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ElternbriefDecember 15,  2010
Dear Families,

Blizzard Recovery Hope you have all recovered from shoveling, snowblowing, treacherous driving, and rearranging schedules.  The snow days obviously put into disarray many people's sense of order and predictability.  At school we want to use the occasion to make sure that our notification system is up to date so that we can inform you as efficiently as possible should weather demand another snow day. We will be sending you a survey soon as part of a process of learning the best way to get the word out.  Thanks to the Elternkontakts who spread the word this time on late night messaging duty. 

Kindergarten Registration  Siblings do receive priority in Kindergarten registration for the 2011-2012 school year, however we can only give you preference if you know you're coming.  Please send in the Enrollment Form if you are planning on having a Kindergartner here next year.  Knowing how many siblings are coming will help us in our recruitment planning. 

Legislative Outreach   A lot is unknown regarding the stability of education funding in the coming year.   We can be sure that charter school funding will be scrutinized carefully, if not cut.  It is a time to be proactive and make sure our local legislators know the value of charter schools to our families.  The Parent Teacher Organization is taking on leadership in implementing the The Legislators in the Schools campaign organized by Parents United to raise awareness at the legislative level about the needs of public schools.  The PTO is looking for parent volunteers to work on organizing visits.  In particular, we'd like to focus on the South Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis and St. Paul's Mac Groveland in St. Paul from where we draw many families.  If you'd be willing to be a contact person to organize a legislative visit please contact Gina Vader, PTO president at [email protected] or 763-432-2274. 


Middle School Meeting  There will be an information meeting on the Middle School tonight (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM.  All interested are welcome to attend. 


Happy Winter Break  May the upcoming winter break build in time for families to spend time together and get in some fine winter sports.  We will look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, January 3rd.

Frau Annika Fjelstad
Twin Cities German Immersion School

[email protected]
History Theatre Event
The History Theatre in St. Paul is having a FREE "Family Day" event on Sunday, December 18 at 4:30pm. 

Take a picture with Saint Nicholas, learn a German folk dance, make a Saint Nicholas ornament, and more!  Learn more at
Art News

Thanks to all of the parents who have registered on the Artsonia website and who have viewed our new online gallery!  If you haven't received it yet, keep looking for your invitation in your email.  Here is the direct link again- www.artsonia.com/schools/Twin561


Congratulations to Zinnia Steege in KA, who was a finalist on the  Artsonia online gallery for artist of the week!

If you have any questions or concerns about our Art classes, please contact me!

Frau Lenburg           [email protected]

Kindergarten  In Kindergarten we have finished learning about the four types of art that artists make- portrait, landscape, still life and abstract.  See if your student can identify pictures in your home or when you are out and about.  Most recently we talked about patterns and shapes, and created patterns that are turning into huge crocodiles!

First Grade  In first grade, students learned the difference between the Art Elements of shape- which is flat- and form- which can be viewed from all sides.  They made wonderful abstract 3D paper sculptures.  We also created self-portraits of ourselves sneezing and learned a little about cave art.

Second Grade  The second graders learned about the Art Element of space, and how artists overlap objects to show that something is behind something else.  They drew some wonderful still lifes of baby toys.  We have just finished up our study of the artist Keith Haring, and we are all big fans!  For anyone who wants to learn more about Keith Haring, a great interactive website for kids is www.haringkids.com

Third Grade  The third graders created shadow puppets in art class for their theater performances this week.  I can't wait to see how everything looks on Herr Solakhau's puppet stage!  We have also studied the Art Element of space, and looked at how architects and interior designers look at space.  The students drew a room from their house from above.

Fourth Grade  In fourth grade we have been learning about the Art Element of space.  We have been exploring one-point perspective with Frau Beck.  Students learned how to draw cubes using a vanishing point, and created a picture drawing their names using this perspective.

Fifth Grade  In fifth grade recently we made watercolor paintings to illustrate the poems the students have been studying in German class.  We've also learned about the artist M.C. Escher and his tessellations, creating our own tessellation collages.

Sixth Grade In sixth grade we finished learning about the art of ancient Egypt.  We painted our own everyday scenes in the style of the ancient Egyptians.  After the break we will be learning about the art of India!



Our last Scrip order raised over $475 for TCGIS, bringing our school-year-to-date total to roughly $880!  Thank you to everyone who ordered and spread the word to their family & friends! 

If you ordered Scrip, it is available to pick up at the front desk.


Our next order will be due JANUARY 11th.  If you are thinking about donating to the silent auction for Maskenball, please consider Scrip for purchases of gift cards.  Restaurant & movie theater cards are especially welcome, and can benefit the school twice - a contribution from the retailer when Scrip is purchased, and again when someone buys them at Maskenball!


Have a very happy and safe holiday break!


Deb Helmel

Scrip Coordinator

Konzert Chor

Attention 4-6th graders!

We are looking for a few more students to join the new Konzert Chor.

Singers will meet on Thursday afternoons from 3:40 to 4:30.

Repertoire will include classis, modern; from rock to Schlager.

Scholarships available through Vienna Community Arts.

Call 651-773-9525 for more info.

St. Paul City Ballet Presents...

Three TCGIS students (Maya Sampson 2A, Olivia Bruhn 4B & Ingrid Sampson 5) are performing in the St. Paul City Ballet production of The Enchanted Toy Shop.  Discounted tickets are available for the Saturday, Dec 18th performance at 2:00 pm for the TCGIS community.  The tickets are $15.00 for students and $18.00 for adults.  If you are interested in discounted tickets, please call Cornelia Sampson at 651-765-0499.

Elternbrief Submissions

Please have all articles pertinent to the TCGIS community submitted to the Elternbrief by Monday at 9 am prior to Wednesday publication. Submissions may be sent to [email protected].