have misplaced three music stands, a director's baton or one Malmark grey mallet, please contact the Communications Director (
2010 LogoA Note From the Historian
You may have noticed the incredible display of items at the Area XII historical booth while you were at the Davis conference. This is an ongoing labor of love, and our Historian needs your help.
Our history is incomplete without pictures, so if you or someone you know has any photos from the 1992 conference in Hawaii or the 1994 conference in Visalia, please contact Diane Levorsen at
Area XII Election Results: And the Winners Are....
African Handbell Print
Typically the winners of the Area XII election are announced during the biennial conference, but this year we instituted a few new changes
If you attended the Davis conference, you may have noticed a ballot box at the registration table. This box allowed members to bring their ballot to the conference and vote on-site. Looking ahead, this new process will allow for members to actually meet and greet the candidates before casting their vote. (Have you ever checked a box on the ballot and had no idea who the person was? This could alleviate that anxiety over voting for someone you've never met.) While we did not hold a meet and greet this first year, the result was still positive in that we received twice as many ballots as we did during the last election.
The ballots were counted and verified by Jim and Georgia Lambert, former CPA and accounting secretary, respectively, and Area XII thanks them for their service. Thanks also to the Nominating Committee for their work in finding such great candidates for the ballot.
And...drumroll, please...your newly elected Board is:
  • Chair-Elect:  Laurie Sanders
  • Secretary:  Sue Coddington-Allen 
  • Treasurer:  Kathy Arnold
    Congratulations to you all - now get to work!
SoCal - Michele Sharik, Regional Coordinator
Michele Sharik

Hi, everybody! I hope you have all been enjoying your summer "break." I put "break" in quotes because while our handbell groups may not have been rehearsing, there were certainly plenty of handbell events to attend!


Of course we had our own Area XII Festival Conference at UC Davis in June. I not only got to teach, but I had the pleasure to meet many Southern California ringers and directors there, too. Thanks for coming up and introducing yourselves!


July saw handbell ringers from across the nation and across the sea converge on Nashville for the AGEHR Pinnacle 2010 National Conference. Area XII was well represented as our own Sonos Handbell Ensemble performed at the historic Ryman Auditorium as the Sunday opening night concert, and Velocity Handbell Ensemble completely awed their audience at a showcase concert on Tuesday.  Congratulations to both groups!


Please send me your handbell events for this fall & beyond. Some people have said to me, "I didn't think our concert was important enough to tell you." Of course your concerts and other events are important! Handbell fans are, well, fanatical about attending events and how can they go if they don't know about them? Send me everything! :-)


Speaking of events, don't forget to check the Area XII Southern California website to keep up with our event calendar and of course our new featured articles. This month's featured article is "The Wesley Bell Ringers in Concert" by DL Shearer ( DL attended the Wesley Bell Ringers' June concert in Temecula and wrote a short review, complete with pictures.


You can also keep up with SoCal goings-on at our Facebook page (


Mark your calendars now for the 2011 Southern California Spring Ring! We'll have the "Bronze Vision" event on Friday, April 8, and the Spring Ring event on Saturday, April 9. Christine Anderson is our amazing massed conductor, and we'll have classes taught by Roy Attridge, Joe Rodriguez, and me. It's sure to be a fabulous event!


That's it for this month. If you know of any handbell events or exciting handbell news, please drop me a line at and let me know!


My best,

Michèle :-)

