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March Art News
Attention TCGIS Gardening Enthusiasts
Lost and Found
Dressing for Recess
Remember to Sign In!
Save the Date for PTO Game Night
Spring Soccer League
Spring Break Musical
Maskenball Update
Host Families for Interns Wanted
ElternbriefMarch 16, 2011

Dear Families,


Upcoming Dates

· Today, March 16th 6:30 Meeting for future 5th grade families about combining classes

· Friday, March 18th NO SCHOOL for kids/Curriculum Day for teachers

· Monday March 21-25 Spring Break

· Tuesday - Wednesday April 12 and 13 MCA Reading Tests

· Tuesday - Wednesday, April 19 and 20 MCA Math Tests

· Wednesday, April 20th 6:30 Middle School Parent Meeting

· Friday, April 22nd NO SCHOOL for kids/Curriculum Day for Teachers

· Tuesday, Wednesday May 10th and 11th MCA Science Tests

·Saturday, May 21st 2:00 PM Performing Arts Performance

·Friday, May 27th NO SCHOOL Report Writing Day

·Friday, June 10th Last Day of School


Hiring Updates

We're pleased to announce that Missy Morrissey has been hired to teach Math in the Middle School for the upcoming year.  Missy is certified as an elementary teacher and 5-8 Math specialist and brings experience with working with gifted kids in Math and the Girls in Engineering and Math program.  Khrisslyn Goodman will be teaching German and English.  Khrisslyn is certified as a K-12 ESL teacher and  K-12 German teacher.  She's a Midwest native coming home after teaching in both England and Germany.  We're thrilled to welcome both to our teaching team.  Middle School parents received a longer update on middle school planning earlier this week.   We'll have a Middle School Program Roll-out on Wednesday, April 20th when Khrisslyn Goodman will be in town.


Conflict Resolution

We've been investing some time and planning lately to ensure there are uniform interventions for children around discipline issues when they are outside the classroom such as in halls, recess and lunch.  Teachers dedicated a staff meeting to focusing on protocol for both preventions and interventions for kids not holding to the standards of behavior.  Several positive changes have come as a result.  For one thing we've tightened up our conflict resolution referral to make sure that all students that need assistance get referred more efficiently for prompt intervention.   Usage of the program and trust in it is steadily growing.  Also, Amity interns met for a training on common protocol.  This will be followed up by a conflict resolution training for Amity interns on Thursday.   We also wanted to make sure all children in the school know that conflict resolution exists for them as a resource and to work on clarify that going to conflict resolution is about getting help to solve problems; it's not about getting in trouble.  As a result I've had the opportunity to visit  classrooms during morning circle.  It's a pleasure to be able to spend more direct time with students and witness their great insights and beautiful German. 



Please call or email the teacher and office when there child is ill or not in school for any reason. They need to do this each day the child is out, unless arrangements were made ahead of time e.g. vacation.  It helps us keep accurate attendance records, helps us to notify specialists of absences and even affects lunch accounting.


Photographs from Carnival of Cultures.  A very large thank you to Lars Michael for making the following photographs available to our community. Here are photographs from the Carnival of Cultures processed and ready for viewing. We stayed until after the 3B performance, so this gallery should include K through Grade 3. http://dynolights.zenfolio.com/p986272470

 http://dynolights.zenfolio.com/p986272470 The password is TCGIS2011.

It is ok to pass the link and the password around to other parents.   If you wish, you can order prints directly from the gallery.


Office Closed March 21- 25.    Office staff will be working on projects during spring break.  We will not be holding office hours for the public. 


Have a wonderful spring break!


Frau Annika Fjelstad
Twin Cities German Immersion School

[email protected]

March Art News  


Artsonia update: I'm hoping to add to the school's online gallery in the near future, so if you have registered with the website look for an email and more of our artists' work online!  The gallery can be viewed at http://www.artsonia.com/schools/Twin561. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our Art classes, please contact me.

-- Frau Lenburg           [email protected]


Kindergarten  In Kindergarten we have been exploring colors and how artists use colors to express different feelings with their art.  The students then created masks, using colors to express a particular feeling.

