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Jan and Lee
Prevent Fractures!
Jan and Lee who are 78 and 89, have been the models for our new Prevent Fractures!  Brochure.  We have shown the do's and don'ts for those who have low bone density and might be newly diagnosed with osteoporosis.  We are putting the finishing touches on the graphic design and should be ready for press next month!  

Paul Hodges 
Paul Hodges PhD, PT 

I have just returned from an fantastic and inspiring week at the APTA-CSM (American Physical Therapy Association Scientific Meeting) in Las Vegas. 
I had the rare opportunity to take a 2-day Pelvic Floor-Diaphragm-Core Control Workshop with Paul Hodges, PhD, PT and get those burning Pilates questions, like bracing vs.hollowing, neutral vs. flat back, answered in a personal interview with him! (Those Aussies will do just about anything for a good red wine...I gave him a bottle of our local Santa Cruz mountains David Bruce Pinot Noir) 
Stay tuned for the Paul Hodges interview, for the latest research updates from Dr. Stuart Warden, PhD, PT, scientist at Indiana University and bone health updates from the APTA Bone Health Special Interest Group (Formerly known as the Osteoporosis SIG-we are looking to create a more positive image that looks at skeletal health from prenatal to older adults.)  There is so much new research out there on neuromuscular control and on exercise effects on bone, that I am still synthesizing it all and can't wait to share it in the Pilates for Osteoporosis Course coming up on March 14-15!
A Few Spots Left! Don't miss your chance to bone up on the latest scientific updates!
TheraPilates® for Osteoporosis -
Mar 14-15, 2009
with Sherri Betz, PT 

 Lee Seated Chest StretchHere's a shocking statistic... Worldwide, 1 out of every 2 women, and 1 out of every 4 men over age 50 has low bone density! It is essential to meet the needs of this growing population by choosing appropriate exercises, modifying standard Pilates exercise repertoire, and eliminating contra-indicated movements.

When a person with low bone density breaks a bone, they don't feel it, and we don't hear it. How can we prevent inadvertent injury to our clients? And as we know, spinal flexion exercises are contra-indicated for those with osteoporosis. So, if you can't flex the spine, how do you strengthen the abdominals and keep the spine healthy? In this workshop you will learn modifications of Pilates mat and apparatus exercises for creating the perfect treatment or exercise program for the client with osteoporosis or osteopenia.
Santa Cruz, CA Course:
  • Date: March 14-15, 2009
  • Time: 8:00-5:00
  • Location: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Cost: $445 PMA/$495 Non-PMA Member
  • For more info, or to register by phone the studio at (831) 476-3100
  • Register Online at
Bone Builder Classes
April 6th - May 13th 
Knee ExtensionCan you stand on one leg for at least 10 seconds?
If that is dfficult for you, then join us for a fun way to build bone, prevent fracture, restore standing balance, increase flexibility, improve overall strength and learn core control for spinal stability!
The Bone Builder classes use bands, tubing, free weights, and foam rollers for getting the body back into shape!  We will focus on breathing techniques, optimal spinal positioning, the best traditional training and modern Pilates exercises for strengthening upper body, lower body and the core, as well as for flexibility and balance.
 Bone Builder 1: is for those who have difficulty getting to and from the floor for exercise. All exercises are done either seated or standing.
  • Time: 11:15-12:15
  • Days: Mon & Wed
  • Dates: Apr 6 - May 13
  • Location: Capitola Community Center 4400 Jade St.
    Register Online or call 831-475-6115
  • Cost: Residents: $73 / Non-residents: $85 (Only $6 per class)
Bone Builder 2: is for those who are able to get down to the floor for exercise. All exercises are done in standing or on mats or foam rollers.
  • Time: 10:00-11:00am
  • Days: Mon & Wed
  • Dates: Apr 6 - May 13
  • Location: Capitola Community Center 4400 Jade St.
  • Register Online or call 831-475-6115
  • Cost: Residents: $73 / Non-residents: $85 (only $6 per class!)
For more information about the classes, call the instructor, Sherri Betz at TheraPilates, at 831- 476-3100.
Polestar Pilates Teacher Training 2009-2010
 Polestar Logo

PR/PF:  Oct 16-18, 2009
R1/S1:  Nov 13-15, 2009
R2/S2:  Dec 4-6, 2009
R3/S3:  Jan 8-10, 2010
R4/S4:  Feb 5-7, 2010
R5/S5:  Mar 5-7, 2010
R6/S6:  Apr 9-11, 2010

This curriculum will be taught by Sherri Betz, PT., with excellent assistance from our Polestar mentors. From Principles of Rehabilitation through advanced studio curriculum, the course is customized to meet the needs of any teacher's level of experience.

We meet one weekend a month for 7 months, separating occasionally for varied instruction to Healthcare Practitioners and Pilates Studio Teachers.

Learn the unsurpassed Polestar Fitness Screening and assessment skills to assist in development and application of appropriate and safe exercise programs for both low and high level clients.

REMEMBER: The introductory Principles of Rehabilitation & Fitness course may be taken as a stand-alone course for medical professionals or movement teachers of any type who are interested in the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation/Studio program and philosophy.
Course held at TheraPilates in Santa Cruz. For more information please contact Sherri Betz, PT, at 831-476-3100. 
Best of health and prosperity in 2009!

Sherri Betz, PT
TheraPilates Physical Therapy & Gyrotonic
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