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Fletcher Towel Work SeniorsAre you teaching Group Exercise Classes for Osteoporosis??
I am working on a special project for American Bone Health (public outreach arm of  FORE). 
We are creating a calendar and links list for the public to access to find low cost group exercise classes that are designed for or are safe for osteoporosis.  
If you are teaching one of those type classes and would like to publicize it, please send:
  •  Your Name
  • Web Site Link to the Class (f it is online)
  • Telephone Number
  • Credentials
  • With whom you trained with to obtain your information about safe exercise for osteoporosis
  • Time and Location of the class
  • Class Description

Even if you know someone who is teaching a bone health exercise class that is safe for osteoporosis please forward this email to them or let them know about this project. 

We are so excited to get this information to the public!  Thank you for your participation.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Sherri Betz, PT