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Summer's here!  It's time for a little R & R.  You may be sitting by the beach or at a BBQ party sipping away on a nice cool soda or a glass of red wine.  All sounds great and probably tastes fantastic but....your poor teeth! We rarely stop to think of our teeth when we are in such a "happy" place-that's why we're here! Let us continue to help you think about your teeth and gums! You're probably thinking that we really have nothing better to do, right? Well, when we're thinking of our clients-we don't.  It's all about YOU.  
We will always be in touch and will continue to up-date you on what's going on at Gentle Touch Dental Hygiene....
We are excited about our new in office teeth whitening system and also about our new "needle-free" dental anesthesia!  Just to let you know, we test these products before we offer them to you.  These products definitely passed our ever-so-picky testing.  Read on.....
Oh, just before you do, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy summer and, of course, we look forward to seeing you soon.
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Wicked White-It's Wicked!
Great Results In Just One Visit  

Wicked White

For our clients who have expressed an interest in teeth whitening... we have found a great system that has proven to be Effective, Safe and Affordable!  I decided to be the "test subject" for this particular whitening system and try it myself.  Since I do suffer from tooth sensitivity, I felt that I would make the ultimate sacrifice for my clients.  Surprisingly, after my whitening session,  I did not have any sensitivity whatsoever and I now have a brighter smile!

The best part - results in just one visit! 





For one month only!  We are offering a special promotion on Wicked White In Office Whitening!  We want to extend this promo not only to you, our clients, but to your family and friends who choose to become clients at Gentle Touch Dental Hygiene Services. 2 sessions of Wicked White for $50 (valued at  $100), 3 sessions of Wicked White for $75 (valued at $150), 4 sessions of Wicked White for $100 (valued at $200).  Do you want a "Wicked" smile? Call us today to book your appointment.  (905) 286-0684


Offer Expires: July 8th, 2011


                                              NOW OFFERING 


                                              Safe and Reliable

                                    Comfort for Clients

                                       Very Effective


Although we do have a "gentle touch",  dental cleanings can be uncomfortable! You no longer have to worry about sensitivity during your visit and,  if you know of friends or family that would benefit from this service ..... what are you waiting for?  


Forward this newsletter and this can all be avoided....


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