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December 2009
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2010: A New Bell Odyssey
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Tour of Japan
Concerts at a Glance
Message from the Chair
Carol's Reverberations
Registration for 2010 A New Handbell Odyssey
Call for Performance Choirs
Nominations Open for 2010 Area XII Election
Area XII New Members
Sonos Release New DVD
Soundwave Seeks Concert Venues
Bellfest-Another Great Day of Ringing!
San Diego Harmony Ringers to Hold Auditions
Distinctly Bronze West
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2010: A New
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 June 17-20, 2010.  

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Dr. Wm. Payn
Deborah Rice
Micael Glasgow
Michele Sharik

UC Davis Campus

Tracks Offered:
Church Music
Tools of the Trade
Mass Attack

Area XII Board
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Chair............ P.L. Grove
Past Chair.....William Kyle
Chair Elect..... Rima Greer
Treasurer.........Don Rossi
Secretary..... Linda Krantz

Appointed Officers:

Communication.Carol Smith
Webmaster........Mel Tully
Events .........William Kyle
Education.....Tess Houston
Historian....Diane Levorsen

Regional Coordinators:

NorCal....... Nancy Schmitt
Bay Area......Beckie Wiley
CenCal.......Shirley Werner
LAMetro.......Debbie Shaw
SoCal............Ruth O'Neil
Nevada......Barbara Walsh
Hawaii....... Karen Carlisle

Local Liaisons:

Nevada.........Dixie Bailey

Our National

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AGEHR website
Area XII Bell
Loan  Program
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Teachers, would you like the use of a 3 octave set of handbells or chimes to add a new dimension and interest to your music class?  Area XII encourages schools and other educational institutions (both public and private) to develop educational programs using handbells and handchimes. To support the development of such programs Area XII has  2 sets of 3 octaves  of handbells and 3 sets of 3 octaves of  handchimes for loan. Deadlines for applications is 5/31 for the Fall Semester and 10/30 for Spring Semester.To learn more about the responsibilities and procedures for participating in this program Click Here

Handbell Resources

Just Released!!!
KFink CD cover

 Solo Artist
Kathie Fink

$17.00 + $3 shipping
WestCoast Lt. Wagon 2
 Handbell Music, Supplies
and  Service

Toll Free-888-775-WEST

Call: 559-625-5111
Fax: 559-741-7346

Email: BellMusic@

P.O. Box 4361
Visalia, CA

Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki, and Osaka
Pagoda Shrine
Prior to the International Handbell Symposium

Tour Dates:July 27 - Aug. 2

Symposium Dates Aug.3 - 7

What images come to mind when you think about Japan?  Energetic cities with tech-savvy residents, cutting-edge architecture, cosmopolitan shopping districts, or quiet neighborhoods graced by kimono-clad geisha and ancient temples?  High speed bullet trains zipping across the country or mist shourded hills and gardens filled with bonsai?  You will experience all of this and more when you discover the wonders of Japan on this very special tour with Roy Blomquist, an English speaking tour guide and Keith Cole from Witte Travel. 

Cost: $5,399

Tour includes round trip air transportation from S.F. Airport to Tokyo and from Osaka back to S.F.

For futher details contact Keith Cole at

Test Ad 1 X 6
Upcoming Concerts at a Glance:

Please check Calendar of Events for all the details.

Bay Area

December 5, 2009
1:00 p.m.
SFSU Handbell Choir
Redwood City, CA

December 6, 2009
6:30 p.m.
SFSU Handbell Choir
Presidio of San Francisco

December 11, 2009
7:30 p.m.
Bay Bells
Palo Alto, CA

December 12, 2009
7:30 p.m.
Bay Bells
San Jose, CA

December 13, 2009
4:30 p.m.
Bay Bells
Dublin, CA

December 13, 2009
6:00 p.m.
The Master's Hand
Westminster, CA

December 14, 2009
7:00  & 8:00 p.m.
SFSU Handbell Choir
Oakland, CA

December 16, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Rhythm Ringers
Brentwood, CA

December 24, 2009
2,4, 6 p.m.
Rhythm Ringers
Brentwood, CA

January 3, 2010
Sonos Twelfth Night Concert
4:00 p.m.
Lafayette, CA

January 10, 2010
Saint Andrew's 12th Night
Handbell Festival Concert
5:30 p.m.
Saratoga, CA

January 29, 2010
7:30 p.m.
Clayton, CA

January 31, 2010
4:00 p.m.
Walnut Creek, CA

NorCal Area

December 5, 2009
1-4:00 p.m.
Lucas winery,
Lodi, CA

December 6, 2009
Carillons Handbell Choir
2:00 p.m.
Redding, CA

December 6, 2009
Simpson Un. Handbell Choir
3:00 p.m.
Redding, CA

December 10, 2009
Carillons Handbell Choir
6:30 p.m.
Shasta Lake, CA

December 11, 2009
7:30 p.m.
Sacramento, CA

December 13, 2009
Bel Tempo
3:00 p.m.
Sacramento, CA

December 13, 2009
Methodist Handbell Choir
6:00 p.m.
Redding, CA

December 19, 2009
12 - 1:00 p.m.
Capitol Rotunda
Sacramento, CA

December 23, 2009
Bel Tempo
12 Noon
Sacramento, CA

CenCal Area

December 19, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Sutter Creek, CA