LA Metro - Debbie Shaw, Regional Coordinator
Canterbury 6th grade teamHello Everyone!
I hope everyone has been enjoying your Summer.  Thank you for your feedback regarding the July Special Issue of the LA Metro E-News.  I am glad that you appreciated the news and updates.
      Now it is August and I am sure that many of you are busy preparing for another year of ringing at school and church.  Music selections, folders to fill, and calendars to schedule.  The Davis Conference was great, and I enjoyed visiting with many of you while I worked in Freeborn Hall.  The reports from Pinnacle tell us that a fabulous time was had by all.  I know I really missed being there.  But all the updates being posted on the Handbell-L helped by letting me in on what was happening.  If you don't belong to the Handbell-L you are missing out on a great handbell resource.  There are 450+ handbell enthusiasts from around the world who share news, questions, answers, and just plain fun on the message board.  You can get repertoire suggestions, ask questions about techniques or music, or just chat with other ringers.  It is easy to join.  Just send and email to: Add to your contact list and your can send and receive posts and join the fun.  Many times you will hear on the handbell-l first about new events and news.  I heard almost instantly about the "Pinnacle Announcements" mentioned in the article below.  For those of you already subscribed the word "temp" has been recently removed from the name, so you may need to update your contact list so you post to the new address above.
      The "big" news in the LA Metro region is the Fall Ringers Workshop is returning on October 2nd.  It will be at Glendale First UMC, in Glendale.  Your can get all the details here.  After an absence last year we are thrilled to bring this event back to you.  Much thanks goes to Pearl Marshall for all her hard work on this event.  There are many new and exciting things planned for this one day event, so check it out and sign up to come.
     I have been working on the plans for the upcoming Spring Ring on March 19th and hope to have most of the details ready to announce in September. Mark your calendar now for this event.  New bigger venue, more offerings, and Michele Sharik!  You don't want to miss this!
   The International Handbell Symposium begins Tuesday in Osaka, Japan.  We have 2 members of the LA Metro handbell community attending; Beth Mays and Carol Fowler.  Linda Duffendack Mays formerly of LA is also attending.  Please keep them in your thoughts as they spend this time in Japan.  If you would like to follow Jenny Cauhorn's blog from Osaka, you can follow this link:
     I don't have any concerts to report, so please send me your concerts to be added to our calendar and website.
    Last but not least, drumroll please,  LA Metro is proud to be the home of the 2012 Area XII Ringers Conference which will be held at the Disneyland Hotel on June 28 - July 1, 2012.  This conference will have the Disney touch and we will be among the first conferences in the hotel after the BIG park expansion and hotel upgrade.  If you have never stayed at the hotel, start planning now because the news that is coming will knock your socks off!  I really hope to see ALL of you at our 2012 Conference, it is a local event for us!  Watch for more news in the coming issues of the Twelfth Tone.
Fall Ringers Workshop
 Donovan Gray, Clinician
Glendale First UMC
134 N. Kenwood Street
Glendale, CA 91206
 Classes, First-Time Ringers Track, Massed Ringing & Reading Sessions
Upcoming Concerts: Click Here
CenCal - Shirley Werner, Regional Coordinator
African Handbell Print
Hello All:
Since there wasn't a July 12th Tone, I'll say "Happy August".
I missed the Davis Conference, much to my regret; however, I was in Georgia & Florida, celebrating a high school graduation and visiting with children & grandchildren and then on our yearly fishing trip, arriving home on the 25th of June!
Feedback from those attending Davis from this area has been positive.  The speculation of how this track system would work was of concern, but in the end, it was a very positive experience.  The break away class sessions were good and I was told the food was good, weather cooperated, music & concerts were great ; the clinicians fun to work with - there was lots of laughter- so Good Job to all of the Board who worked so hard to have a successful conference!  Don't forget the 2012 Conference will be at Disneyland!  so start saving now!
I just returned from the Zephyr Handbell Conference at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center on beautiful Lake Tahoe.  What a blast!  Numbers were lower than last year, but it was kinda nice in that we could visit with more ringers and get to know them better; however, we missed those that weren't able to come.  It's really like going to a family reunion, seeing those you know & recognize and getting to know the newbies.
In 4 days we learned seven (That's right!  SEVEN) pieces of music and shared by ringing it for a great, supportive audience.  Of course, it wasn't 100% perfect, but well on its way!  In addition there were classes and a great reading session, conducted by Mel Tully with music supplied by WestCoast Handbell Supply.
The Staff, led by Mary Balkow, does such a fantastic job in all the preparations to make this event such a success.  Additional staff includes, Bill Alexander William Kyle, Barbara Walsh, Tess Houston, Sue Coddington-Allen, Jim Smith (from Texas) & new this year was the great addition of Sosh Meyer.
We ate, we rang, we ate, we rang, we ate, we rang and then came the evening snack treats!  For those who still had energies, there was visiting and table games to complete their evenings.
This conference is held the last Sunday of July through the following Thursday morning.  If you've ever thought about going, make your calendars for next year and watch for more information in January 2011.
The summer months in this area are quiet, what with vacations and other activities.  Some choirs will come together in August, but most will begin in September. 
Those in the Central Cal area, do remember to let me know of any bell happenings you may be planning, so this information can be shared. Also, if you have questions or concerns that you would like me to forward to the Board, please let me know.
Have a great relaxing summer.
Happy Ringing,
Bay Area- Beckie Wiley, Regional Coordinator 
Barb Walsh Headshot
Happy Summer, SF Bay Area!
I'm still on a handbell high!! Area XII's Odyssey 2010 conference at UC Davis was incredible! I loved spending two full days with Dr. Payn and his assistant clinicians in tracks for Performance and Directing. And massed ringing under the direction of Dr. Payn, Michael Glasgow and Deborah Rice was exhilarating!!
Just a few weeks later, I attended Pinnacle in Nashville, Tennessee. I went to 24 concerts, listened to 187 handbell songs, attended four ringing sessions, and attended ten classes. The San Francisco Bay Area is extremely proud of our local ensembles, Sonos and Velocity, for sharing their incredible artistry in both of their performances at Pinnacle!
Now to channel all of this energy and music into the upcoming ringing season during worship at my church!
Don't forget to send me information about your workshops and concerts scheduled for this fall.
Upcoming  Concerts: Click Here
NorCal - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
 Canterbury 6th grade team
Dear Fellow Ringers and Directors,