First Grade  In first grade, students worked very hard on their soda straw weavings this month!  The finished products are very beautiful and colorful.  Then, we looked at masks from around the world and created animal masks.

Second Grade  The second graders learned about Van Gogh this month, creating their own "Starry Night" picture in his style.  Then we learned about kimonos from Japan and wove our own small paper kimonos.

Third Grade  The third graders have been immersed in our "bodies in motion" unit since January.  This study of figure drawing and proportion has ended with the creating of small paper mache figure sculptures that are really fun to see!

Fourth Grade  In fourth grade we have been learning about architecture.  Students learned how styles of architecture have changed over time.  Then they drew their own buildings and created the facades out of clay.

Fifth Grade  In fifth grade recently, students completed their study of Surrealism, creating their own dreamlike or surreal drawings.  Now we have been talking about different color schemes and are starting on some abstract watercolor paintings using these color combinations.

Sixth Grade In sixth grade we recently finished some beautiful faux batik paintings to go with our Indian textile art discussions.  Next we will be doing some printmaking and studying the Xian terracotta warriors from ancient China.

Attention TCGIS Gardening Enthusiasts  


Warmer weather is just around the corner, so now is the time to plan your flower - and vegetable garden. The TCGIS PTO Spring Plant Sale starts this Friday, 3/11.  Click here for an order form.  Order forms can also be found on PTO website, and at the front office.


All orders must be in by March 30, 2011.  The plants will be delivered to TCGIS on Friday, May 20th, 2011 along with the Community plant swap, library's used book sale and the Spring Strudel pick-up.

Questions?  Heidi Zimmermann - [email protected] 
Thanks for your support.
Lost and Found  


A special thank you to Heidi Zimmerman for spearheading the effort to return lost gloves, caps, etc... to their righful owner.  If clothing, lunch bags, water bottles, and other items were unmarked, they have been sorted and are now located in the front office. 

Please take a look to see if anything belongs to you.  The lost and found will be available until the end of the day on Thursday, March 17th, which is the last day of school before Spring Break.  Over Spring Break any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.
Dressing for Recess  


Warm weather is finally upon us! The staff and students are all excited that we can enjoy the sunshine and that we will soon see the ground. Here are some tips for dressing outside, so that everyone is comfortable and healthy throughout the day:
  • Our playground gets muddy, bring rain boots and old clothes to change into.
  • 40° F feels warm compared to subzero temperatures, but it really isn't that warm, pack a sweatshirt instead of a jacket. Short sleeves will not be allowed until the temperatures are higher.
  • It is always a good idea to have an extra pair of socks or pants in the locker, just in case.
Thank you!
Hunter Goetzman, Mandi Rosenthal

Late Addition After-school Activity: Mime and Creative Movement
Somehow Mime did not get added to the list of activities for the Spring Session. If your student is interested, we will be learning and practicing mime skills, playing movement games and the students will create a short performance for the Spring Showcase. Our last show was a huge success, and this time promises to be just as fun.

Last time we had some great fun, but we want more friends! Mondays, 3:30-4:30. $100 for ten sessions. K-6.


Hunter Goetzman

Remember to Sign In!   
Late Arrival
If your child arrives after 8:15 AM, please remember to sign him/her in at the front desk.
Early Departure
We also ask that you sign out your child if they leave the building during regular school hours.
Volunteer & Visitors
Outside of normal pick up and drop-off times, we ask that all visitors and volunteers sign-in and out while at TCGIS.  The sign-in/out sheets can be found on a clipboard at the front desk.  We ask that you also wear a "volunteer or "visitor" sticker while in the building.  Thank you for the countless hours everyone donates to our school and for the many visits we receive. We welcome you all! 

Save the Date for PTO Game Night!  


Save the Date for Game Night: Friday April 8th.

The PTO Parent Outreach Committee will be hosting a family game night at school.  This is NOT a fundraiser - just community event!  Look for more information after break.  If you are interested in volunteering that night please email me ([email protected]). 