December 20, 2009
Opus-Manteca Kindred Arts Association
3:00 p.m.
Manteca, CA

December 22, 2009
Opus w/Modesto Symphony Orchestra
8:00 p.m.
Modesto, CA

LA Metro Area

December 13, 2009
3 p.m.
Linda Krantz, soloist
Inglewood, CA 

December 19, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Concordia Alumni Handbell Ensemble in Concert
Irvine, CA


January 9, 2010
7:00 p.m.
Las Vegas 12th Night
Las Vegas, NV


December 4, 2009
Mele Mai Paki Lima Comm. Choir
7:15-7:45 p.m.
Hawaii State Art Museum
Honolulu, Oahu

December 5, 2009
Heavenly Handbells & Halle Halle Ringers
11:30 a.m.
Hawii State Library

December 5, 2009
Kawaiaha'o Handbell Choir
5:00-5:30 p.m.
Honolulu Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

December 6, 2009
Mele Mai Paki Lima Comm. Choir
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Parker UMC, Kaneohe

December 11, 2009
Honolulu Handbell Ensemble
12 noon
Sinclair Library, Un. of Hawaii

December 12, 2009
Kailua UMC Choir
5:00-9:00 p.m.
Trolley Party
Oahu, Hawaii

December 13, 2009
Heavenly Handbells & Halle Halle Ringers
10:45 a.m.
Harris UMC, Honolulu

December 13, 2009
Mele Mai Paki Lima Comm. Choir
7:00-8:00 p.m.
Pearlridge Mall Uptown

December 18, 2009
Honolulu Handbell Ensemble
12 noon
Pacific Guardian Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

December 19, 2009
Kawaiaha'o Handbell Choir
7:00 p.m.
Kawaiaha'o church
Oahu, Hawaii

December 24, 2009
Heavenly Handbells & Halle Halle Ringers
9:45 p.m.
Harris UMC, Honolulu

Click Here
for further details.

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Happy Holidays! Welcome to the December issue of The Twelfth Tone E-newsletter.  Choirs across Area XII are preparing to share their holiday music in special concerts, services, and programs.  Check out the calendar of events below for opportunities to hear some of these outstanding choirs in your areas.  The Area XII board has announced an opportunity for choirs to audition for a spotlight concert at the 2010 The New Handbell Odyssey.  Details are given below in the article titled Call for Performance Choirs. 

This month we've added a new section to the e-newsletter called- Handbell Resources- which will feature web ads for handbell related businesses.  All ads are linked to the merchants' websites.  Purchasing music, CDs, handbells, chimes,  bell gift items, and stocking stuffers are now just a click away.  These ads also provide a means for you to advertise and bring more attention to your concerts. Advertising rates can be found at the bottom of this e-newsletter. 

May each of you have a peaceful and rewarding Holiday Season!

Carol Smith
Director of Communication
A Message from the Chair 
Pam GroveIt's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and that means LOTS of work for handbell ringers! This year will be very different for me, however, since I'm headed off for my second tour of Japan as a guest ringer with Sonos Handbell Ensemble. I haven't rung full-time with the group in ten years, but every now and then I join them for some big event. As I get ready to leave in just a little over a week, I've been contemplating the differences between ringing Christmas bells in the United States and ringing in Japan.

There is always an outpouring of love and support when bells ring in church, in my experience. But concerts - even holiday concerts, where people really want to hear bells because of the season - are quite another story in the US. We've become apathetic about a lot of things, especially making music and music appreciation in general. I find the Japanese to have an incredible passion for everything they do, especially music and the arts. I was amazed on my first tour of Japan in 2005 at the huge concert halls in the middle of urban Japan, and - make no mistake - almost every one of the 2,000 or so seats in these halls was filled. I observed the Japanese put forth the same care and intensity for everything - from wrapping the gifts I bought at the department store to taking out the garbage at the hotel. It's as though the Japanese as a culture and a people have embraced the notion of "anything worth doing is worth doing well." Japan even has the best handbell ringers (imo)!
Is it any wonder, then, that the Japanese would be even more passionate about Christmas? Well, yeah, it kind of is a wonder. I mean, most of the Japanese people I've met are not Christians. But still, somehow they "get" the spirit of Christmas. I will no doubt enjoy ringing in Japan at Christmastime because of the appreciation the Japanese will bestow on us (multiple standing ovations and encores, and they even carry our equipment!). But I will also be wishing all of you a wonderful time ringing here at home in the US, made extra special because of the meaning behind the music of the season.
Carol's Reverberations......