It was nice seeing old friends at the Davis conference as well as meeting new friends.  That is one of the perks of attending festivals and conferences!! The Mass Attack with Debbie Rice, William Payn, and Michael Glasgow was awesome and the music was very ringable which means we have 6 new pieces of music for the coming season to share with our congregations and people in our communities. The bell tracks were great as well as most of the break out sessions.  The concerts were truly amazing and provided a perfect chance to watch other people ring.  Bronzer Bear was an item up for bid at the Silent Auction and is back in Redding for two years.  Now I am wondering where we are going to go for our next Area XII Conference?  Oh, yes, I almost forgot- We're going to Disneyland !! This happens in 2012 so plan now to attend.

Tintabulations of Reno, Nevada came to Redding right after the Davis Conference and gave a high energy Youth Handbell Camp complete with ringing, rhythm games, and extreme fun with the parachute.  Then came the Adult Workshop and if that wasn't enough and with still more energy to spare they performed a concert of diverse songs.  Thank you Barb Walsh, director of Tintabulations, and to all of the ringers who shared their enthusiasm and love of handbells.  I am so glad that you picked Redding to start your tour. 

If you are looking for a fall festival then plan on attending the Redding Handbell Festival Oct. 23, 2010 at Simpson University Heritage Life Center. For you advanced ringers craving more challenging music there will be "Ringin in the Red Zone" on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010 from 6 - 9 p.m. and again on Saturday morning before the main festival starts.  Larry Sue is the guest conductor for both the advanced choir and the festival choir.  Larry will hold a pre-festival workshop on Sept. 11 at St. James Lutheran Church, Redding, CA starting at 10 a.m. for the massed ringing music and 1-3 p.m. for the Ringin in the Red Zone music.  Class clinicians for the festival will be Larry (bass bells), Barbara Brocker (bell trees), Lois Nichols (reading session), Barb Walsh (stopped sounds), and P.L. Grove (beginning solo ringing).  Bell maintenance will be available on site.  For registration forms please go to the Area XII Northern CA area of the Web site.

Most of you are now taking some time off until Sept.  I wish you a very relaxing summer.  Please remember to send your event information to me.

Nevada- Barbara Walsh, Regional Coordinator
African Handbell Print
Las Vegas 12th Night Handbell Festival
January 15 & 16, 2011
South Point Hotel, Las Vegas
Clinician, Tim Waugh
Contact: Dixie Bailey, registrar
And don't forget:
Northern Nevada Ringers Workshop
October 2nd
Sparks United Methodist Church, Sparks, Nevada
Clinician: Tessique Houston
Las vegas Ringers' Workshop
First Presbyterian Church, Las Vegas, Nevada
Clinician: Larry Sue
See the calendar and the Area XII Web site for more details.
Hawaii - Karen Carlisle Regional Coordinator
Low DIng Zone Logo

2009 Fall Workshop Pictures can be viewed by Clicking Here
Stay tuned for more news on future Hawaii events!
NATIONAL NEWS:  Pinnacle Recap
African Handbell Print   
  The fourth national Pinnacle event - held almost
  two weeks ago in Nashville, Tennessee - was
  definitely a "pinnacle" experience. The first three
  Pinnacle events were focused mostly on performance groups and, as a result, those who attended were largely members or directors of community or professional groups.
This year, the National office had the brilliant idea to combine the Pinnacle event with the annual National Seminar (aka the Director's Seminar). The result was a perfect mixture of directors, church musicians, music educators, professional/community ensembles, and area leaders, as well as those who came just to ring, ring, ring.
In terms of the classes, so many of the topics fed into each other or tagged onto the subject matter. Many participants commented they were surprised at how well the discussion topics related to each other and how many of the teachers had a similar focus. This art form has definitely evolved. Ten years ago an event of this nature might have had three different classes teaching completely opposite theories. Now many of the "experts" have come to the same conclusions over time and seem to be focused on the same techniques and subjects.
While the classes are great, the thing that sets Pinnacle apart from other handbell events is the performances. The four headliner concerts - Sonos Handbell Ensemble, The Agape Ringers, Vivace (who came all the way from Puerto Rico) and the Raleigh Ringers - did not disappoint in their ability to dazzle, and they each brought something completely different to the performance stage.
In addition to the headliner concerts, there were no less than 20 showcase performances, two of which were from Area XII. Several Area XII ringers and directors were in attendance, and former Area XII chair David Ruder had this to say about the event:

"Pinnacle is so named because the top handbell groups and clinicians come together in a joyous feast of music making and discussion. Of these extraordinary gatherings of ensembles, two are from the S.F. Bay Area and include Velocity and Sonos.  Both groups did themselves proud.

