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AHNA Voted Best Veterinarian
Hyperthyroid Disease in Cats
Pet Spotlight: Sam the Superhero Kitty
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Testimonial: Through the Eyes of a Cat
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AHNA June 2011 Newsletter 

Over the next few months, we will use this part of our Morgan and kittennewsletter to introduce you to the different people who work at AHNA. We want you to become fully acquainted with all areas of our hospital - even the parts that you didn't know existed! So, without further ado, we introduce the ERTs!

Exam Room Team Members, (ERTs) have many different responsibilities.

Cindy and Patton To the pet's family, the  ERT is the friendly and familiar face that welcomes the pet and their family into the exam room. They listen to the concerns that the family has about the pet. Through the years, they treasure the many amusing and touching stories they have the privilege of hearing, while becoming very close with the patients and their families. By having a relationship with the family - to read more Click Here.

Treat Time at AHNA! 

Click the picture below to watch a video montage of happy pups enjoying treats at AHNA!

Luke loves treats 

 AHNA Voted Best Veterinarian!WNC Parent logo


Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the WNC Parent Family Choice Awards. WNC Parent asked their readers which local businesses are the Asheville area's best for families. We are proud to be voted as 'Best Veterinarian' in Asheville! Thank you again for your vote. 


Want to see the entire list of winners? Click Here.  

Hyperthyroid Disease in Cats 

By: Dr. Amy Plankenhorn  


Last spring, Susan Key noticed that her 11-year-old cat GriffinGriffin was becoming a lot more talkative. He was howling every morning and begging for food. She had struggled with keeping his excess weight controlled for a long time, but he started unexpectedly losing weight despite a big appetite. His annual comprehensive physical exam came due, and sure enough he had lost a pound since his previous visit. His heart rate was elevated. Blood testing confirmed our suspicions - he had hyperthyroidism.


Hyperthyroid disease is a common disorder of cats. Typically it is seen in cats over 10 years of age, although occasionally younger cats can develop the disease. Affected cats develop a benign nodule on the thyroid gland - to read the rest of Griffin's story, Click Here.  

Pet Spotlight: Sam the Superhero Kitty!

Last October, Mary Anne Witfield was asleep in her bed Sam - super kittywith her cat Samantha, also known as Sam, when she was startled awake. There was an intruder in her home and he was pulling her out of her bed.

"He was yelling and he began to shake me," said Mary Anne, "and then out of my peripheral vision I saw a black shadow flying through the air. It was Sam! She attached herself to the man's face and dug in her claws. She would not let go!"


Cat in costumeThe shock of the pain caused the intruder to release Mary Anne, but little Sam stayed firmly attached.

"I lead him out of my house through the front door. Sam didn't budge. The man tried over and over to pull her off of his face, but she just - to read the rest of this exciting story, Click Here
Seasonal Links
Here are links to past articles we have written that may be helpful to you in taking care of your pets during the summer months.Doc

Plants poisonous to your pets

Precautions to take while hiking with your dog
Heatstroke in Dogs and Cats

Fourth of July Pet Safety
Thunderstorm Phobias and How to Help Your Pet
Pet Allergy Primer
Hiking Tips

Dog and Owner Trail Etiquette
Ticks - Basic Information

Testimonial - A Visit to AHNA through the eyes of a cat! 

(This creative and hilarious testimonial was sent to us by Sandra Stambaugh and her cat Bella. Sandra is a local photographer. She snapped the photo of Bella eating the cupcake.)

Bella Gets Her Teeth CleanedBella and muffns
6AM...I am whining for FOOD people...that other cat got some
7AM...I am dying here...no food yet
7:30AM...what's that jingle...Oh No!...THE CAGE. Too late. I am in.
8:00...Every orifice is checked and I am weighed and my fatness is discussed at length. Don't you see a lot of that is fur! All very embarrassing. Do they make Spanx for cats?
8:15...Ahh Dr. Thompson is here. I love him.
Later...I can't remember much of what happened next but it does involve needles and drugs! I dream of food, doesn't anyone realize I haven't eaten all day!
Much later...I wake up and my eyes are all gooey and I can't focus...am I trippin? At least some nice ladies come and check on me often and I am all snuggly in my heart blanket.
3:00... Finally my Mom comes...Get me outta here! and I need food! and what's this stretchy yellow thing on my arm...I am going to shake it off...ahhh get it off!
4:00 I am home finally. I don't know what happened but my arms are shaved. At least I didn't wake up with a tattoo. And I still haven't eaten...what is with this...I am given two...yes two microscopic pieces of food!

Thank you for taking such good care of me.
Bella (& Sandra Stambaugh)

If you would like to contribute a testimonial to our website, please contact us at ahnainfo@gmail.com

Employee Pet Spotlight: A Cat Named "B"  

By: Gretchen Harwell, RVT B Gretchen

The veterinary technician program I attended assigns either a cat or a dog to each student for an entire school year. Each student is responsible for monitoring the pet's weight to make sure they're on the right diet, to socialize the pet, to give it a physical once a week, and then to either adopt the pet or find it a home at the end of the year. By about two weeks in, most students are in love with their pets and there's no doubt who will be adopting them.

When we were assigned our pets, the school made us wait a week before we were allowed to meet them, in order to allow them to first acclimate to being at the school. Every day at lunch, I heard the caretakers talk about what a sweet group of cats we had, save one. There was this one tuxedo kitty, who, along with being the most handsome cat in the room (I'm not biased, it's an obvious fact when you see him), was also the grumpiest. I heard all of this talk and I just knew that he would turn out to be the cat who was assigned to me - to find out if Gretchen and B became friends, Click Here.
By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief of their pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.