Carol performingI Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar carols played,.....These words from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, The Christmas Bells, aptly describe the reverberations of the bells across Area XII this holiday season. The long list of concerts attests to the fact these next few weeks are the busiest for  the handbell community.  Sometimes we put ourselves on "auto pilot"- attending rehearsals and concerts, but not really hearing the music of the season.  As a  result the peace and joy of Christmas gets lost in the production of the concert.  So as you ring and share your gifts of music, may you take the time to truly listen and let the peace and joy that bells represent be a part of your Christmas.

We hope you will find the new Handbell Resources section helpful.  With our new formatted newsletter, we tried to  find a  creative way to permit individuals and businesses with handbell related items to advertise.  As the word gets out, we envision more and more ads that will enable you to do your handbell shopping with just a click of your mouse.   As I mentioned above, an ad is  a great way to bring more attention to your holiday concerts.  You supply the logo as a  jpg and provide me the details which I will format into an ad or  you provide an ad designed by you that is exactly  100 X 300 pixels.

This editor sometimes types too fast trying to meet the deadline, and as a result mistakes are made. When I proofread I sometimes see what I expect to see rather than what is really there.   If you perused last  month's  e-newsletter from top to bottom, you may have  had  a big chuckle when Our Savior's  Lutheran Church was listed as Sour Savior's Lutheran Church!  My apologies to  Our Savior's  Lutheran Church.  I appreciate the fact they were able to laugh at my mistake.  Hopefully the error made you take special notice of the Sonos concert which will  be hosted by this church on Jan. 3!  

Ring Joyfully,

Registration for 2010 New Handbell Odyssey

Sample Ad 2 ON LINE REGISTRATION is NOW AVAILABLE on the Area XII website for 2010: A New Handbell Odyssey!  Register now to assure a space in the tracks of your choice. Just click on the 2010 logo on the left for the link to registration.

Davis Showcase Choir Performance Opportunity 
Sample Ad 2
The 2010 Area XII conference in Davis is right around the corner, and there are many opportunities at the event, including performance.

Area XII is now accepting applications from handbell groups wishing to perform the Saturday night showcase concert at the conference. Any group affiliated with an Area XII member is welcome to apply.

To be considered for the concert spot, send an e-mail to indicating your interest to perform a concert.  Groups will be selected by a panel based on the following criteria:
  • Unique and interesting repertoire
  • Exceptional performance ability
  • Technical ability
  • Musicality
While a DVD of your group's performance is not required, it is strongly recommended in order to give the panel a better sense of your group's capabilities. If a DVD is not available, a CD must be submitted. Once your initial e-mail indicating interest is received, you will receive a reply e-mail telling you how to submit your recorded materials.

Deadline for applicants for the Saturday night showcase concert slot is February 15, 2010.  The panel intends to finalize its decision by March 1, 2010.

Soloists and small ensembles are also encouraged to apply. Now is your chance to show off your group!  Don't miss out on this unique and exciting performance opportunity.
Nominations Open for 2010 Area XII Election
Sample Ad 2
The nominating committee is now taking nominations for persons to be considered as candidates for AGEHR Area XII Chair-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections will be held by ballot in 2010, and two nominees will be selected as candidates for each office.
SUBMITTING NOMINATIONS:  Those wishing to submit a name (including your own) into nomination should: 
  • contact the person to ensure his/her willingness to serve
  • provide a letter of qualifications from the potential candidate
Nominations must be accompanied by a statement/letter of qualifications by the potential candidate. This statement may be used for the candidate's ballot profile. Letters may be submitted via pdf or via regular US mail to the chair of the nominating committee.
POTENTIAL CANDIDATES: The Area XII Board is a diversified and inclusive group of individuals who share an interest in our instrument, but without gender or ethnic restrictions. To continue this focus for future Boards, the Nominating Committee will concentrate on candidates with one or more of the following qualifications:
  • Historic experience with AGEHR
  • Music and handbell experience as a director, ringer, music educator, church musician, or involvement with community or special needs handbell choirs
  • Business experience in finance, accounting, policy governance, marketing, law, human resources, or fundraising
  • Strategic planning with not-for-profit organizations
  • Current AGEHR membership
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to attend 2 or 3 meetings per year, each meeting lasting 2 days
  • Time, willingness and demonstrated ability to do the job 
Area XII Welcomes 1 New  Member to AGEHR
African Handbell Print
Please welcome the following new member to AGEHR Area XII. 

Stephen Corey- Shepherd of the Sierra Presbyterian Church.  Roseville, CA

Sonos Release New DVD- "Ringing Up"
Sample Ad 2Sonos celebrated the release of their new DVD "Ringing Up" at a premiere Sunday, November 29 at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz, CA. In the new concert video, Sonos leads you through music of three worlds: Europe, Asia, and America.  With stunning virtuosity this contemporary ensemble performs the famous Bach "Toccata in D Minor", Gershwin's beloved "Porgy and Bess", and James Meredith's groundbreaking "Kodo Tryptich" and "Smirti", his hauntingly intense elegy on the bombing of the World Trade Center with cellist Emil Miland, and more. 