As Dian and I heard one concert after another, rarely tiring to the ear with the wonderful programming and skills displayed, we were impressed by the attention to detail and high performance standards by all.  Groups that had been around for from two to twenty years literally 'worked their tails off' to present the best and most interesting of their repertoire at near perfection. Because each of us has different backgrounds and preferences, we might disagree on which group or type of music we preferred, but there was something for all. Those with an open palate feasted on delightful musical treats from each presentation.

Sonos Performs "Smirti"
Sonos at Pinnacle
Many groups have developed a 'brand' or 'identity.' It was fun to see that branding on display in various performances. Sonos has been identified with a superior ability to take some of the classical works and turn them, under the skillful arranging hand of Jim Meredith, into handbell delights.  This was evident with their wonderful interpretations of Bach's Toccata in G, the Villa-Lobos Bachianas No. 5 and the Rondo alla turca of Mozart. Yet on the other side of the ringing spectrum their 'Ringing on the Edge' versions of Smirti and Sonics skillfully took us to new listening experiences with handbells. By exploring these 'edges' of the ringing world, listeners are required to open up their minds to new possibilities...with bells alone or in combination with other instruments.
Velocity Plays "Carmen"
Velocity at Pinnacle
Velocity also proved it can handle a variety of styles and genre. The classical works of Bach (Fugue in C Major) and Bizet (Overture to Carmen) were beautifully played, but so was the Tango by Kenny G. The set-ups were well covered by very entertaining remarks by each of the members of the group. With the delightful humor and excellent scripting providing a sense of the whole, the package of music and verbiage provided a delightful experience."

If you were unable to attend Pinnacle for whatever reason, put a note on your calendar for the next local, area or national event. You won't want to miss any opportunity to meet and greet your fellow musicians, experience new and innovative teachers and topics, and enjoy listening to other groups making great music with our instrument.

National Proposes New Initiatives to Move Handbells Forward
African Handbell Print  Among the more exciting moments at Pinnacle was
  the announcement of some major future
  initiatives for the American Guild of English
  Handbell Ringers (AGEHR).
At lunch on Day Two of Pinnacle 2010, AGEHR president John Pfeiffer announced the beginning of some major changes which will serve to transform the face of the organization and become the catalyst for handbell musicians to build a lifetime of ringing. Some of you may remember John's speech at last year's National Seminar; if not, you can re-read it on Page 34 of the September/October 2009 issue of the Overtones. In that keynote address, John indicated the need for the organization to move in a bold new direction if it is to survive, and to find ways to create a "lifetime of ringing."
Since then, the National board has been working on a plan to achieve those goals. The Guild plans to invest a good deal of time and money into the future of the organization by concentrating on three areas:
  • The first area of focus is a complete overhaul of technology, intended to bring handbell musicians and directors together like never before, truly recognizing ourselves as the voice of the art.
  • Second is a restructuring of the organization's membership and the introduction of faith-based, educational, and community emphases from which members can choose (in more than one category) in order to get the content necessary to fill their needs.
  • And third is a major rebranding effort designed to go along with the direction our organization and art form need to take in order to gain its rightful place in the music world. This rebranding was revealed first at a capital campaign reception, and then at the final headliner concert venue at Pinnacle 2010.
When the dust settled from these stunning and exciting announcements, the National Board had proposed an organizational name change to the Handbell Musicians of America.
Handbell Musicians of America LogoThe proposed new name was so well received, that the capital fundraising efforts at or prior to the Pinnacle event are close to $140,000.
A big part of the new direction being undertaken by the Guild is to recognize ourselves as musicians to be taken seriously by the music world at large. The fabulous concerts at this year's Pinnacle event proved that we hold a solid place as musicians and should be respected as such. The new name of the organization will reflect that attitude.
More information about the exciting new future for our art and our organization can be found on the temporary Web site for the Handbell Musicians of America at
Calendar of Events  August-October

August 14, 2010, 6:00 p.m. Alchemy Handbell Ensemble (from Prince of Peace Episcopal Church in Woodland Hills, California) will give a concert at the First Baptist Church, 1130 San Vincente Avenue, Salinas, California.
Contact: Wil Mandac at
October 29, 2010, Time TBA Bell Appeal in a Halloween Concert at "The Haunted Church," 1525 Waller Street, San Francisco, California. Freewill donation.
Contact: Susan Griffin at

To view all the events on the calendar for Area XII Click Here
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