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School's In On Painful 


What I'm going to tell you may sound a bit crazy. Well, maybe not crazy, but an exaggeration. It has to do with painful experiences.


The second - and I repeat; second - most painful experience of my life was the day I gave birth. And that was with help from an epidural! I can't bear to think of the alternative. Moms can certainly relate. (Dads, on the other hand, might just need an epidural to get through an article like this.) My most - and I repeat ... again; most - painful experience arrived the day I sent my second-most-painful experience off to school for the first time. I still shiver at the memory.


Here's this beautiful child and you can't believe she's yours. She depends on you for everything. For food. For shelter. For warm, clean clothes and yes, for that ever-important clean diaper. She even depends on you for smiles so her environment is a happy one. And what do you do? You send her off to fend for herself at the ripe old age of ... four. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Okay, not you. Me. And "ashamed" is definitely an exaggeration. But it was incredibly painful leaving my daughter behind at school as I walked away from her, my tears stinging against the breath of a cool September breeze, both hands clenched tightly to a paperback novel (I think it was Danielle Steel).


Now here's the most beautiful part of this "second-most-painful experience" story. Life is great now. My child is growing, prospering and is a source of nothing but profound love and joy. Let's be honest; was there any doubt?


If you're a mom with a young one about to go off to school tomorrow for the first time, take solace in the fact that the first day is the hardest. It gets easier with each passing day until the memory gets all but obliterated and what remains is the incredible memory of your second most painful experience. Ah, bliss!


At Gentle Touch Dental Hygiene we really do care and understand. That's why we offer a "fun dental hygiene visit" for any child 4 years of age or younger. The visit is absolutely free because we believe in starting children off on the right path to great oral health. And with school just around the corner, you've got enough to worry about.


To book a free "fun dental hygiene visit" for your child, simply reply to this e-mail or give us a call at 905-286-0684. 


And if you have any friends and family with young children, please click on the Forward email link below and send this to them. We provide free fun dental hygiene visits to all children 4 years of age or younger, even if their parents aren't clients.


This is the fine print text where I'm supposed to tell you that this is a limited time offer. Well, I'm telling you that this is NOT a limited time offer. The story is real. And we provide free dental hygiene visits to children 4 years of age and under today, tomorrow and always. So much for fine print and limited offers.
Save 100%
And this is the coupon offer. Since we don't really have a coupon offer, we'll make this one 100% off for any child 4 years of age or younger to come by our office and have a free dental hygiene visit. It includes a ride in the dental chair, an assessment of their teeth and gums, a dental cleaning (if they allow), and proper instruction on brushing and flossing. How's that for one heck of a great coupon offer?
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