Departing from several centuries of traditional English 'ringing off-table', Americans new to handbell playing in the early 20th century started 'ringing up'.  This style of playing also serves as a metaphor for the direction that Sonos has taken the art form, easily moving through creative arrangements of classical repertoire to challenging original works, pointing to the future of this medium.  Coming soon will also be a documentary with Sonos exploring the history of bells in cultures around the world.

A video clip, from this outstanding DVD, of Sonos performing  "To a Hummingbird" by Edward MacDowell can be seen by Clicking Here
Order your DVD by going to the Sonos' website:

Sonos will be departing Dec. 10 for their 6th concert  tour of Japan.  Upon their return, they will be presenting a Twelfth Night Concert, January 3, 2010, 4:00 p.m. at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 1035 Carol Lane, Lafayette, CA.
Soundwave Seeks Concert Venues in CA

SoundwaveSoundwave, an auditioned Idaho high school handbell choir under the direction of Ben Purvis, is seeking  concert venues in  CA from March  19 - 28, 2010.  They are scheduled to perform in the Crystal Cathedral on Sunday morning March 21 and at Disneyland on Monday March 22.  They are seeking concert venues in the San Diego/LAMetro area the weekend of March 19-20.  They are willing to travel as far north as San Francisco- possibly playing concerts as they travel north. 

Soundwave radiates energy, enthusiasm, and talent as exhibited by thirteen high school students working harmoniously to create glorious music with five octaves of English Handbells and three octaves of handchimes.

Their programs contain a variety of music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century periods as well as pop and Broadway tunes.  They have performed for civic groups like Rotary and Lion's clubs, as well as for churches and schools touring extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as a 2005 tour to Canada and an invitation only 2007 appearance at Walt Disney World in Florida.  They have been featured on the Channel 7 morning show- the southern Idaho NBC affiliate station as well as the Channel 7 "Idaho Family Christmas Special", in local papers, and in "The Campanologist", a journal for handbell enthusiasts.  They provide a musical performance you don't want to miss. 

If you are interested in hosting this outstanding choir or have further questions  please contact Ben Purvis at
There will be 13 ringers and 5 adults traveling with the choir who would require housing the evening that you are host. 
Bellfest- Another Great Day of Ringing!
On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 1, 2009 southern CA ringers, gathered at Masters College in Newhall, CA for the annual Bellfest with Christine Anderson, directing. 
Bellfest Christine DirectingEach choir participated in one mass ringing piece, "Adeste Fideles," arr. by Cynthia Dobrinski.  The afternoon culminated in a concert where various choirs performed solo selections and Christine Anderson gave a "mini concert" sharing her artistry as a handbell soloist. 

Christine & MorganThe afternoon was a time of renewing friendships. Pictured on the left Christine Anderson visits with Morgan Ruthardt a freshman music major at Masters College.

Christine DemonstratingChristine demonstrates a handbell technique to the ringers. 

Linda,John,Jenny Among the honored guests who attended the 4 p.m. concert were Linda Krantz, Area XII Secretary, John Pfeiffer, Pres. of AGEHR, and Jennifer Cauhorn, Executive Director of AGEHR. Not pictured but present was Stephanie Wiltse, a member of the AGEHR Board of Directors, who we thank for sharing her pictures. 
San Diego Harmony Ringers to Hold Auditions 
Formed in 1999, San Diego Harmony Ringers is an advanced community handbell ensemble based in the greater San Diego Area.  From a variety of backgrounds and experience, members join together to ring with passion, beauty of expression,and  joy in sharing music with those who listen.  The vision of SDHR is to bring the art and enjoyment of handbell music to the community through excellence in performance and musicianship.

San Diego Harmony Ringers perform a wide range of sacred and secular music rated at AGEHR Levels 3-6 on five octave of Schulmerich handbells, three octaves of Malmark choirchimes and a partial octave of Malmark bass-choirchimes. Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the College Area of San Diego, with 15-23 performances in public and private venues throughout the year, the busiest time being between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Prospective ringers must be able to make the commitment to attend rehearsals and performances as is expected in an advanced musical ensemble.