Kari Swedberg
(Mom to Elsie 1A)

Director Evaluation

One of the TCGIS School Board's duties is to evaluate the performance of the Director and to provide her with feedback and guidance.  In order to assist it in this task, the Board is asking for input from all members of the TCGIS community - the families, the teachers, the office staff, and the board members themselves.  The survey will be done primarily online using Survey Monkey.  E-mails to one member of each family will be sent out within the next two days.  Please feel free to consult with all members of your family when completing the survey.

Your responses will remain anonymous, and your verbatim comments will only be available to the survey administrator and the executive committee of the board.  The survey administrator and executive committee will group verbatim responses into themes, and this information along with a confidential summary of all the results will be shared with the director and the entire school board.

Please note that if your family has opted out of Survey Monkey in the past, you may not receive the e-mail needed to complete the survey. In that case, please contact Nancy Bostrom as soon as possible to obtain a link to, or hard copy of, the survey. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Thank you for your help!

Nancy Bostrom, Survey Administrator
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 651-698-0210

Kim Kompel, Board Chair 2010-2011
Email: [email protected] 

Spring Soccer League 


Click here for the Joy of the People Flyer!  A new Center for Soccer, Discovery, and, Joy! You must try this skill based soccer program for all levels. Joy of the People set the standard for engaging, fun youth soccer education. JOTPSpring soccer league meets twice a week and offers 14 sessions with plenty of opportunities to play and grow. Sign up today online or send in the registration below 

Location: JOTP Soccer Center, 890 Cromwell, St. Paul, is conveniently located at University and 280, and is easy to get to, a converted Rec Center, JOTP soccer center allows for full time soccer, full time fun, right in St. Paul. 

Dates: April 5-May 21 


Whippersnappers Grades K,1 Ages 5 & 6 

·Meets twice a week 

·Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 Skills Training 

·Saturday 10AM Scrimmage 

Shooting Stars Grades 2,3 /Ages 7 & 8 

·Meets twice a week 

·Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 Skills Training 

·Saturdays 11AM Scrimmage 


· $69 for Fourteen sessions 

· Scholarships Available contact [email protected] 

Last Chance to Sign Up for Spring Break Musical at TCGIS  

Vienna Community Arts offers "OZ" as a musical theatre workshop during Spring Break.


Monday, March 21 to Thursday March 24 in TCGIS Cafeteria.


9:00am to 1:00pm


Showcase on Thursday.


Tuition: $125.00


No experience necessary! VCA takes an educational approach to theatre using this as a way to build confidence, acquire new skills, and build relationships.

No auditions. Every student has a role.  Open to all grades.


Instructors: Herbert Engelmayer and Nancy Sogabe.


We will coordinate student's schedules with Kinderklub. (Drop-off,etc.)


You have to call Herbert or Nancy at 651 773 9525  now to reserve space!




Maskenball Update  

Thanks to everyone for supporting Maskenball! We raised $17,000! The funds raised for the PTO will pay for things like Teacher Discretionary Funds, Community Events and other school-related expenses (like last year's playground improvements). Out of these funds, $555 was raised directly for the Library!


Host Families for Interns Wanted!    


We are looking for new (and old...) host families for the Amity Interns for the coming school year. The Interns will be arriving at the end of August and will be staying until mid-January or for the full year. These young Germans mostly study to become a teacher and come here to work in our kid's classrooms for next to nothing. They want the teaching experience and to improve their English by living here. In return we promise "room and board"  (Kost und Logis).


We will have 14 Amity Interns this coming fall - so please consider putting up one of these young people!


One of the new Interns will be Bettina Hajek, who sent an email today, asking who she is going to stay with....Well, first we have to find the host families!


Bettina Hajek will be coming from Bavaria, where she is studying to become a teacher in English, Spanish and Italian.  She is 23 years old and likes swimming, volleyball and modern Dance, as well as literature, music and the Arts.  Bettina is very social and outgoing and enjoys teaching and helping children. She has worked a lot with children already in camps and tutoring through an agency for two years. She also works for the International Student Office at her University, helping foreign students to enjoy their stay in Germany.


Please contact Darcy Rindelaub for more information! 

Elternbrief Submissions

Please have all articles pertinent to the TCGIS community submitted to the Elternbrief by Monday at 9 am prior to Wednesday publication. Submissions may be sent to [email protected].