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Heartworm in Cats
Pet Food Drive A Success
Ballerina Dale!
Year-Round Flea Care
Pet Spotlight - Benson


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Kodiak is growing up!

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Chai is a real explorer.
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Maddie is a Scottish Fold.
Maddie is a Scottish Fold.
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AHNA January
2011 Newsletter 
Happy New Year!

What does it mean when our mission statement says


that we strive to see our actions through the eyes of our patients and to "minimize separation from the people they love"? The "separation from the people they love" part is pretty simple. It means that we know your pet wants to be with you and for that reason you are always welcome to accompany your pet anywhere in the hospital. Of course, there are a few times you cannot be in the same room due to safety concerns, such as when your pet is having an x-ray taken or when your pet is receiving some of our chemotherapy treatments. Additionally, during surgery or dental procedures when your pet is under general anesthesia and during severe emergencies, due to our need to totally focus on your pet, we request that you wait in the waiting room. Although we have staff here to provide gentle, loving nursing care to our patients all night long, we will only hospitalize a patient overnight if it is absolutely necessary because we know that your pet wants to be with you at home. It is almost unheard of in veterinary medicine to have

  - to read more, CLICK HERE.

Employee Pet Spotlight - Norm and Rudy
Owned by Certified Veterinary Technician Kelly Brown, RVT

How many cats are rescued, live in an animal hospitalRudy and Norm where they are spoiled rotten, and get to save lives in return? We only know of two, Norm and Rudy, and this is their story.

Norm and Rudy were adopted from a local shelter and came to live at Animal Hospital of North Asheville in 1997. Everyone at AHNA always thought it would be nice to have a 'hospital cat' and to have two, well, that was even better. Norm, the real character of the two, was always getting into things and making people laugh, and Rudy was a real love bug, demanding and getting lots of affection. They were the perfect pair.

Rudy and Norm ChairNorm and Rudy were inseparable. They would play and wrestle until they were exhausted and then they groomed each other. They were also naughty together. Norm and Rudy knew they weren't allowed in certain parts of the hospital (this was for their own protection against dogs who sometimes get excited about cats) so one of their great joys in life was to sneak into those off-limits areas at night - To read more about Norm and Rudy's adventures CLICK HERE.
Heartworm in Cats
How do parasites survive?
Parasites can be internal (within the body) or Beautiful catexternal (on the surface of the body). Parasites that are most successful in nature have developed so that they live in or on your pet but do not kill the host. Coexisting is an important trait because if the parasites kill the host, your pet, the parasites also die. Some parasites produce dramatic symptoms in your pet and others are barely noticed despite producing thousands or millions of eggs. People with parasites may have vague symptoms and express that they "just don't feel right." We frequently see infected pets with mild or "hidden" symptoms and their owners often feel that their pet is normal. Some pets have some natural immunity - to read more, CLICK HERE.
Pet Food Drive a Success!
Food drive donations Our Holiday Pet Food Drive, which benefited Asheville Humane Society, Animal Compassion Network, and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, was a wild success! Thank you to all of our amazing, generous clients for your donations. Not only was canned and dry food donated for dogs and cats but also treats, toys, carriers and a carpeted cat play stand. We were so pleased with the success of this food drive that we plan to hold another drive next year during the holidays. Thank you!
Ballerina Dale!

Little ballerina Dale performs gracefully for her treats. Dale wasn't taught this trick, she's just a naturally talented dancer!

Year-Round Flea CareSnow scratch

Should we continue to treat fleas in the winter?


Fleas are amazingly resilient!  A female flea can lay 40 eggs daily (280 weekly), which fall off of the dog or cat as they are laid and end up in carpet or cracks in the floor. It is likely that even the most protected pet will get one (or more) fleas yearly. Of the flea life stages, egg, larva, pupa and adult, the pupa can remain dormant for months. A summer pupa may hatch in the home in the winter. Remember, we heat our homes in the winter.


Years ago, controlling fleas was challenging and eliminating fleas was almost impossible. North Carolina even had a law that motels and hotels could not allow pets inside because of fleas. Some flea control products (dips, sprays, foggers, powders, yard sprays) were toxic to pets and people, and were also time consuming and expensive. Fleas caused

- CLICK HERE to read more about flea prevention.  

Pet Spotlight - Benson
Laura and Spanky Miceli adopted Benson from the Asheville Benson at BeachHumane Society. "The Humane Society tried to find him a home for 7 months before we adopted him. The shelter normally isn't able to keep dogs for such a long time, but I'm so glad they did. We adopted Benson and took him home and since then he has been the best dog, and the naughtiest dog!"

Benson is highly intelligent and mischievous, as you will see if you CLICK HERE to watch his video.

"He's almost too smart," said Laura. "He has taught himself how to open the refrigerator, the microwave, and all the cabinets. We have baby gates all over the house to try to restrict his access, but he usually figures out a way to get past them."

Benson on bed

Benson keeps busy with hikes at the Arboretum, going to work with Dad, and swimming at his great-grandmother's house. He also loves trips to the beach. CLICK HERE to read more about Benson.
By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief of their pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.