Auditions will be January 19 & 26, 2010 and will consist of a 15 minute individual session focusing on reading, rhythm, and technique, and a group session examining blend, dynamics, and musicality.  All membership positions are auditioned annually, with successful candidates determined by the Artistic Director. For further information or to arrange an audition appointment please contact SDHR Events Coordinator by email at
or by calling 619-565-5763
Jason Wells to Direct Distinctly Bronze West

DBW2010The AGEHR National Office announced that only 15 slots remain for Distinctly Bronze West with conductor Jason Wells. This prestigious event is held in  Bremerton, Washington, February 25-28, 2010.  If you are a ringer that loves the thrill of performance, that is willing to be pushed beyond your comfort zone, they'd love for you to apply for those remaining spots. Registration forms are available on the AGEHR website. Click Here
NorCal - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
 Canterbury 6th grade team                                   
   Hello Fellow Ringers and Directors,

The Redding Handbell Festival on October 31 was a huge success with 80 ringers participating. The Festival Concert was opened with a change ring onBell Plates Redding Festival bell plates, performed by Lois Nichols, Abby Gertner, Nancy Schmitt, and Neil Gertner.  Thank you to Neil Gertner for this unique musical invention.

Guest director, Michele Sharik, was wonderful as she directed us on four massed pieces.  She also honored us with the solo, "Greensleeves."  Michele at ReddingSeveral choirs did solo numbers and we were also treated to songs by a duet, quartet, and soloists.  Pictured on the right is Forte Four-Tet, Linda Adams, Alexandrea Johnson, Christina Johnson, and Julie Hunziker who dazzled  the audience with their entertaining  arrangement of "Pick a Winner". ThankQuartet Redding you all who participated in this way. Classes taught by clinicians, Jackie Feeser, Lois Nichols, Larry Sue, Mary Balkow, and Neil Gertner enabled the ringers to improve their skills.  Pictured is Jackie Feeser teaching the Drum class Reddingdrum part of "Bwana Asifiwe" to her drumming  class called "Just Beat It".

A few Redding area bell ensembles are busy preparing for December concerts.  Simpson University Handbell Choir will perform Dec. 6 along with other Simpson music groups at Simpson University.  The Methodist Handbell Choir will perform a special church concert on Dec. 13 as a special thank you to their congregation for helping them purchase bells.  The Carillons Handbell Choir will perform on Dec. 6 at the Redding Convention Center and Dec. 10 at Grand Oaks Elementary School.  Bel Tempo,under the direction of Mary Balkow,and Riverbells,  will also be giving concerts in the Sacramento area.  Please check all the concert details by clicking on the Upcoming Concerts at the bottom of this section. 

I am teaching chimes and bells to an elementary school third grade class so they can perform Christmas songs at an area Assisted Living Residence as a special outreach.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Workshop/Reading Session

Feb.5, 2010- 6:30 p.m.- 9 p.m.
Feb. 6, 2010- 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Northminster Presbyterian Church
3235 Pope Ave
Sacramento, CA
Hosts: Mary Balkow and Mel Tully

The Friday night session is for choir/band directors who have been ambushed into taking on a bell choir.  Saturday's session will be a reading/techniques workshop for all ringers and directors.
Contact: Mary Balkow at

 Upcoming concerts  Click Here          

Bay Area- Beckie Wiley, Regional Coordinator 
Canterbury 6th grade team              
Greetings to all S.F.Bay Area Handbell Ringers!
I thoroughly enjoyed ringing at the 6th Annual United Methodist Church Mass Ring on Nov. 7, held at the beautiful Lake Merritt UMC, in Oakland.  Under the direction of Dorothy Straks, almost 60 ringers respresenting eight churches enjoyed a dayDorothy Straks of fun, fellowship, and food that culminated in a a late afternoon concert.  Entitled "What Handbells Can Do," the concert featured songs with a variety of ringing techniques.  To open the concert, ringers processed from the four corners of the sanctuary playing "Intrada, a festive and majestic composition by Valerie Stephenson.
    My two favorites were "How Can I Keep From Singing?" Singing Bellarranged by Arnold Sherman, featuring the singing bell technique, and "Beach Spring Stomp" arranged by Jeffrey Honore.  Bass ringers played one percussive rhythm while the treble ringes played another percussive rhythm, using mallets on the tables, on cases, on music stands, or what ever!
    Four of the visiting ensembles from El Cerrito, Ukiah, Manteca, and San Francisco performed songs individually.  Caroline Harnly rang beautiful solo arrangements of "Jesus Loves Me" and "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee."  Carol Smith played a crowd-pleasing solo arrangement of "Plink, Plank, Plunk!"
    Have fun performing your holiday music this month!


