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ElternbriefFebruary  23, 2011

Dear Families,


It is the time of the year where work at the office and on the board is already focused on the 2011-2012 school year.  We're working on interviewing teacher candidates, looking at budgets and preparing to accept next year's Kindergarten class.   


One very important factor in our decision making is knowing how many students we will have in each grade.  You can help us in our planning, by using our new electronic re-enrollment form.  Please click here to access it, and fill it in by March 2.  If you are relocating or for another reason consdering another school for your child, you will assist us in letting us know officially.  If you have questions or concerns about next year that affect your enrollment decisions, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with me. 


Charter School Legislation  The legislative clock is ticking and there is no time to waste.


There are two things we want our legislators and community to focus on:


First, please pass the charter school authorizer extension bill - H.F. 134 NOW, and


Second, tell legislators what the impact will be if the extension is not enacted for their kids and the school.


Listed below is the contact information for the House Leadership and Education Reform Committee members.  


House Leadership Contact Information:

Rep. Kurt Zellers651-296-5502rep.kurt.zellers@house.mn
Rep. Matt Dean651-296-3018rep.matt.dean@house.mn
Rep. Sondra Erickson651-296-6746rep.sondra.erickson@house.
Rep. Carlos Mariani651-296-9714rep.carlos.mariani@house.mn



House Education Reform Committee Member Contact Information:


Rep. Sondra Erickson651-296-6746rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn
Rep. Connie Doepke651-296-4315rep.connie.doepke@house.mn
Rep. Carlos Mariani651-296-9714rep.carlos.mariani@house.mn
Rep. Bob Barrett651-296-5377rep.bob.barrett@house.mn
Rep. John Benson651-296-9934rep.john.benson@house.mn
Rep. Lyndon Carlson Sr.651-296-4255rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn
Rep. Roger Crawford651-296-0518rep.roger.crawford@house.mn
Rep. Jim Davnie651-296-0173rep.jim.davnie@house.mn
Rep. Mindy Greiling651-296-5387rep.mindy.greiling@house.mn
Rep. Kory Kath651-296-5368rep.kory.kath@house.mn
Rep. Andrea Kieffer651-296-1147rep.andrea.kieffer@house.mn
Rep. Debra Kiel651-296-5091rep.deb.kiel@house.mn
Rep. Carol McFarlane651-296-5363rep.carol.mcfarlane@house.mn
Rep. Rena Moran651-296-5158rep.rena.moran@house.mn
Rep. Mark Murdock651-296-4293rep.mark.murdock@house.mn
Rep. Pam Myhra651-296-4212rep.pam.myhra@house.mn
Rep. Kim Norton651-296-9249rep.kim.norton@house.mn
Rep. Tim O'Driscoll651-296-7808rep.tim.odriscoll@house.mn
Rep. Branden Petersen651-296-5369rep.branden.petersen@house.mn
Rep. Sandra Peterson651-296-4176rep.sandra.peterson@house.mn
Rep. Kelby Woodard651-296-7065rep.kelby.woodard@house.mn



Frau Annika Fjelstad
Twin Cities German Immersion School


Maskenball is the PTO's Largest Fundraiser 

...in addition to being a really great party. At Maskenball, we will have raffles, a fun card game as well as a direct donation request to benefit the school directly.

Thanks to the support of last year's bidders and donors, we raised over $24,000, which helped to fund:

  • Teacher discretionary funds so our teachers don't have so many expenses out of their own pockets; 
  • Classroom furnishings for the new classrooms at our expanding school;
  • Playground planning and equipment; and
  • Books and other curricular materials.

In order to make this year's fundraiser a success, we're asking for your help to get the word out, buy raffle tickets and buy your tickets to come to Maskenball and have fun! (Watch for ticket and raffle sales in the lobby at school over the next two weeks.) See below for more ways you can help.
Wine Donations are Still Needed!

We need to gather at least 20 more bottles of wine for the Wall of Wine Raffle! Bring your bottle to the front desk at the school where it will be collected by the Wine Woman.


Sponsor an Intern to Maskenball!

Do you agree that our interns are part of what makes TCGIS so great? Please consider making a donation to help them pay for their Maskenball tickets. You can contribute $5, $10, or whatever you want to help the hard-working TCGIS interns enjoy the night too!


Feel free to also drop a check with a note in the PTO drop box at the school's front desk.





Our next Scrip order is due March 1st, and will be ready for pickup on March 9th.


