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November, 2010 - Vol 11, Issue 1
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Delta Ridge Center Offer Quality Theological Education

Joe Young
A newly formed Seminary Extension Center is being announced by Joe Young, Pastor of the Calvary Chapel, which is affiliated with the North Central and Mid-Delta Baptist Associations.

For the spring semester, the center will  are offer at least two courses near the Yalobusha Baptist Association.

On Mondays, starting January 3, New Testament Survey I, Gospels-Acts, will be offered at Calvary, Drew-Parchman. It will be taught by Joe Young, and will meet 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Cost for tuition and books will be $127.00 for the 2-credit course.   A van will  travel from Charleston and Yalobusha students are welcome to travel together from the parking lot at 709 East Main, across from McDonald's.

On Tuesday evenings Old Testament Survey I will be taught in Grenada at the North Central Associaton Office by Lowell Ingram.  More information will be released soon.

On Thursdays, starting January 6, Contemporary Christian Preaching will be offered in Charleston at 709 East Main from 6:30-9 p.m.  It will be taught by a team including Jim Futral, Truman Scarborough, Neil Gant, Clarence Cooper, Ron Meeks, Jim Phillips, David Michel, and others to be announced.    Joe Young will be facilitator of the class.  Cost will be $181.00 for the 3 credit course, with tuition and textbooks included.

The newly-coordinated seminary extension program is known as The Delta Ridge Center, and will hold a graduation each year in May.  Certificates will be presented after five and ten courses, and all courses are  accredited by the Tennesseee Higher Education Council in Nashville and the Distance Education and Training Council in Washington, D.C., through the Seminary Extension of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bro. Joe Young, in discussing the Delta Ridge Center, said, "If prospective students will contact Joe Young at 662 647 7021, we can often arrange some financial assistance for them."
From the Director
Dr. Dale Holloway, Bivocational Specialist, MBCB 

Stewardship and Evangelism

by Dale Holloway

 In the Mississippi Baptist Convention, two-thirds or 1452 of our churches average less than 50 in Sunday school attendance. Some ask, "can churches of this size have strong stewardship and evangelism programs?"


Stewardship is the recognition that as children of God we have been created and commissioned to care for the earth and all that is within it. God does not just expect us to return 10 percent possessions to Him. On the contrary we are responsible for the use of 100 percent of our time, talent, and possessions. The psalmist captured it well as he said, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the work and they that dwell therein." (Ps. 24:1).


Many small churches are exemplary in stewardship and evangelism. See this list from recent records of the top ten churches in both areas.


Mississippi Baptist Convention's Top 9 Bivocational/Small Church Membership in Cooperative Program giving:


 Association                       Church                              CP

Marshall County          Salem Baptist Church            $43,000

Pearl River                  Springhill Baptist Church          31,739

Newton County          Chunky Baptist Church            30,244

North Delta                Crowder Baptist Church          29,286

Jasper                         Edon Baptist Church               29,144

Kemper                      Liberty Baptist Church             25,790

Yalobusha                   Bethel Baptist Church              20,481

Calhoun                      Pleasant Hill Baptist Church     19,930

Pontotoc                     Friendship Baptist Church        19,851

Metro                         Center Terrace Baptist Church 19,603


Mississippi Baptist Convention's Top 10 Bivocational/Small Church Membership Baptisms:


Association                        Church                         Baptisms

Union County        Blue Springs Baptist Church             61

Jackson County     Ramsay Hills Baptist Church            56

Union County        Keownville Baptist Church               27

Attala County        Harvest Point Church                       25

Jackson County     Larue Baptist Church                       23

Gulf Coast             First Baptist Church, Delisle             22

At Large                Cross Roads Church                        20

Lafayette               College Hill Heights Baptist Church   19

Neshoba                Linwood Baptist Church                   19

Scott                      New Liberty Baptist Church             18


Bivocational and small membership churches have a better record in missions giving and baptism ratios. In smaller churches it is often easier to teach the meaning of New Testament. Church leaders are fewer in number and are often good New Testament students.


The "Stewardship Revival" in which a guest speaker discusses various facets of stewardship during a three or five day series of meetings often reaps excellent results in small churches. There would be the biblical basis of stewardship, the work of the Cooperative Program, and the necessity of each individual being the kind of steward God would have him to be.