Twelfth Night at St. Andrew's

January 10, 2010
3:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m.
Larry Sue, Clinician
Cost: $5.00 per person

Your handbell ensemble is invited to the first "Twelfth Night at Saint Andrew's" at Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church ,13601 Saratoga Ave, Saratoga, CA Under the direction of Larry Sue, you'll ring one massed piece: "O Come, All Ye Faithful" which is included in your registration.  For the concert, which will begin at 5:30 p.m., each choir will bring an Advent/Christmas piece to share as part of the concert.  After the concert, everyone is invited to stay for a potluck dinner.  For more information and registration forms Click Here

Bay Area Spring Ring & Intense Ring

March 12 & 13, 2010
Valley Church- Cupertino, CA
Monica McGowan, Clinician

    The 2010 Spring Ring provides many wonderful opportunities for handbell ringers from throughout the S.F. Bay Area and Northern CA to socialize, ring, and grow their skills together.
    Whether a beginning, intermediate, or advanced ringer, or even a handbell director, there is something for all.  Michele's Basics class is perfect for newer ringers who wish to brush up on their skills.  Advanced ringers will enjoy the Intense Ring or with intermediate ringers, one of the specialty classes on handchimes, bass bells, photography, solo ringing, change ringing or rhythm.  Of course, there are always new handbell music reading sessions.  Directors may wish to work on their conducting skills with a master director, Lynnelle Bilsey.
    Of course, the mass ringing and opportunities to hear other groups and ringers is great fun, particularly under the direction of Monica McGowan.  We are all looking forward to Ruben's solo concert.

Click here for the list of classes, repertoire, clinician bios, and registration forms .
or  go to the following website.

Bay Area School Handbell Festival

April 15, 2010
All Saints Catholic School
Hayward, CA

Dave Ruder, Mass Conductor
Steven J. Meyer, Host
For more information contact:

Upcoming Holiday Concerts: Click Here

CenCal - Shirley Werner, Regional Coordinator
African Handbell PrintGreetings from Central Valley,
It is so hard to believe that the year is almost over!
Choirs are gearing up for either Christmas bell concerts or just their normal holiday church anthems.
My bell choir, The Bells of Trinity, will be ringing a holiday concert on Dec. 6th at Trinity Lutheran Church at 3:00 pm in Paso Robles and then repeating this concert on Dec. 8th at the Lion's club Christmas Dinner in Atascadero. 
Redeemer Lutheran and Hope Lutheran bell choirs of Atascadero will be participating in the Holiday Walk Around the Lake (Atascadero Lake), on December 5th.
So, holiday rings are happening in this area and I'm sure elsewhere in the Central Valley, but I haven't heard about them.
A Reading Session for February 27th at Trinity Lutheran Church, Paso Robles, is in the planning stages.  The plan is for downbeat to be at 9:00 am, beginning with the Reading Session; followed by lunch (bring your own lunch).  Around 1:00 pm, Mel will do a Bell/Chime Maintenance class for those wanting to stay and learn or refresh themselves in this area. The day should be ending around 2:30 or so.  In order to make this event happen, we need to have 20-30 ringers, hopefully being able to utilize at least one 4-octave set of bells.  Of course the more the better the music will sound.  So, I'm asking for you to contact me and let me know you're interested in making this commitment.  If we don't get enough ringers, we'll have to cancel this event and I know this is something you've been requesting, so I hope we will make this another successful happening.  Contact me via email: with your commitment.  The cost for this event will be $5.00 per ringer.  Light snacks & drinks will also be available.
Be sure to let me know of your bell happenings so I can share the news.
Christmas blessings to all of you.
Happy Ringing

To view Shirley's webpage
Click Here

Bakersfield Spring Ring

March 20, 2010

St. John's Lutheran Church
Clinicians: Bill and Lee Waggener
Contact: Dianne Bryant at

2010 Spring Ring

April 17, 2010
Elks Lodge
Atascadero, CA

 "Favorites from the Past".

Sample Ad 2

Nancy Jessup, Clinician

Repertoire List- Click Here

Details are being worked out, but if you have an interest in attending contact me and I'll add you to the list.  Space will be limited.  For more information or questions, contact me at

LA Metro - Debbie Shaw, Regional Coordinator
Canterbury 6th grade team
Happy Holidays!
December is here and our bells will be ringing!  My handbell ensemble will be presenting our holiday repertoire starting this weekend.  I hope you are looking forward to sharing your musical talents this busy season.  I enjoy seeing the happiness that our music brings to others. 

Advancing to Bronze Workshop

Here is the perfect opportunity to advance your skills to a bronze level with this two day event beginning Friday March 12 from  7 p.m.- 10 p.m.  and continuing March 13, 2010  from 8:00-9:30 a.m. under the leadership of Larry Sue.  Los Altos UMC, 5950 E. Willow St., Long Beach, CA will be the host of this event.  Cost is $20 per registrant.  Contact Debbie Shaw at  Click Here for more Information
LA Metro Spring Ring

Saturday March 13, 2010
9:30 a.m.
Clinician:  Larry Sue
Registration: $20 per registrant
Los Altos UMC
5950 E. Willow St.
Long Beach, CA.
Click Here
for more information

Upcoming Concerts: Click Here

SoCal - Ruth O'Neil, Regional Coordinator
Ruth O'Neil   

Southern CA Spring Ring

March 13, 2010
 Faith Lutheran Church
Vista, CA
Clinician: Donavon Gray
from Azusa Pacific University

Donavon Gray of Azusa Pacific University will be our clinician, along with members of his handbell ensemble.  I say "along with" because we're using a different format this time having a Division A and a Division B.  Division A will be Level 1 and 2. Division B will be level 3 and 4. With the success of our SCHMEE event this year, we wanted to provide another challenge, but also to provide for those bell choirs not ready to ring that level of music. We will be divided most of the day with Azusa Pacific ringers helping with small groups on specific techniques. We will come together at the end of the day for a great multilevel concert in which Azusa Pacific will participate.