Perhaps you've never participated in the school's Scrip program, and are ready to take a peek now that all the craziness of the holidays is done...check it out at www.shopwithscrip.com.  It's easy to sign up for a family account, and hundreds of retailers are donating a portion of sales back to TCGIS.  You pay only the face value of the gift cards you purchase, and they are the same gift cards you would purchase at each retailer.  Just make sure you use TCGIS's enrollment code when you sign up so we get credit for your purchases - it is 4CA2AE9714L14.


Place your order online, and bring a check (made out to TCGIS) to the office by March 1st - simple!


A couple specials going on right now:  iTunes is offering a 3% bonus contribution for cards purchased thru March 25th, and Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic is offering a 5% bonus contribution for cards purchased through July 29th.


We are closing in on $1,000 in Scrip proceeds for the school year - your purchase can help us get there!


Feel free to contact the Scrip Coordinator, 5th grade parent Deb Helmel, with any questions.


(Can you make my name a clickable link to my email?  debh@siewertcabinet.com)

MACS Charter School Day at the Capitol: March 1

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools is organizing the 5th Annual Charter School Day at the Capitol to promote the 2011 legislative agenda and to share the benefits of a public charter school education with legislators.  Please come if you can make it.  For more information click here.

Upcoming Kaffeeklatsch 

We would like to invite all parents to stop by our

Kaffeeklatsch this Friday, February 25!


Freshly brewed coffee is usually ready by 8:05am. Grab a cup of coffee for your commute to work or stay around for some chatting with other parents! Coffee is $1 if you bring your own mug, or $1.25 should you need a paper cup. All proceeds of the Kaffeeklatsch events go to finance coffee for our teachers.


Viele Gruesse!


Euer Kaffeeklatsch Team



Germanic-American Institute Events  


Germanic-American Institute events:
February 18: Friday Kinoabend (German Movie Night) screening Klaus Kinski / Werner Herzog Double Feature "My Best Fiend" (Herzog, 1999) and "Aguirre, The Wrath of God" (Herzog, 1977) FREE 7pm
February 25: Friday New Member Mixer with Beer Tasting 6:30pm
March 6: Sunday 1st Volks FairFREE 11-3pm
March 8: Tuesday Stammtisch (German Luncheon)11:45am
March 27: Sunday Pork Roast & Sauerkraut Dinner

Seating I: 11:15am & Seating II: 12:45pm

Saturdays:Laufen am Samstag (running group) 9am
Saturdays:Kaffeestube Authentic European Breakfast Cafe 9am-Noon through April 9

Mark Your Calendars:
May 5-8: Festival of Nations
June 11 & 12:
Deutsche Tage

*For more information on these events, call the GAI office at 651-222-7027,go towww.gai-mn.org. **If you do not wish to receive this email, please send notice to jelias@gai-mn.org
Other events:
February 26: Saturday MaskenballTCGIS annual fundraiserApril 7: Thursday Wotan: The Original Helicopter ParentThe Richard Wagner Society
May 5:
German-American Chamber of Commerce 2011 Gala
First Annual TCGIS Family Art Show ART DROP OFF Information!  


We would like to invite you to participate in the First Annual TCGIS Family Art Show...to coincide with the First Annual Talent Show (sponsored by the Vienna Community Arts) on Sunday, March 6th at the Germanic American Institute, from 1 to 3 p.m.

We invite TCGIS community members of ALL ages and abilities to participate!  This art display will not be a "contest" but a celebration of our visual arts talents.  If you are a student, parent, or other family member or even friend, please think about making a masterpiece to submit for the show!  Individual or group works invited.

Please fill out and submit this form with your piece. THE DROP OFF FOR ART WORK MUST BE MADE ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH OR TUESDAY, MARCH 1ST.  Please give artwork AND completed registration form to Annie Berge or Andrea Zibble at the TCGIS front desk.   ALL ARTWORK CAN BE PICKED UP AT TCGIS ON MONDAY MARCH 7TH.


Contact Mickey Jurewicz-Gruenheid (612.759.2996 or mjs_art@hotmail.com) with any questions!

Spring Break in Grand Marais

Click here to learn more about a trip to Grand Marais over TCGIS spring break!

Elternbrief Submissions

Please have all articles pertinent to the TCGIS community submitted to the Elternbrief by Monday at 9 am prior to Wednesday publication. Submissions may be sent to aberge@tcgis.org.