SOMETIMES SMALL CHURCHES HAVE BEEN CRITICZED FOR THEIR LACK OF EVANGELISM - Evangelism is sharing the good news that God cares for all people and sharing your personal experience with those within your community.  Today Mississippi Baptists have developed a number of methods by which we can share their witness with others. Excellent free evangelism materials can be secured from Don Lum, director of Evangelism Department, MBCB. Call or e-mail your request to ministry assistant, Joy Ellis at 601.292. 3278 or e-mail


Can small churches carry on effective stewardship and evangelism programs? The answer is a resounding YES! Today there is a fresh breeze in the direction of small churches. "God has called some of us to be successful.  God has called all of us to be faithful."


Dale Holloway is the specialist for Bivocational/Small Church Membership, MBCB, phone 601.845.2107 or E-mail


Jon Haimes
I do hope that you are having a great week and that you, your family, and your congregation are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I encourage you to make this the best Thanksgiving Day ever!


It occurred to me after church yesterday as I was taking a walk with my wife that this could be my last Thanksgiving. Now, I'm in relatively good health. I try to eat right and take care of myself. However, no one knows when God will call us home. Therefore, I want to make this holiday season the most memorable. I want to take my eleven year old son deer hunting more. I want to spend some quality time with my wife, take her out from time to time, and listen to her. I want my congregation to know that I am thankful for them. I don't want to my "last" Thanksgiving to be filled with stress, frustration, and worry.


How can I make this Thanksgiving holiday the most memorable? I can realize that my family needs me and that I have been blessed by God for such a wonderful wife and son. I can gather with family members that I might not see that often and realize that everyone has needs. Behind the smiles, there are stories. There are stories of disappointments, family chaos, despair, and concern for the economy. Finally, I can uphold traditions that will become special as the years pass. 


What would you do differently this Thanksgiving if you knew that it was your last? Think about it. More importantly, do it.


Serving and Sowing,


Jon Haimes, President

Mississippi Baptist Bivocational/Small
Church Ministers Association 

Thanksgiving Ministry
A New Thanksgiving 
For many, Thanksgiving Day 2010 will bring a flood of emotions because this will be the first Thanksgiving since the death of their spouse, child, parent, or grandparent.

Consider for a moment those within your circle of influence who have passed away since January 1, 2010. No doubt, there are several families that you know personally who are still grieving over the loss of their loved one. Perhaps you have added the names of the families on your church's prayer list. You might have visited the funeral home and have sent families members a card of encouragement. However, their names were eventually taken off of the prayer list and they are somehow coping with their grief. Yet, here these families members are trying to be strong for one another during the holidays. What can ministers of the Gospel do this Thanksgiving Day to minister?

At a Preaching Conference, sponsored by the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 2007, Dr. Paul Powell, former pastor of the Green Acres Baptist Church in Texas and former Director of the Southern Baptist Convention's Annuity Board gave wise counsel to ministers. Dr. Powell told of his practice of making a list of those. within his circle of influence, who had passed away during the year. He would make a brief phone call early on Thanksgiving Day to family members of those who were facing their first Thanksgiving Day since the loss of their loved one. Dr. Powell remarked, "This will make a lasting impression with your congregation, will demonstrate great pastoral love, and will endear congregants like few things can."

Brother, consider spending some time and energy doing Thanksgiving Ministry. The love and compassion that your congregation will see from your selfless act of ministry will both warm their hearts and point them to Jesus.



 Guest Column

The Bivocational Friendly Association
                          Gary Farley



I have been asked to write an article on this topic for the
Church Administration Magazine. Interestingly, it fits with
the questionnaire that I am doing for the DOMs of Alabama
which is focused on bivocationalism and the associations. I
have been doing a little reflecting on this subject, and I would
like to solicit your response.




  1. A primary reason for Southern Baptists to grow and
    prosper during the past half century is that we have
    learned that many small churches are best served by a
    bivocational pastor.
  2. Because of time and distance issues, bivocationals cannot
    attend many associational events.
  3. Bivocationals bring to the associational life many
    wonderful gifts and skills that can be wisely utilized to
    enhance the work of the association.
  4. The biggest drawback with bivocational is that some still
    see their role as being that of a preacher and consequently
    neglect, or do not know how, to grow a church.