For repertoire list and registration form Click Here

Many choirs will be performing at the San Diego Zoo's "Jungle Bells" from Dec. 10, 2009- Jan. 2, 2010.  To view the Concert Schedule of Jungle Bells Click Here

First Presbyterian Church of Chula Vista is hosting a program called "Ring in Christmas" on Friday Dec. 11, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center at 940 Hilltop Dr., Chula Vista.  Included in the program are choirs from St. Mark's Lutheran Church and The church of the Good Shepherd.  The concert includes bells, voices, and a flute choir.  Funds raised will go to the Interfaith Shelter.  For more information contact Elizabeth Laboda at 619-420-1898.

Nevada- Barbara Walsh, Regional Coordinator
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               Las Vegas Twelfth Night
Please note change of dates and times
for this event!

January 8-9, 2010
Clinician: Tim Waugh
Fri. 4 - 7 p.m. setup/registration
Rehearsal 7- 9 p.m.
Saturday rehearsal 8:30-4:15
Concert 7 p.m.
Place: South Point Hotel Convention Center
Cost: $24 per person early bird, $29 after Nov. 15.

Information on the hotel, schedule, and registration form
available by Clicking Here

Contact: Dixie Bailey at

Hawaii - Karen Carlisle Regional Coordinator
Low DIng Zone Logo
Mele Kalikimaka,

With Christmas season arriving quickly, we seem to scramble with so many things on our plate.  Bells will be ringing on Oahu for many different events , public and private.  Christmas is the season we all get so caught up in the commercialization, but take a minute to slow down and remember what is important about the season- family, friends, and whatever you believe in.  The sharing of music is an important part of what we do.  I wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays.

Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mele Mai Paki Lima Community Handbell Choir (Music from plenty hands)  an advanced Community Choir,the Kawaiaha'o Church Handbell Choir, Kailua UMC Choir, Heavenly Handbells and Halle Halle Ringers of the Harris UMC, and the Honolulu Handbell Ensemble will be giving numerous concerts throughout the holidays.
Click Here to view the list of their performances.

Upcoming Event: May 8, 2010.
 P.L. Grove, Chair of AGEHR Area XII, is coming to Hawaii to lead us in an all day Aloha Ring.  This will be much different event than our Fall workshop. Mark your calendars now! 

Fall Workshop Pictures can be viewed by Clicking Here

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Handbells Are For Everyone

How to teach non music readers and special needs communities.

January 29-30, 2010

The Brookwood Community
Brookshire Texas

Clinicians: Cathy Taylor, Sue Graves, Joyce Klinck, and Linda McKechnie. 
Click Here for further information.

14th International Handbell Symposium

Low DIng Zone Logo"Echoes for Peace" is the theme of the 14th International Symposium which will be held August 3-7, 2010 in Osaka, Japan.  This bi-annual ringing event will be held at the Grand Cube Osaka International Convention Center and will feature mass ringing, workshops,  cultural classes, excursions and sightseeing, international solo concerts, and a final massed concert.  They are expecting 1500 ringers- 1000 from Japan and 500 from the other guilds.  As with past Symposiums, AGEHR participation will be limited to a quota that is assigned by the International Handbell Commitee.  Members who are interested in attending should send an email to Vickie Iverson ( with the following information: your name, member number, total attending from your choir or an indication that you are attending as an orphan ringer, choir name, email address and phone number.  For more information Click Here

Pinnacle 2010

Pinnacle LogoPinnacle is about reaching the pinnacle of our art.  National has announced performance and teaching opportunities at this event July 18 - 21, 2010 in Nashville, TN  for those who are approaching that pinnacle.  Groups, soloist, and small ensembles can audition to perform in mini concerts.  There will be two to three 30-40 min. concerts presented by handbell choirs and 15 to 20 min. performances by soloist and small ensembles. In addition clinicians who  have taught skill developments and  artistic improvement can send in their resume for consideration.  For more details
Click Here

Calendar of Events - December - February

December 5, 2009, 1-4p.m. Riverbells.  Lucas Winery,
18196 North Davis Road,  Lodi, CA.

