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AHNA January 2012 Newsletter 
Happy New Year one and all! 

The beginning of a new year is a natural time to reflect on our blessings and plan the upcoming year. First of all, we are so thankful to have such wonderful, caring and kind clients!  We were treated like royalty during the holidays with so many goodies coming in for our staff.  Thank you so much! Additionally, we were especially moved by the outpouring of caring and the generosity of our clients in providing food, blankets, toys, and other items for our Holiday Food and Blanket Drive for needy pets.  We were thrilled that you met and surpassed our challenge that Animal Hospital of North Asheville would match the first 1000 pounds of food donated!  The donated food and blankets have already been delivered to Asheville Humane Society, Animal Compassion Network, and Brother Wolf, and we will be purchasing, dividing, and delivering at least another 1000 pounds of food a little later in January.  All three organizations were really thrilled to get the food and blankets. Since each delivery was so large, they were also excited to be getting the delivery of the 1000 pounds a little later, after they've used up what we took. Everyone should feel good that this food will help stretch the funds of the organizations so that more pets can be helped.  It really feels good on cold winter nights to know that these wonderful organizations are caring for pets that would otherwise be hungry and out in the cold with no shelter.  Thank you for your generous donations, and we thank all the wonderful people who work or volunteer for organizations that help needy animals!

To read about our plans for the new year, Click Here.
Helping Pets and Their People Live Healthy Lives

AHNA is starting a get healthy and fit support group for pets and their people! It's called S.T.E.P.S.

S - start simple
T - take time to stretch
E - enjoy time with your pet
P - practice good eating habits
S - stay motivated & create new habits

Who would benefit from joining the S.T.E.P.S. program? Anyone who:
  • has a pet who needs to slim down 
  • has a pet who needs to get fit and healthy
  • would like to slim down along with their pet
  • would like to get fit and healthy along with their pet
  • would like to make exercise with their pet more fun 
Join our online support group here: LINK HERE

To read more about how you can get involved in S.T.E.P.S., Click Here.
Puppy Power!
Click on either picture below to watch  
a video of puppies playing at AHNA!
Pet Spotlight: Nothing Stops Link 
Last summer, Alisha Suer and her family spent a day fishing in the Louisiana bayou. Pleased with their catch, everyone piled into the family vehicle, a Lincoln Navigator, and Alisha's stepfather started the engine.

"There was a terrible sound, very loud," said Alisha. "My stepdad immediately stopped the car and got out to see what was the matter. He slid underneath the car, began fiddling around with things, and much to our surprise, and horror, a kitten fell down from the engine. My stepdad immediately scooped him up and we rushed the kitten to the nearest veterinarian."

"The veterinarian stitched him up and he spent one night with them. We picked him up the next day and took him home. He was a little traumatized, but within a few days - To read the rest of Link's story, Click Here.  

Share the Care: Ward Nurses   

As ward nurses at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we think we have the most rewarding job of all! We get to be with our dear patients all day long. Yes, there are  a lot of very important, even life-saving tasks that we are responsible for, but we get to form a relationship with each patient and be the caregiver while they are very sick and need more care than the family can perform at home.   We are there for them for whatever they need and they come to trust us and know that we really, really care about them.

We are responsible for taking care of all the hospitalized patients whether they are sick or here for surgery and dentistry, as well as patients that are boarding because they have medical conditions that necessitate our care in their family's absence. To read more, Click Here.
Life-Threatening Medical Emergencies 
By: Dr. Golden
Whether at home, or during hospitalization for a medical or surgical disorder, life-threatening medical emergencies can develop at any time in our animal companions.   At AHNA, we recognize the need to be prepared for such events and take pride in being ready to intervene in a prompt and professional matter should such a need arise.

Life-threatening emergencies can arise from numerous and varied types of accidents, traumas, exposure to toxins, and the onset or progression of a multitude of medical and surgical diseases.  When they occur, the most important first step is to remain calm.  Every effort should be made to provide any first-aid care that is appropriate.  After that, you should seek veterinary care as soon as is reasonably possible - To read more, Click Here.
Keep Rabies Vaccinations Current
Please make sure that your pet's rabies vaccination is up to date!

There are two very important reasons that you must always be careful to never let your pet's rabies vaccination lapse.  The first reason is the most obvious:  Your pet might actually get rabies, which is a horrible, untreatable and fatal disease. Many wild animals here in Buncombe County have the virus, and you can't tell by looking at them which animals are infected. Rabies occurs in pets when they are bitten by these animals. Even if you think your pet can't be bitten by wildlife, it can still happen; bats can get into the house with your indoor cat, or your dog could encounter a raccoon during a quick "potty trip." There is no blood test for rabies, and a blood titer for antibodies is not accepted as adequate proof of protection. This brings us to the second very important reason: The vaccination of dogs and cats is required by law - To read more, Click Here.  
Testimonial: Shy Cat Comforted by Gentle Care  

Dear Dr. Duncan and Dorothy,

Thank you for altering your usual routine and gentle handling of Princess for her first visit to you. She did much better than I expected based on her prior history and normal cautious nature. A lot of the credit for how well she did is due to your gentleness and calmness. I really appreciate your making a special effort to insure there wasn't a chance for her to run from the exam room and find a place to hide. She is the best escape and hide cat we have ever had. Her "hidey" places are always the least accessible to humans and her brother as well.

She traveled well in her carrier, no complaining meows, agitated behavior, or trying to get out of the carrier. When we got her home from her visit with you she was cautious about coming out of her carrier. When she ventured out it was only a few minutes before she was strolling down the hall with her tail up. I gave her one of the catnip pillows I make (a piece of husband's old sock top filled with catnip and the ends stitched) which she pushed around with her head and purred.

To read the rest of this testimonial, Click Here.  
Seasonal Links 
Here are links to articles that may be helpful to you in taking care of your pets during the colder months.
Treating Fleas in the Winter
Pet Allergy Primer
Hiking Tips

By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief of their pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.