  1. Encourage the fully supported brothers to pray for the
    bivos and their churches, and let them know that this is
    being done. Ask them to reciprocate.
  2. Encourage the bivo/small church pastors to utilize the
    gifts and skills these men and their families bring to the
    life of the association.
  3. Encourage meetings at times when they are more able to
    attend, but do not get "bent out of shape" when they do
    not make it.
  4. Encourage the association to have office hours in the
    evening or on Saturdays when they are available.
  5. Encourage by calling them to see how they are doing and
    discuss current victories.
  6. Encourage by visiting in their worship and be a part of
    their special events.
  7. Encourage by offering consultations on programmatic
  8. Encourage by being a trusted friend and confidant, if they
    will let you.
  9. Encourage churches at least once a year to arrange, free,
    a "supply" so that they and their families can attend another
    church and see how they are worshipping and working.
  10. Encourage an event for the wives and the families so they
    can get acquainted with their peers.
  11. Encourage and uplift the "ministry" role that they play in
    their support vocation.
  12. Encourage them since some bivos/small church ministers
    do not live in the association where they serve, to consider
    periodic events for a cluster of bivos/small church ministers
    in a city nearby.

  13. Encourage events that "scratch where they itch."

  14. Encourage the association to provide resources that
    can enhance their ministry...classes...books...videos.

  15. Encourage them by walking with them through
    |crises-personal and in the church. Seek to be redemptive.

  16. Encourage them to join you or arrange for them to
    participate in state and national SBC events and training.
    Some are marginally related to the denomination.

  17. Encourage them by bragging on their kids, on the good
    they do, and on the good things happening in their
    churches. Make note in the association's newsletter.

  18. Encourage bivo/small church pastors to explore the
    resources of using bivo and/or volunteer staff personnel.
    Such relationships can prove invaluable both to the
    volunteer and the local church.

  19. Make and maintain current list of bivo/small church

  20. Help get worthy stories in the Tentmaker and
    The Baptist Record 

Bivocational/Small Church Ministers Association's Council Announces Area Coordinators


Listed below are the area coordinators commissioned by your Mississippi Bivocational/Small Church Ministers Association Council. The address of each coordinator is given along with email addresses (if applicable), and the church or association which the coordinator is affliated with. Please feel free to contact these coordinators if they can be of help to you or bivocational/small church ministers.


 Area 1

Rev. Jon Haimes
22 CR 358
Gore Springs, MS 38929-9635
Church: Bradford Chapel Baptist Church

Rev. Terry Tribble
P.O. Box 1383
Batesville, MS 38606-1383

Church: Hebron Baptist Church

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Area 2

Rev. Paul Adams
1761 CR 628
Dumas, MS 38625-9761
Church: Canaan Baptist Church


Rev. Lowell Johnson
542 Road 1009
Tupelo, MS 38804-9624
Church: New Hope Baptist Church


Area 3

Dr. Lowell Ingram
1045 Fairfield Ave.
Grenada, MS 38901-3604
Association: North Central Baptist Association


Area 4


Dr. Bill Duncan
1211 Cambridge Dr.

Starkville, MS 39759-9709
Church: First Baptist Church, Macon


Mr. Bruce Latimer
870 Lakewood Dr.
Starkville, MS 39759-9494

Church: Wake Forest Baptist Church

Rev. Mike Mathena
P.O. Box 388
West Point, MS 39773-0388
Church: West End Baptist Church


Area 5


Rev. David Jager
352 Macedonia Rd.
Mendenhall, MS 39114-6136

Church: Macedonia Baptist Church


Area 6


Rev. Charles "Doby" Henry
11030 Road 765
Philadelphia, MS 39350-7918
Association: New Choctaw Baptist Association


Area 7

Mr. Glenn Jones
297 Old Salt Rd.
Sumrall, MS 39482-3535
Church: Hickory Grove Baptist Church


Area 8

Rev. David Moree
2668 Topisaw Dr. SE
Bogue Chitto, MS 39629-9644
Church: Topisaw Baptist Church


Area 9


Rev. Joe Beach
P.O. Box 3
Poplarville, MS 39470-0003
Church: Springhill Baptist Church


Area Coordinator Map
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