December 5, 2009  1:00 p.m. SFSU Handbell Choir in concert. San Maeo County History Museum, 2200 Broadway, Redwood City, CA. Contact: Carolyn Harnly at

December 6, 2009  6:30 p.m. SFSU Handbell Choir. Interfaith Center, Main Chapel, Main Post Chapel, Bldg. 130, Fisher Loop, Presidio of San Francisco. Free will offering.
For directions Click Here

December 6, 2009  2:00 p.m.  Carillons Handbell Choir performs for Redding Republican Women's Christmas Tea, Redding Convention Center, 700 Auditorium Dr., Redding, CA.

December 6, 2009  3:00 p.m.  Simpson University Handbell Choir joins the Simpson Chorale, Trinity Repertory Singers, and the Sinfonia Orchestra in concert. Simpson University Heritage Center, 2211 College View Drive, Redding, CA
Admission $8 adult, $6 student/senior.

December 10, 2009 6:30 p.m.  Carillons Handbell Choir performing at Grand Oaks Elementary School, 5309 Grand Ave, Shasta Lake, CA.  Free

December 11, 2009  7:30 p.m. Handbell Ventures presents Bay Bells in "Light a Candle". Grace Lutheran Church, 3149 Waverley St., Palo Alto, CA Contact:

December 11, 2009  7:00 p.m.  "Ring in Christmas" featuring choirs from St. Mark's Lutheran Church and The Church of the Good Shepherd at First Presbyterian Church of Chula Vista.  Family Life Center, 940 Hilltop Dr., Chula Vista.  Free will offering to benefit Interfaith Shelter. 

December 11, 2009  7:30 p.m.  Riverbells in Concert. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 2620 Capitol Ave., Sacramento, CA  Contact:

December 12, 2009  7:30 p.m.  Bay Bells in Concert.
Congregational Church of San Jose, 1980 Hamilton and Leigh, San Jose, CA. $15 General Admission, $10 Seniors/Students.

December 13, 2009  4:30 p.m.  Handbell Ventures presents Bay Bells in "Light a Candle".  Shannon Community Center, 11600 Shannon Ave., Dublin, CA

December 13, 2009  3:00 p.m. Bel Tempo in concert.
Northminster Presbyterian Church, 3235 Pope Ave, Sacramento, CA

December 13, 2009  3:00 p.m. Linda Krantz, solo artist, in concert.  First Presbterian Church, 100 N Hillcrest Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90301 Contact Linda at

December 13, 2009  6:00 p.m. Methodist Handbell Choir of Redding, CA in concert. First Methodist Church, 1825 East Street, Redding, CA. Free

December 13, 2009  6:00 p.m. The 11th Festival of Holiday Bells featuring The Master's Hand Handbell Choir, Midcities Baptist Church, 14391 Newland St., Westminster, CA.

December 14, 2009  7:00 & 8:00 p.m. SFSU Handbell Choir. Visitors  Center, Temple Hill, 4770 Lincoln Ave., Oakland.Free.

December 16, 2009  6:00 p.m.  Rhythm Ringers Ensemble performing with Celebration Singers at Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, CA Free

December 19, 2009 7:00 p.m. Concordia Alumni Handbell Ensemble Christmas Concert. CU Center for Worship and the Performing Arts, 1530 Concordia, Irvine, CA. Free will offering. Contact:  Katie Bennett at

December 19, 2007  12- 1:00 p.m.  Riverbells. Capitol Rotunda, Sacramento, CA

December 23, 2009  12 Noon. Bel Tempo in concert. Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N St., Sacramento, CA

December 24, 2009  2, 4, 6 p.m. Rhythm Ringers Ensemble performing with Celebration Singers at Golden Hills Community Church, 2401 Shady Willow Lane,  Brentwood, CA  Free.

January 3, 2010  4:00 p.m. Sonos in Twelfth Night Concert, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 1035 Carol Lane, Lafayette, CA 94549.  Free admission/offering taken. Contact Martin Morley 925.283.3722X222 or

January 8-9, 2010 4:00p.m Fri.-9 p.m., 8:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Sat.  Las Vegas Twelfth Night, South Point Hotel Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV  Concert 7:00 p.m.  Contact:

January 10, 2010  3:00p.m.- 7:00 p.m.  Twelfth Night at Saint Andrew's Handbell Festival.  Concert at 5:30 p.m.  Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, 13601 Saratoga Ave. Saratoga, CA Clinician, Larry Sue. For more information contact: Larry Sue

January 29, 2010  7:30 p.m. Tapestry in Concert, Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church, 1578 Kirker Pass Rd., Clayton, CA  Free will offering.

January 31, 2010  4:00 p.m.  Tapestry in Concert, Walnut Creek UMC, 1543 Sunnyvale Ave., Walnut Creek, CA Free will offering. 

February 25-28, 2010 Distinctly Bronze West with Jason Wells conducting. Bremerton, WA.  For more information contact AGEHR

February 27, 2010, 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Reading Session, Trinity Lutheran Church, Paso Robles, CA.   Cost: $5 per ringer,  Bell/Chime Maintenance class offered.Contact Shirley Werner at

To view all the events on the calendar for Area XII Click Here
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